Monthly Archive: November 2017


Icy Hot

The chill in the room continued to drop. My teeth chattered, but I had to stay focused. Rod had never used temperature this way to ramp up my desire. If I wiggled my foot, I touched the cold wrought iron bedpost. If I jiggled my hands, the icy metal of the handcuffs set me off. I imagined that even my warm breath made a little cloud in the air as I exhaled. What do I do now? The cloth blindfold was the only thing that could have provided warmth, but all it did was taunt me with the idea of...


My Legitimate Seat at the Erotica Table

“Hi. My name is Dr. J. I am an erotica writer.” Your turn. As an experiment, insert your name and make that statement to someone. Did you hesitate? What was your body response? What was their body response? What did the person say to you? If your experience was like mine, you received an instant like or a dislike response, no in-between grey area. This week I have confirmation that I am an erotica writer. My work releases on Tuesday, November 21 in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 3. Read what my editor, Rachel Kramer Bussel said about...


A Dirty Martini and Other Naughty Things

This ninth story finishes out the current Beth, Rafe, and Mara adventure, but it’s not the end. Go see what happens. If you want to start at the beginning, click here. Because of our long grueling workweek, Beth and I had not talked about her sexual adventure with Mara. I had not yet shared the hand-job events between Jason and me or the blowjob he gave me. But now that Friday night rolled around, I was ready to spill my story and compare our notes. We headed out to hear our favorite local rock and roll band at a swanky...