May 25

A Sexual Menu

Erin completed her first female sexuality class and intended to show Jordan what she learned. A lot of thought and energy created the sexual menu for the evening. Jordan liked things hot and Erin desired to spice things up but taking the lead was outside her comfort zone.

“Hey, Baby. I got your message. What’s up?” Jordan closed the door and threw his backpack in the arm chair. Erin strolled into the room wearing a skimpy robe and a smile. Her cleavage peeked out. She loved the lined expressions on his face, heat, and confusion rolled together.

“I have a surprise for you.”

“Call me Surprised.” He stepped forward. Wagging her finger, no, he stopped.

“Tonight, I’m serving up my sexual menu.”

Erin walked over to Jordan and planted a heated kiss on his lips. He swayed when her fragrance hit his nose. That helped to bolster her confidence.

“So, you’re running the show.”

“You’re a quick study.” She pushed him away from her. “First, you will strip for me and make it good.” He hesitated for a fraction of a second. “Do you need some incentive?” Erin opened the top of her robe for Jordan to see her black cage bra with her hard points begging for him.  She had never worn anything like it. She gauged its effect by his erection which engaged him. Erin walked to the living room where she had placed a single chair and stood behind it watching him.

“Are you stripping, too?”


Jordan slowly unbuttoned his shirt pulling the tail from his pants. Erin appreciated the details of his hard body. His chest and abs turned her on. He winked at her.

“Make this worth my while.”

He shrugged the shirt off and ran his hands over his own body indicating he was into the surprise. Yes, he turned her on. He unbuttoned and unzipped the pants but let them hang on his hips. She loved that spot over his hip bone, gorgeous man landscape. Her tongue enjoyed the dip and hollow there while she played with his cock. She knew why he paused. It was his attempt to be in charge, but not tonight. Their eyes locked in a gaze of daring and she planned to win.

“Jordan, make me wait and you’ll miss out.” He shook his head and pushed the pants off his hips and they hit the floor. Her pussy lips throbbed when she saw his erection. When he rubbed it, she began to drip.

“Come over here and put your hands on the back of the chair.” After he complied, she stood in front of him, naked nipples in view and untied the robe. The red heart she’d drawn on her stomach pointed to her crotch-less panties. Jordan’s heart rate spiked and his erection stiffened. Coming around him, she placed her fingers on his waist and dipped into her favorite spot. She nuzzled his ear. “Are you sure you’re ready to play?” He arched into her when she ran her nipples on his back.

“Oh, yeah.”

She grabbed the waistband of his briefs and jerked them past his tight ass. She massaged each cheek and then slapped him, several times. She liked the idea of her hand leaving love marks on him.

“You like this, don’t you?”

“Yes, and I like this bossy side of you.” He started to reach for her.

“The boss wants you to sit, Jordan.” With his briefs riding low, his naked ass landed in the chair.

“You look a little bunched up there, let me help.” She knelt and tugged on his briefs, sliding them off his legs. His hard cock sprang up and she gave it a lick.

“Close your eyes.” He played along. He heard clinking and snaps but wasn’t sure what it was. “Baby, hold each hand by your side.” With two clicks, she’d handcuffed him to the chair.

“Well, this is interesting.” He wiggled his hands testing his limits.

“Yes, now you are mine.”

Jordan grinned. “I didn’t know you had this in you.” She wasn’t sure she did either but the more she stepped into the role, the more she liked it. This might be her new beginning.

“Get ready.”

Could the view get any better? This hunk of a man sported an erection, sitting naked and cuffed to a piece of furniture. She dropped her robe and circled the chair. Jordan’s gaze never left her body. A vein bulged and pulsed at his temple. It had finally happened, she affected him. That was what she had wanted.

In his direct line of sight, she bent over to retrieve her robe from the floor. Her lingerie bottoms showcased her ass but his tongue wanted to be in her wet center. She smiled hearing the handcuffs jingle in his movement.

“You are killing me here. I’m so hard I might explode. I want inside you, get on over here.”

“All in good time.” She walked out of the room, her robe dragging behind her. She could feel his stare on her ass.

She returned with a bowl in her hands.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to make you feel so good it hurts.”

