Monthly Archive: August 2016

Aug 31

Please, Lick me There

“Baby, I want this.” Adam sat naked on the floor of the bedroom enjoying Lucy disrobing. His mouth watered, for a cunt in his face and a backdoor view. Lucy took her time getting her black dress off. As she dropped each article of clothing, Adam noticed her hands shook. Her panties came off last …

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Aug 24

Drawn to Periwinkle

A Service House Story #5  If you would like to read them in sequence Click HERE to start at the beginning. The Story is entitled How May I be of Service. I get off on watching the new trainees. Me, Lowell Anderson, dominant trained the second year, must come to terms with the desire I feel for Periwinkle, …

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Aug 22

I Don’t Wonder

In the midst of a crowd milling around me, the stale smoke and cotton candy scents overwhelm me. I stare at the Wonder Wheel, lost. What a misnomer it is. I don’t wonder, I know. Tonight’s the night. You are probably on the ride with her now. When you told me you had a surprise, …

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Aug 15

Seeing the Perseids

“Grab the beach bag. I’ve got the camera.” “What time is it?” “2 a.m. Come on; we can’t miss it.” “This is your thing, Paul. Not mine.” “But we can do this together. I promise it will be good.” I sat up and grabbed my ponytail band and bound my hair up. Paul collected his …

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Aug 08

An Ode to Nipples

Naked, the cold air meets my nipples. The transition awakens my body. I love the texture when they are hard, erect, and attentive. You and I know they are the express elevator to my sex explosion. Nipples. Touch them and all desire moves south. Taste them and heat radiates through me. Lick them and moans …

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Aug 02

Chocolate Delight

It’s dreamlike for me, as I float. How do you know my desires so well?  Yes, there, right there. You play in my secret garden. You tiptoe on a predetermined path as you visit every inch of the landscape. How you begin the journey, tells me what is coming. Today, you surprise me. The heat of …

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