Monthly Archive: October 2016

Oct 31

Not in Zorro’s Shadow

“What? Carol and Armand’s annual Halloween gathering is a swinger’s event?” “Yeah, it’s perfect. We can go incognito.” “Dressed like that lovely ghost, you are strangling on your erection. No.” Roger loved Halloween and role play, and he used every body part to that end. “Baby, don’t you like my ghost?” “I like it real.” …

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Oct 26

Who’s Teaching

Installment #7 of a Service House Story. Click here to read from the beginning. Julianna tied Lowell’s arms to the bed in the instruction room. “Master Orlando will be unhappy with you for switching places with me, sir.” “Yep, and I don’t care.” Her face remained perplexed, as she affixed my bindings. “Julianna, when he’s in teaching mode, …

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Oct 17

Swingers Bridge

The breeze picked up, and I chose my steps carefully while we moved through the woods. As the mountain air blew through my hair, chill bumps covered my body. I inhaled the sharp, October air that held a hint of campfire smoke. Leon’s firm grip on my hand hurt. Was he afraid I would change my …

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Oct 05

Sexy Scrabble

It was our regular Friday game night with my friends. This crowd hated my single status so on occasion they would surprise me with a new guy. Tonight was one of those nights. I arrived with my traditional barbecue chicken dip and spotted the new guy the second I walked in. Making a bee-line for …

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