Jan 09

A Firefighter’s Date

Last week I started the new year off with a story created from a photo that I called festive lights. This week Kayla Lords added a hot dick pick and it seemed to move last week’s story along. Please start at the beginning by reading The Calendar Man.

“I am not chicken.”

The scrunched-up lines on Macy’s face held a blend of outrage, embarrassment, and lust. So, was it the dare part that caused outrage, or was it me knowing she orgasmed in public and was embarrassed? The lust well, of course, just had to be me.

“Then you’ll have no problem allowing me to prepare dinner for you. Does Friday night, sound good? I’ll be coming off a long shift with the weekend to myself.”

I had been in this town for three months, a genuine rookie firefighter and I couldn’t get this woman, to give me the time of day. All the other women and a couple of men in yoga class gave me the once-over with a good eye-fucking, but Macy had locked it down, until today.

She gawked at me perusing the lines of my body with her eyes, and it felt like her fingers raked over me.

“Macy? Dinner?” She had that look like she was trying to wrap her head around something she couldn’t believe. “I’m a pretty good chef. My work schedule allows me the time to learn about food and other things.”

“Now you’re just toying with me. Did my sister set you up for this whole date thing?”

“Ah, I don’t know who your sister is. You and I have been mat-mates for a while now, and I’d like to get to know you better especially after the fundraiser.” I smirked a little as I raised my eyebrow.

Our discussion concluded as the instructor signaled the start of class. I hoped that by the end, Macy would have mellowed a little and give me a yes.

When class was over, I rolled up my mat and waited to see if she would answer my question. She moved through her typical end of class routine, and when she stood, her smoky-eyed quizzical look revved me up in places I was excited to visit.

“Todd, I would be pleased to have dinner with you.”

“Wow. No hard sell. Great. Give me your phone, and I’ll add my contact info.” She handed it to me.

“What time?”

“How’s 7?”

“That sounds good. Can I bring anything?”

“Lube, toys, and condoms are always good.” Those dilated eyes and pursed lips told me I’d either pushed too far or hit a sexual nerve. I hoped it was the latter. “I mean you know, only if you want to. I like white wine, too.”

“Good to know.” I handed her phone back, and we walked out of class together.

“Ok, Macy. See you on Friday.”

“Friday, it is.” I smiled and headed toward my car.

“Hey, Todd?” I turned. “I expect a special dance from you after dinner.”

Ideas flew in. Food. Fun. Dancing. Sex. What a night to plan. Did she think I was too forward with my toy interests? I guess I’d find out.

When Friday night rolled around, I was antsy, in a good way. I replayed her orgasm expressions from last week as I created the environment for our date. I had memorized her rotations by the stage, and they had been my wank fodder all week. I moved around the kitchen working on the pasta primavera dish and cutting fresh strawberries for dessert.

Moving to a new town can be difficult, especially if you were a little kinky. It was tough trying to figure out where to hang out and meet people, who were like-minded and exciting. If someone like Macy could have an orgasm in public because of me, I felt like that was a pretty good start.

The doorbell rang.  Showtime.

The woman at the door was not the woman from yoga class or the woman at the fundraiser. This Macy had a commanding presence with her makeup, style of dress, and demeanor. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but all the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

“Hi, Macy. Please come in.”

“Nice place, Todd. Something smells yummy.”

“Thanks. Pasta and fruit. Can I take your coat?”

“Sure. I brought some things to add to the evening.” She held up a bag.

“So, you brought wine?”

“Ah, no. I brought lube, toys, and condoms.” My stunned expression brought a grin to Macy’s face. “And now you don’t know if I’m playing or if I’m for real, do you, Todd?”

“I’m hoping for real.”

I ushered Macy into the kitchen, opened the wine and poured our drinks. Our meal was friendly and the conversation open. After sharing the delicious strawberries, we moved to the living room sofa.

“Where’s the music, Todd? I told you, you’d be dancing.”

“I hoped for a different kind of dancing.”

“Do tell.” Macy leaned in closer to me, so close that I felt her breath on my cheek.

“How about a little horizontal bop?”

“Direct, as always, I see.”

“No sense in hiding who I am or what I want.” I took her hand and rubbed my thumb over her knuckle.

“Let me get my bag.” Macy stood and retrieved it from the coat stand. When she came back, she emptied the contents on the couch between us.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Butt plug, lube, condoms, cock rings, both silicone and metal and a crop.

“This is all for you, Todd.”

“Not much surprises me, Macy, but you have amazed me.”

I was a risk taker of the highest order, a Firefighter no less. I always put more into my sexuality. It must be a personality thing. Maybe I send off that vibe.

“Let’s see. Where shall we start? I’d like to bind your cock and balls with the silicone rings and place that lovely metal glans ring on the head of your penis I checked out last week.” She caressed my thigh. “Then you’ll be ready for a special dance just for me. My crop will serve to make the dance enticing.”

She was probably laughing at my mouth hanging open. I rarely get caught off guard. I believe heaven fell into my lap.

“Macy, you’re a fem-dom.”

“I am, and I don’t like to be kept waiting. I thought this could be a little session to check out our chemistry. Taking it slow addressing questions, comments, and concerns.”

I swallowed hard and hoped my cock would be soft enough to get those items on me. Because I wanted them on.

“Yes, ma’am. I’d love to see how we work together.”

“Clothes off, now.”

I jumped up to undress. “Todd, by chance, do you have any firefighter gear here?”

Oh, my god. Her wheels were turning. She knows I like it hot.


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Please go see the lovely picture that inspired the continuation of this story and read what was created this week at Masturbation Monday.



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  1. Kayla Lords

    Bwahahahaha, I love how it turned around on him in SUCH a sexy way.

    1. Dr. J.

      That element of surprise is part of life!

  2. May

    What a hot date! love the term “wank fodder” reminds me of my youth 😉

    1. Dr. J.

      So glad you liked it!

  3. John Brownstone

    Not only did you turn up the heat but you turned the tables on him. Loved the twist!

    1. Dr. J.

      Heat and a twist. Yay!

  4. Brigit Delaney

    I love that you continued this…and that you switched perspectives.

    1. Dr. J.

      Thanks, Brigit. I hope to continue on!

  5. Mischa Eliot

    More, please. 😀

    1. Dr. J.

      Tickled your fancy, huh????

      1. Mischa Eliot

        Yes, it did. 😍

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