No one knew how they named the bar, it was their secret. Sam finished making drinks and Landon and Nate perched at the polished bar ready to taste his latest concoction. The hundred year old cigar scent permeated through the wooden walls and lingered. Combined with the jazz notes and the aroma of alcohol, it took them back.

“Wow, it’s been five years.” Landon slapped Nate’s back. Sam had expected those two would be a couple but it never happened.  Life changed when the trio headed down their own professional paths, but they each appreciated what they’d had together, good friendship, great feelings, and hot sex.

“Well if you two are up for a trip down memory lane, I have a surprise,” said Sam.

 “You do?”

“Come on back.  To celebrate our fifth anniversary, I thought we could reenact that notorious bar naming night.”

In the center of the back room sat a long lost friend. Sam had refurbished the infamous swivel stool. The wistful looks from the three of them suggested they were absorbed in the memory. Nate felt bad that he’d broken the stool before Sam got his turn.

“What do you think?” ask Sam.

“You know Sam you are the glue that holds our friendship together. I say it’s your turn,” said Landon.

“I agree with Landon,” said Nate.

“Are you saying it’s my turn on the stool?” Sam was stunned.  He never felt worthy to receive from both of them. They had made his night, maybe his year. His answer was immediate and clear, as he yanked his shirt from his jeans and began unbuttoning. Sam watched them follow suit and quickly the three men filled the room with hard bodies and erections.

“Come on up here Sam,” said Landon as he patted the stool.

Sam centered his back on the stool, his knees splayed and he propped his feet on the stool’s foot rest.

Nate stepped between his legs. “Well, I believe you are ready for this.” He cupped Sam’s balls and licked to the tip of hard penis.  Sam arched off the stool at the touch of the warm tongue.

“You really don’t get how important you are to us, so we’re going to show you.” Landon cradled his head and kissed Sam. The combined sucking action on Sam’s tongue and cock nearly sent him over the edge. Just as he wondered if it could get any better, the connections stopped and the stool swiveled, changing his position.

“This feels incredible, guys.”

Nate took his turn exploring Sam’s mouth while Landon held his balls and sucked his penis. The pleasurable sensations ushered Sam to another dimension. This reality was better than any fantasy he had of their threesome.

“Are you ready to flip over, Sam? We have other areas to explore,” said Landon. He massaged Sam’s ass cheeks inching his thumbs deep in between them. Sam’s breathing hitched.

Nate’s penis nuzzled his face. “You did want a cocktail, right?” 

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I heard Jack moan, the arousing kind. Through the crack in the bedroom door, I peered in. He was alone in his sexual enjoyment. It was private but the voyeur inside me forced my stillness.  My palms sweated and my heart rate increased. It wasn’t the first time I had snuck a peek.

The intensity with which he massaged his penis through his clothes gutted me. I loved his sturdy hands. He worked himself deep, getting revved up. I lived for the expanse of his breath knowing his abdomen responded, moving up and down and creating that magnificent center ridge. He was a man’s man with all his hard edges and control.

In my mind, he was already naked. The technique with which his fingers slid over his penis intrigued me. His middle finger ran over the top, in command, down to the head of his penis with a slight flick and back up again. At the same time, his pointer and ring fingers trapped the sides of his penis and edged down. I wanted to know how good those three pressure points would feel on me. The heel of his hand pushed out, on the down stroke and I could see the resistance and his erection growing. God, he drove me insane. I couldn’t see his thumb, but I knew it had to be working some compression. His motions were so controlled and deliberate. My body craved an invitation. I wanted to touch, and taste him.

For a moment, I lost myself in the repeated hand motions. It felt measured and as masturbation techniques go, it had a specific meaning. I knew it, because my own did. The stroke told a detailed story, but wasn’t that so in all sex? In the past and present, it revealed our wants, desires, needs, and cravings. I knew those sensations well and enjoying him today stirred my first, shared, masturbation memory.

Jack’s deliberate movements transported me to a hot and humid, summer night. We had driven down to Lofton Creek. My friends, Howard and Dee, hopped out of the car laughing and giggling, unable to keep their hands off each other. I sat in the backseat of Howard’s car and considered how freely they explored.

 “Jake, we could have some fun, too,” said Robert. He reached over and touched my thigh. I looked down and marveled at his hand on my leg. His touch electrified. All the hair on my body stood up.

“They won’t be back for a while,” he said. “You game?”

Lust and fear became my friend. I hadn’t done this before. I froze in place for a moment, curious, and then made my decision. I popped the button on my shorts and for each click of my zipper going down, my erection grew. I wanted this. Robert knew just what to do. He activated the small space underneath my penis, working it over and over. It lifted me off the seat. My cock engaged and pre-cum oozed out. He cupped my balls when he finished long strokes and as he got the right rhythm, he fisted me to an explosive orgasm. I had never known this type of pleasure before but I knew I wanted more.

