Monthly Archive: September 2016

Sep 28

The White Shirt

Arriving after dress rehearsals, Drew stood at the door, for our final scene. Did he know? As I inhaled the sangria and sweat emanating from his body, I couldn’t help myself. Two fisted, I grabbed him by the white shirt and pulled him to me. The touch was all it took. “Be in character, English accent and …

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Sep 22

Pinup Reality

Earl’s buddy had found a pinup poster of his all-time favorite model in his vintage collection of Playboy magazines. The guys teased him about his love of out-of-date, classy women. The day Emmie walked into the garage, he thought his unforgettable model had stepped right off the page. How could he be this lucky seeing …

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Sep 19

Resolved-Sex in the Art Room

A crusty, old man with a cigarette dangling from his lips, and a purple-haired emo twenty-something, and I waited in the hall with our fellow students as the custodian unlocked the studio. Echoed footsteps and murmurs surrounded me standing in this tobacco laced space. I had never pictured myself with these students. I scheduled this …

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Sep 06

His Ass Bucked Hardwood

Installment #6 of A Service House Story Click HERE to read from the beginning. Every trainee packed the room on teaching night at the house. As the most senior trainer, Lowell Anderson led the lecture. However, at this moment, it remained difficult to grasp that idea because Orlando loomed large over him. Orlando wasn’t supposed to be here. …

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