She picked out an ice cube and drew a circle around his nipples.  He moaned and lifted off the chair. She guided the ice cube south, on the center line of his body, watching his skin pucker.

“AAahh, babe was that too intense? Maybe sucking on something will make you feel better.” Erin brushed her nipple over his lips. “Suck me, Jordan.”

He rolled his tongue on her nipple and then sucked. His expert tongue action activated her clit but she pulled back from him. She never imagined she would like this control, edging both of them, dictating her wants and his pleasure.

“You do good work with incentives.”

With an ice cube in each hand, she worked over both his nipples. Through his gritted teeth, he emitted muddled sounds.

“Okay Erin, can I have something good now.”

She looked at his erection. “This ice got me thinking, I want something cold. But before I get it, here’s a little reward.” She kissed his bottom lip and sunk her teeth in as her fingers wrapped around his cock giving him a couple of strokes. When she parted her lips, his tongue took off on a mission to locate hers. He sucked hard when he found it. She caressed his shoulders while she positioned herself on his bare thighs and rubbed her breasts into his chest. The cold spots of his nipples hit her skin and she shivered. Jordan pressed his body into hers, hoping for more contact.

“Come on baby, you feel my cock, I am so ready.”

“Not quite, yet.” Sinking both hands on his shoulders for leverage, she slid her ass up his thighs and tilted her pussy flat against his erection and rocked on his length.

“Yeah, that’s it. You feel so good, wet and hot.”

“But I’m going to feel even better. Be right back.”

“No, baby, no.”

She left the room again and came back holding a sorbet carton with a spoon stuck in the middle.

“I always wanted to pretend you were a Popsicle. Tonight you are one.” She read the label. “Hmmm, mango sorbet.”

“Ah baby, that’s going to be so cold.”

“Have some faith in me here, Jordan.”

After she sat the container on the floor, she took his cock in her hand and swirled her tongue across the head. Jordan’s fitful breathing echoed in the room.


The tension in his legs felt good under her other palm. As she closed her mouth over his erection and went down, she found the power. She provided pleasure like she wanted. Up and down, she licked and kissed until he squirmed and she wanted him to squirm.

“Time for a break.” She picked up the sorbet and spooned some in her mouth. “Your penis is so inviting.” With a mouthful of sorbet, she went down on him again. Air whistled through his teeth. The mix was incredible, hot cock and mango. She sucked all traces of mango flavor away. She backed off before he came, sat back on her heels and leisurely ate more sorbet.

“You are killing me, you know, my nuts are going to explode.” She dabbed some sorbet on her nipple and it began to melt and run on her breast.”

“Lick me and I will think about giving you more pleasure.” She moved within tongue reach and Jordan lapped up the sorbet. His tongue danced his need over her skin. His nips and bites signaled he was ready. His tongue lavished her everywhere he could reach. Telling him what to do was hot. She like calling the shots more than she ever imagined and it hit her hard. It was time. She wanted his cock, now.

Straddling his lap, boobs in his face, she centered up and settled over his cock. She inched him inside her, all the way. His priceless expression formed a perfect “o” shaped mouth.

“What do you want me to do? I’ll do it.” His rattled voiced indicated intensity, desire, and lust.

“Let me fuck you.”

“I can do that.”

She held onto his shoulders, picked a pace and drove him inside her, over and over. Jordan’s erratic breathing meant this orgasm would be fast. The build-up was nothing like she had ever experienced before. Surrounded by the creaks from the chair, jingling cuffs, and Jordan’s moans, she surged on. When he threw back his head and belted out a gut-groan, she had accomplished her goal. She wrapped herself tightly around his body and rode out their orgasms. When her spasms stopped she pulled back and looked at his face.

“How are you doing, babe?”

“Wow. Just wow.”

“That was pretty explosive.”

“Can you take the cuffs off now?”

“Of course.” She pulled the key from her bra band and unlocked him. After he rubbed his wrists and wiggled his fingers, he drew her face to his and kissed her deeply.

“What was that for?”

“Making a sexual menu for me.”

Erin laughed. “Dr. J. said you’d love it.”

He pinched her nipple. “Oh, I loved it. Did Dr. J. tell you, if you make one for me, that means I get to make one for you?”

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