The backseat of Howard’s car held the musky scent of sex and leather mixed with the aroma of the pine trees lining the creek. The rushing water mimicked my heart surging. It was the first time another man placed his hands on me. By that creek, my sexual-self emerged.

Jack’s exaggerated breathing pulled me from my thoughts.  It had become louder, steady, and rhythmic. It hit me. He was in a scene. It was as if he responded to another person providing the strokes. He relived a different time and place. His resilient hands replicated the hunger of another. I knew that trance well.

I dropped the band on my running shorts down low on my hips. I freed my erect penis and took it in hand. I pumped several times as the sexual energy washed over me. The layers of sex pushed me further. Robert’s tentative first touch, from so long ago, carried my lust but no longer fear. Jack’s current sensual reprisal fueled me. The ghosts of the past mingled here, bringing forward robust sexual energy of another time. Could I keep quiet? Did I want to?

I imagined it was Jack’s hand stroking my penis. A groan, then a gasp, came out of me as my orgasm erupted. Sexual power and pleasure owned me. Jack turned his head. Through the crack in the door, he spotted me holding my cock and shuddering through my body quakes. He stroked harder. His head pressed back into the pillow as his orgasm tore through him.

Our slowed breathing echoed in the hallway. In the quiet moment of resolution, Jack rolled over on the bed facing me. I pushed the door open a little further. His look of heated desire charged me up again.

“You game?”

His words shattered me. My invitation had finally arrived.

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2+1=2 by Dr. J


“Hey Evan, we’re here.” Jim and Brad arrived every Monday at 3 p.m. A year ago, a motorcycle accident paralyzed me. Only my motorcycle gang supported me. My partner ditched me, when he determined, I would never be physically whole. What a loser. That’s when Jim and Brad came to visit and made their offer. We have met like this ever since.

I rolled my wheelchair into the living room.

“Hey guys.”

“Hey, man. You are looking good. I hope that means you have something fun in mind for today,” said Jim.

“Yeah, I watched this video of two guys soaped up in the shower. You two game?”

“Hell, yeah. I love slip-sliding away,” said Brad.

“We’ll go get soaped up and you roll in when you want,” said Jim.

“That’s perfect. Gives me time to get my clothes off.”

On one occasion, I voiced my concern about being a third wheel in their relationship, but Jim and Brad dismissed it. These open and flexible guys welcomed and cared about me. Both insisted I take the lead when we were together, to make sure I got what I wanted.

The house was renovated after the accident. My shower is now large enough to hold several people even using my shower wheel chair. I stripped down and entered the bathroom. My video view came to life. Two men with long, hard cocks, soaped each other in my shower. Sometimes, I swear, I had phantom erections.

Today, I watched from a front row seat to the shower video in the making, like the one I watched earlier and played in my mind, on a loop, for hours. The soap bubbles clung to two sets of firm hands, running over each other’s glorious erections. I imagined their cocks were mine. I remembered the sensations. Strong hands stroked each cock, and then each one surged into the other like a knightly sword fight, of the good kind. Jim and Brad turned to me with lathered rods. Some words made it into my sex fog.

“You want a go at them?” Each guy offered the invitation.

I rolled in closer, so I could reach both. I locked my wheels in place and then each hand took hold of the manly power and heat of their cocks. It surged through me, a familiar and potent sensation.

“Evan what a grip. I won’t last long,” said Jim.

They each rocked into my hands, urging me on. I kept up my motion. The steady rhythm allowed me to make each of them come, one after the other. They honored me by keeping their attentions focused on me.  

“Brad, come sit up on the arms of my wheel chair and Jim can have fun with you, while I fist you some more.”

“I like that plan.” Brad perched up across my lap first and he kissed me. It was real and life affirming. I worked on another hand job. Jim walked around me and lathered my back and chest. Everything he touched I felt and it tingled. It was good. My skin was alive.

“Brad, let me know when you’re ready.”

“Are you kidding, Jim, Evan’s got me ready to explode again. I want you deep in me, pretty quick.”

Brad pushed his ass back, wheelchair height and accessible. Soapy suds rolled down his back and in his crack. I wanted to feel the body weight on me. I missed the pounding and the release.

“Brad, let me pull those ass cheeks apart for Jim. I want to feel the pressure, too.”

“Ok. Evan, get ready.”

I knew the instant that Jim pushed into Brad’s body because Brad’s chest heaved into mine. The motion was raw sex. I closed my eyes and focused on the grunts and moans from Brad and Jim. Brad held on to me and I held on to him. We were one person. Anticipating his orgasm, I grabbed his cock and helped him home.

“Evan, yes.” Lips landed on mine and the urgency of intense pleasure emanated through his tongue. I reveled in that moment. I sucked it in and for a few moments, it was all me. I received what Jim gave to Brad. I was a sexual being again and all was right with my world.



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