Monthly Archive: December 2016



One year ago this week, Marie Rebelle hosted my guest post and launched my erotic writing to the world. Here is the story that started it all. Thanks Marie. xoxox “Now. Pick up where we left off. Summarize and be quick about it,” said Amy. As I watched, she whipped her tee-shirt off her tasty body and left the bed. “You make it difficult to think straight when you tease me like this.” I reached out to stroke her leg. It was an effort because every part of my body ached. She scooted backward out of my grasp. We had...


Holiday Lights

“Check your phone. Secret Santa left you a surprise,” said Marshall, as he pinched Lily’s butt and ushered everyone out of the house. “I call shotgun,” yelled Lily’s nephew. It seemed to take forever, but everyone finally left to ride around and look at the holiday lights. With her cell phone in hand, Lily proceeded to the bedroom and dropped herself on the bed. Vacationing with the family was a nightmare in privacy. She knew Marshall had left her something special. She searched under her pillow and grabbed her vibrator. Wanting her hands free, she hiked up her dress, clicked...


Trimming the Tree

“I’ll be home by 7 pm. No putting me off. We are trimming the tree,” said Clarence. “That is my least favorite part about the holidays,” said Ruthie. He heard her sadness through the phone. “Yeah, and you never told me why.” “You know, parents, tradition. ‘Do it my way.’ As a kid, it was a mandatory performance and never fun.” “Suppose I guarantee you this year would be fun. Would you say yes?” “Maybe?” “What if I focused on you?” “Sounds appealing.” “Okay, I’ll bring some supplies. Would you make mulled wine with cinnamon sticks and cloves?” “Alright. But...