Monthly Archive: April 2018


Beyond the Backyard

I was out of town again. Lovely inspirations show up. If you’re reading, EK, you started this. “Come on over and take a look,” said Hal. He had pulled out the photo album of past meetings for his reunion group. Something was up. Hal wasn’t sharing. Reminiscing was more accurate. When I spotted the picture of him with Janie Matthews, my intuition was confirmed. They looked great together, and it was obvious he had a thing for her. Even though he had my heart, he still carried a flicker of “what if” and I could work with that. The night...


Tending the Home Fire

This story is a serial and started with The Calendar Man. This is episode five of the firefighter’s adventure with his yoga-mat mate. Sometimes I hated my firefighter job when it interfered with my sex life. Tonight, it sure did. I was ready to negotiate with Macy, so I could partake of her kinky hotness, but the alarm fucked that up. As fast as headquarters called me in, they called me off. Had I lost the moment with her? She had agreed to stay. When I walked into the house, I found all the lights on. It was quiet, too....