Feb 29


“Hey Evan, we’re here.” Jim and Brad arrived every Monday at 3 p.m. A year ago, a motorcycle accident paralyzed me. Only my motorcycle gang supported me. My partner ditched me, when he determined, I would never be physically whole. What a loser. That’s when Jim and Brad came to visit and made their offer. We have met like this ever since.

I rolled my wheelchair into the living room.

“Hey guys.”

“Hey, man. You are looking good. I hope that means you have something fun in mind for today,” said Jim.

“Yeah, I watched this video of two guys soaped up in the shower. You two game?”

“Hell, yeah. I love slip-sliding away,” said Brad.

“We’ll go get soaped up and you roll in when you want,” said Jim.

“That’s perfect. Gives me time to get my clothes off.”

On one occasion, I voiced my concern about being a third wheel in their relationship, but Jim and Brad dismissed it. These open and flexible guys welcomed and cared about me. Both insisted I take the lead when we were together, to make sure I got what I wanted.

The house was renovated after the accident. My shower is now large enough to hold several people even using my shower wheel chair. I stripped down and entered the bathroom. My video view came to life. Two men with long, hard cocks, soaped each other in my shower. Sometimes, I swear, I had phantom erections.

Today, I watched from a front row seat to the shower video in the making, like the one I watched earlier and played in my mind, on a loop, for hours. The soap bubbles clung to two sets of firm hands, running over each other’s glorious erections. I imagined their cocks were mine. I remembered the sensations. Strong hands stroked each cock, and then each one surged into the other like a knightly sword fight, of the good kind. Jim and Brad turned to me with lathered rods. Some words made it into my sex fog.

“You want a go at them?” Each guy offered the invitation.

I rolled in closer, so I could reach both. I locked my wheels in place and then each hand took hold of the manly power and heat of their cocks. It surged through me, a familiar and potent sensation.

“Evan what a grip. I won’t last long,” said Jim.

They each rocked into my hands, urging me on. I kept up my motion. The steady rhythm allowed me to make each of them come, one after the other. They honored me by keeping their attentions focused on me.

“Brad, come sit up on the arms of my wheel chair and Jim can have fun with you, while I fist you some more.”

“I like that plan.” Brad perched up across my lap first and he kissed me. It was real and life affirming. I worked on another hand job. Jim walked around me and lathered my back and chest. Everything he touched I felt and it tingled. It was good. My skin was alive.

“Brad, let me know when you’re ready.”

“Are you kidding, Jim, Evan’s got me ready to explode again. I want you deep in me, pretty quick.”

Brad pushed his ass back, wheelchair height and accessible. Soapy suds rolled down his back and in his crack. I wanted to feel the body weight on me. I missed the pounding and the release.

“Brad, let me pull those ass cheeks apart for Jim. I want to feel the pressure, too.”

“Ok. Evan, get ready.”

I knew the instant that Jim pushed into Brad’s body because Brad’s chest heaved into mine. The motion was raw sex. I closed my eyes and focused on the grunts and moans from Brad and Jim. Brad held on to me and I held on to him. We were one person. Anticipating his orgasm, I grabbed his cock and helped him home.

“Evan, yes.” Lips landed on mine and the urgency of intense pleasure emanated through his tongue. I reveled in that moment. I sucked it in and for a few moments, it was all me. I received what Jim gave to Brad. I was a sexual being again and all was right with my world.


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