This is a continuation of last week's story, Bondage and a Blindfold with Ella and J.B. 


Holy hell. I plastered myself to the wall by the door, holding my cock. Ella’s bound body splayed out on the bed. Her rapid breathing forced her breasts up and down and made me harder. Those cuffed wrists contained fidgeting fingers at the headboard. My sexual urges amazed me. Ankles bound with that spreader. Pink was her color.

Ella had allowed my fantasy to come true, but she had caught me off guard with her surprise. I slipped out to the kitchen to find some tools to accomplish my goals.

I surveyed the room. From the utensil jar by the stove, I grabbed a silicone spatula and a tool with prongs. I snagged the lone orange in the fruit bowl before I snatched a rose from the vase. My plan emerged while I gathered my implements. Waiting would charge Ella up, so I got myself a drink.

Fifteen minutes later, with my supplies in hand, I went back to her.

From the doorway, she looked like a butterfly. Captured, she lightly fluttered and then when stilled her beauty amplified. I had waited so long for this. My dick attempted to run the show. It wanted her, now. However, I wanted the whole experience, the scene I had created. I planned to tease her, taste her, and make her insane with my touch. Then I’d fuck her.



“You are making me crazy.”

“That’s the idea?”

“What are you going to do?”

“Exactly what I’ve always said. I’m going to devour you.”

Placing my implements on the bed, I took the orange in hand. As I peeled it, the citrus scent burst forth through the air.

“Are you taking a snack break, J.B.?”

“Only to snack on you.”

Holding the newly peeled orange in one hand, I squeezed and then dripped the juice across her breasts, down her stomach to her pubic bone.

“It tickles, J.B.”

I loved seeing the lines of juice cascading down her body mapping the path for my tongue and lips.

“Ella, stick out your tongue. I want you to fuck the orange, baby.” I lined up the hole around the segments at the end of her pointy tongue. She shoved it in and out with gusto. I pressed the orange against her mouth, and she pushed her tongue in further. The juice dribbled down her chin.

“That’s you and me, baby. Fucking hard and dripping.”

“Mmmm, J.B. I want you.”

I dropped the orange onto the bed and moved over to taste her juicy lips. My tongue invaded her mouth. Our giving and receiving had become indistinguishable. My sucking action pulled her head off the bed. My tongue swirled out of her mouth, around her lips and then her chin. I kissed her wet skin as I moved down her neck. Her moans lit me up.

Ella’s perky nipples, drizzled in juice, tantalized me. I gathered up her breasts in both hands and rubbed my face on her mounds and kissed her hard peaks. The cuffs clanked against the bedframe’s metal as her body rose up to every single touch.

“Oh, J.B. Never thought it’d get this intense.”

I raised her legs straight up with the spreader bar. Her enticing ass and luscious pussy belonged to me.

Toy time. As I held the spreader at my chest, I raked the prongs down one leg, across her ass cheeks then up the other leg. Her gasps pushed me forward. I relished the lines striping her skin. With the rose and I repeated my course. Breathy humming spoke to me of her need.

“Bend your knees.” I pushed the bar back with one hand, and she opened up to me.

Tasting her became my goal. Owning her became my mission.

Kneeling between Ella’s legs, I rubbed my scruffy chin across the inside of her right thigh. Her squirming began. Marking Ella, consumed my thoughts. She was mine. When I nuzzled her left leg, Ella’s ass lifted off the bed, and her pussy lips lined up perfectly with my mouth. I licked her vulva and sucked the lips. I pressed my teeth against her clit and as I sucked in vibrating on her and she began moaning. Relentless, my mouth pleasured her everywhere.

“J.B., I’m so close.”

“Not yet, baby. I’m still firing you up.”

I picked up the red, silicone spatula. Using its thin edge, I drew a circle on Ella’s ass. I kissed her in the center of it.

“What was that, J.B.?”

“That’s for me to know and you to feel.” She groaned. “Ella, how do you like anticipation, now?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Don’t mess with a master. You made me wait a long time to get you bound up like this.”

“I was trying to make it good, J.B. I wanted you to have this.”

 “Does it feel good, El?”

“You know that it does.”

“It’s just going to get better. You did make me wait. That means it’s punishment time.”

Ella loved toys, and she was hypersensitive when she didn’t know what was coming. That was exactly where I wanted her.

I inserted two fingers in her channel and pushed them upward with a steady beat.

“Yes, J.B., yes.”

As her dripping pussy coated my lips and tongue, I rubbed the flat portion of the spatula in circles on her butt. Her quivering stomach turned me on. I was eager to see a rosy ass.

I stood up to straighten her legs and stuck my head under the spreader. I placed it behind my neck. What a perfect angle to swat her behind and fuck her. I stroked her clit with my fingers.

“Ella, you are getting six strokes on your butt. Three on each side.” I pinched her nub.

“With your hand?” Her shaky voice told me she was holding the orgasm back. The excited unknown kept her on edge.

“No, darlin’. With my newest sex toy.” I grinned staring right at the spatula. “And then I’m going to drill you with my cock. I say when you come.”

“Yeah, yeah, baby.”

With each smack, the spatula stung her ass building the intensity with each square mark. Ella transformed the energy of my strokes and channeled it into her desire. Her vulva swelled as the scents in the room amplified, our arousal and the orange. Her whimpering and panting alerted me. I spanked her for the last time, rubbed the spot, and then wiggled my fingers through her hot, wet folds.

“Come for me, baby.”

With that last touch, her orgasm ignited. I buried my cock deep inside her. Her legs shook around my neck. My balls slammed on her ass, over and over. I drew her hips back to me as I pounded, and her hands popped off the headboard. I ground into her shooting off while her orgasmic screams filled the room.

When Ella stilled, I lifted the spreader off my shoulders and unfastened her legs. Easing down on the bed, I unclipped the cuffs. Beside her, I stroked her hair and kissed her face. Ella. She was the woman who trusted me, heart and soul. I slipped her blindfold off.

“J.B. you were right. It is intense without sight. I want to see the spanking toy.”

I chuckled and held up the spatula.

“My good cake spatula! Why did I spend money on the other stuff?”

“Baby, sometimes you make plans, and sometimes you plan at the moment.”

Ella rolled on top of me, smirking. She dangled the cuffs in my face.

“You know, J.B., I think you’d look pretty in pink.”



03/24/2017 1:30pm

Oh... I vote to see JB in pink.

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