Monthly Archive: January 2017

Jan 30


This story was created from this week’s video prompt on Masturbation Monday. I hit the play button and walked in the kitchen. I heard the entire thing before I saw it. Auditory is powerful.  Darla yelled down the hall, “I have something to share with you.” She never called me into her office while she …

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Jan 23

You’ve Been Moved

“Wait, you’re about to drop it on my toes.” “I am not. You’re a wimp.” “This mattress is heavy, Luke,” I said as it slipped from my left hand, and crashed into the bedframe. Luke righted my end of the mattress and somehow got it on the platform. We fell on the bed. “I remember …

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Jan 16

The Erotic Cafe

“I have a surprise for you tonight,” said April, using her flirty voice. “The sexy kind?” I asked. My face flushed. “Are you game?” “If you’re planning, April, always.” “I’ve been listening to your wants.” “Uh huh.” “I already texted you the time and address. Wear a skirt, sans undies.” “You want me to think …

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Jan 09

Unanticipated Moves

Do people have public sex? It is a common fantasy. Tell me how you like my take on it. The booming music moved me. Packed with the band’s crowd of fans, I danced to the beat. The surrounding bodies pressed against me and made us feel like one. I was horny. As I shifted with …

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Jan 02

Truck Sex

“Darn, it’s cold outside.” The front door slammed and the wind whipped under my skirt and assaulted my warm flesh. “Who brings Florida clothes for a northern winter trip?” “You didn’t turn the heat on in the truck, did you?” “Nope. I wanted the visit down memory lane to be authentic.” “What a load.” “You …

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