Monthly Archive: May 2016

May 30


Had he left me hanging? Impatiently, I sat at the game table wearing nothing but my lacy thong and open-toe heels, waiting for him to come back and make his move. Which one? I chuckled at my pun. His chess moves or his move on me. He taunted me with his gorgeous ass which I loved to …

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May 25

A Sexual Menu

Erin completed her first female sexuality class and intended to show Jordan what she learned. A lot of thought and energy created the sexual menu for the evening. Jordan liked things hot and Erin desired to spice things up but taking the lead was outside her comfort zone. “Hey, Baby. I got your message. What’s …

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May 23

Come Again

I’m not sure in the course of the play when his presence filtered into my awareness. He sat front row, stage left, opposite my front center-stage, end-row seat. It was a three-sided audience. I’m not sure what I noticed first about him? Was it his dark wavy hair, longish, with a matching two-day scruff beard? …

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May 20

Comments to Adrea Kore

As a beginning erotic writer, I am making exciting connections with others in the genre. These authors are wonderfully supportive, kind, and helpful. One of my favorite new writing friends hails from Australia, Adrea Kore. From the other side of my world, her lyrical style and use of metaphor intrigue and move me. I told …

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May 16

Looking On

“It’s not a race, Cher.” “I know, but I’m nervous and excited.” “Don’t worry about them.” He ran his nose over the bridge of hers. “I’ll get you where you want to go.” “Hmmm. I’m not worried. But it is our first time. How many are watching?” She lifted her head to look around him …

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May 11

Hit That Note

Daniel really cares and he listened. I just hadn’t realized it yet. My jazz piano guy loved to take me to his gigs. Through no fault of my own, I fell asleep to jazz. I love it but it puts me in a trance state. I become mellow and fluid and then sleep followed. It …

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May 09


“Where is your old typewriter?” asked Alexandra. “It’s in the hall closet.” Stephan looked up from his art easel in the studio. His seductive gaze held her, as did his stance, edgy and ready.  “You need it for what? “Project for my writing class,” said Alex as she bent over to pick it up. Alexandra …

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May 04

Milestones Measured by a Semester

Two years from my human sexuality college classroom, I watched Facebook announcements of at least ten more of my students graduating.  While I am proud and happy, it saddened me to realize the rhythm of college semesters is fading for me. It didn’t escape me that I wrote this prompt about milestones, couched within a …

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May 02

Orgasm Served Up

I walked into the living room and spotted Dave on the couch, reading a book. There was an immediate lightness in my chest but I kept my focus on him. My “getting off” plan was underway. I sauntered over, removed the book from his hands and sat on his lap. “What is up with you?” …

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