Monthly Archive: March 2016

Mar 29

The Best is Yet to Come

The crew of “Wild Women on the Water” arrived at the beach pier destination to film a sequence between their signature model Laurel and a newly signed actor. Directing this erotic shoot would be tough on Aja. She wondered how she would handle her secret attraction to Laurel. As Donald cleared the pier for filming, …

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Mar 28

Pink Dimensions

Nick and Natalie walked into the beach condo. The decor proved that point. Seashell lamps and nautical designed fabrics graced the furniture and sea-themed objects were scattered in every room. They were surprised at how beachy it was. “Come see the master suite. It’s like being inside a seashell. It’s so iridescent pink and shiny,” …

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Mar 25

Ginger’s Scent of French

“I thought we were going to the foreign flick called Ginger’s Scent of French.” Daria read the marquee, “Best Porn in Town.” Annie laughed. “Sometimes your brain amazes me. I told you we were choosing between Ginger’s Wet Dreams, Scent of Sex, and French Orgy.” “No, I remember. There was no mention of porn.” “But, …

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Mar 14

Working the Gap

Evelyn looked across the control room and spotted Dean. “I need a hand,” she yelled. She hiked up her leopard print skirt to headline the tops of her black thigh-highs. The gap of skin between the stockings and dress breathed. It was like a reverse blindfold. Her body remained covered except this one strip of …

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Mar 07

Rein Me In

I found Sonya on our bed, centered in a circle of disarrayed books with her magic wand humming. I moved to my designated place, the armchair at the foot of the bed. From there, like a patron of fine art, I studied the view, appreciating the nuance. Her foot attempted to hold her in place …

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Mar 02


She never heard George step up behind her naked body. Standing in front of the armoire mirror, she assessed herself. His eyes followed her. The same look of interest was there now, exactly like it had been forty years ago. Focusing back on her body, she saw her life’s road map etched there. Grey hair. …

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