Jun 01

A Created Opportunity

I inhaled his scent from my spot. Space was thick with people lining the subway car, sticky and stuffy, but I recognized his aroma. This was my favorite part of the day, the moment that I spent in his orbit, a mere tiny planet of me circling my sun. He read the news on his iPad. Did he know it was me that stepped into his space and with my mind caressed him? Both my hands grabbed his ass and massaged. I undressed him and redressed him. I touched him everywhere. I think the tight space, with people pressing against me, accelerated my passion and ultimate horniness. Today, I created the opportunity; I slipped my business card into his pocket as I exited the car.

Nothing about my day went as planned. I was harried, disheveled, and grumpy. Work days like today tested my faith in humanity. In the evening, I stepped on the train and found standing space in the corner. I needed to be home. Bending down, I situated my belongings alongside the wall as a pair of men’s dress shoes, encroached into my personal space. When my nose and my brain decided to work together they signaled me. Straightening up, we were face to face.

“Thank you for giving me your name, Alexa. I’m Robert.”

“Hello.” It’s him. I couldn’t seem to get out any more words. Dazed, shocked and excited my heart rate increased.

“Your card implied interest, maybe an invitation or even, permission. Yes?”

“Yes.” Gasping and inarticulate my language as a higher brain function had left me. My baser desires overwhelmed me.

“The train will be packed tonight and I want you.”

“Oh, yes.” I filtered through everything I had memorized about this man, Robert. His scent, his posture, his intent, his presence, it all impacted me and tonight we would interact in the place where it all happened.

I loved that I had on a dress with a long coat. He wore an overcoat over his suit. We could be cloaked in an adventure, wrapped in our own cocoon. He motioned for me to move further into the corner.

“Surprised you, didn’t I?” His eyes reflected the burning desire I felt.


“I know you look at me in the mornings. Now you know, I observe you in the afternoons. Unzip my pants.”

My hands were shaking as I began the task. More people piled in the car and pushed him closer to me. Having him so near was better than anything I had imagined. I would touch his most private skin first, surrounded by everyone. Oh, my. His tall body stood like a pillar shielding my view of people on the commuter.

“I’ve thought about us doing this, me touching you,” said Alexa.

“My fantasies of you start here, and I craved to act on them on this very spot.” He moved closer as my hand reached inside his pants. The head of his erection stuck out of his boxers. I lightly touched his silky skin with my thumb and feeling the pre-cum on my tip, I popped my thumb in my mouth. His musky scent filled the air around us. I was giddy and light headed. The culmination of my efforts to create an opportunity stood in front of me. His skin flushed and he observed me longingly.

“Do I taste good?” My starry eyes and grin answered that question. “I think I want a taste.” He inched my dress up the front of my legs and rubbed over my thong. With the ease of a familiar lover, he slipped his finger around the panties crotch and stroked my vulva lips. No doubt he would have something to taste, I was manufacturing my essence like a perfume company. But his fingers had plans. He leisurely stroked my folds, teasing my clit while his rock-hard erection pushed into my stomach.

“Forget tasting, I want to fuck you.” Thank God for the flimsy fabric of my dress. He and I were surrounded by layers of material. The train stopped and the movements of passengers exiting hid us and he changed our positions. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Covered by his overcoat my back was anchored against the wall. As expected, the train car was packed because this was the busiest station. I imagined we looked like a couple in a lover’s embrace, not a couple poised to fuck.

“This is so hot.” My breathy words landed on his neck. My stiff nipples ached and sent the sex signal throughout my body. I couldn’t have been more ready.

“Yes, it is.” He nuzzled my hair and face and then his lips found mine. We connected with searing heat dancing through our tongues and lips. As I felt his hand move down his pants to reposition his cock, I pulled my thong over so he had room. His erection rubbed my center causing electricity to pulse through me. The vibration of the wheels on the tracks added to the stimulation. I was ecstatic. My sex was alive. The urgency of his kiss registered but I broke my mouth away to look at his face so I knew it wasn’t my mind’s fantasy. In that pause, he lifted me onto his erection and it became real. Filled with him, I clutched tighter. I pushed up and down, me minimally moving, him holding still. The look on his face nearly brought me to tears. Ravenous lust and desire flew off him and he kissed me again aiming all that intensity at me. He stood so steady that when his orgasm hit, all his muscles seized up and his full body became a wall, my wall that I climbed. Our kiss swallowed our mating sounds. The train held our symbiotic nature, him, me and all the people around us. We remained in our tight embrace, rocking and bouncing on the tracks, until the next stop.

He set me down as the passengers began to move. I rearranged my dress and crossed my legs. He tucked his penis back into his pants and zipped up. We both buttoned our coats.

Plastered, side by side, across the wall, a gentle hand engulfed mine. Robert’s fingers were warm. We stroked our thumbs across each other’s hand. My body hummed with pleasurable sensations while the train swaying continued.

“We should do this again?” Robert winked.

“Well, you do know where to find me.”

“What do you want for dinner, tonight?”

“You zapped all my energy for cooking, so I guess it’s take out.”

“For the record, this was my favorite role play.”

Alexa squeezed Robert’s hand. “You say that now. Just wait, I choose next time.”

Author’s Note. I think the idea of being “on the train” arrived after reading Molly Moore’s poem, “Naughty Girl.” Click the highlighted text in my story for your enjoyment. Be sure to listen to her lovely voice and accent reading it to you.

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