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The party was going strong. Significant amounts of perfume combined with the alcohol assisted the beat of the music in pounding my head. Pounding, just like I imagined him doing to her luscious body. It was happening, and I had agreed to it.

I surveyed the buzzing room after Joy and Richard had left to talk. I wasn’t sure how this would transpire or how I would feel afterward? What did I know about watching my wife get banged by another man, much less my best friend? Nothing. I had left the details up to Joy. I had known he wanted to fuck my wife. Joy wanted him, too.

I was standing beside the island in the kitchen when I saw them re-enter the room. They glowed as they meandered through the crowd and stood across from me at the counter.

“We are all set, John. Richard and I have an agreement.”

“That was fast.”

“We’re clear on what we want.”

“So, when?”


“For real?”

“Uh huh, just follow along.”

Joy leaned over on the counter and stretched her hand out to me. I set my drink down, and I clasped her fingers. Richard’s arm movement caught my eye. When he snuggled against Joy’s back, I knew what he was doing. Her expressions gave it away.

“Tell me,” I said, as I toyed with her fingers.

“His hand is where you like it.”


“Moving up the inside of my thigh, closer to my wet panties.”

“You are already wet?”

“Yes. Does it make you hard knowing what Richard is doing?”

Hard? As Richard touched my favorite part of Joy’s leg, my erection had never been stiffer. What she didn’t know yet was that I was steel because I also visualized him touching me.


She licked her lips and squeezed my hand.

“Guess where his fingers are now?”

I didn’t have to guess. Joy’s flared nostrils meant Richard had either found her clit and her wet lips or fingered her tight channel. Sucking in the air with those rounded lips was Joy’s signature response when my fingers played with her.

Is it possible for a person to explode from need? I swallowed hard still tasting that last sip of gin.

“We have a room ready.”

Richard straightened up. I watched him taste his fingers, and I clenched my jaw. I savored that flavor well. He nodded at me as he rubbed his bottom lip with his forefinger. Then he used his tongue. That tongue, those lips. And then they smiled at each other. I couldn’t get out of this room fast enough.

Following them up the stairs was agony.  The motion of their two asses teased me. Joy squeezed Richard’s cheek, and he groaned.

I might not make it.

I wanted my fingers kneading his ass. I should just tell them I agreed to this so I could be with him.

After entering the bedroom, Joy pulled Richard’s shirttail from his pants, and I glimpsed the hard lines of his stomach. His abdominal definition made me hot, always. This view was better than watching him at the gym.

“John, unbutton Richard’s shirt while I work his pants off.”

I looked at Richard whose Cheshire cat grin told his happy story. Yes, he was about to discover all the sexy goodness of my wife.

He glanced down and saw my erection.

 “So far so good?” Richard asked.

 “Yeah, what about you?”

“I’m getting more than I hoped for, mate. That’s for sure.”

Joy had taken care of his shoes and pants while I had removed his shirt. Richard stood there in his tented boxers. Joy moved around Richard and caressed the muscles of his arms. She tilted her head around him and gazed at me and blew me a kiss. What the fuck.

“John, go ahead and pull down Richard’s boxers. Take it slow. All the way.” I threw her a questioning look. “Do it for me, baby, please.”

She taunted me, and if humiliation was the goal, we had arrived.

As I squatted and pushed down Richard’s boxers, one gorgeous cock greeted me. The one I craved and one Joy would appreciate.

Joy wrapped her lavender scented arms around me. Her warm embrace settled me, and she kissed my cheek.

“Baby, today, he’s all yours.”

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Read from the beginning The Business of Pleasure

Georgianna lifted her face off Jarvis’s stomach and blew out a long breath. Things were moving fast, and she wanted to slow it down. First, Jarvis, a porn director, had expertly fingered her to orgasm at the bar, and second, her curious Samuel had gone down on Jarvis in the hotel suite. I won’t be rushed. She replayed a lusty loop of sexual images, and they fogged her mind.

Both men stared at her waiting for a response about their two-man invitation. She stood and walked around the sofa feeling like a lioness circling her prey.

“Am I clear there was no videotape?”

“Scouts honor, babe. We were on the up and up.”

“You were until you read my story and hooked up with Jarvis.”

“Woah, I didn’t think you’d be mad. I thought you would be pleased with my effort.”

She pondered his words. Her husband was a sight on his knees beside a half-naked and now limp-dicked Jarvis.

“You are right. This encounter was out of your comfort zone, Samuel.” The contrast was stark as she admired the ease with which Jarvis displayed himself. “But what’s in it for you Jarvis?”

“I like couples. They charge me up. New people. New activities.”

Hmmm. New activities? Why not try something new? I write naughtily, can I behave that way?

“Gentleman, I appreciate your efforts here, and I thoroughly enjoyed our play. As to your invitation, I’d like to do that next week. ” She tilted her head and eyed them both. A new scene played in her mind’s eye, and she added to the mix, today’s sexy scents and tastes.

“Jarvis, when she gets that look, anything goes. Baby, if you are running the show, you know I’m in.”

“I am at your disposal for anything. Tell me the time and place, and I’ll be there,” said Jarvis.

“Next Saturday, 7 pm.  Back here. I’ll book the room.


Georgianna went to her favorite sex toy shop Saturday afternoon. She trusted her intuition to guide her. With Jarvis being adventurous and Samuel a little sheepish for reading her material, Georgianna wanted a fantasy to make things hot. Could she do this? Samuel had watched Jarvis toy with her with his fingers, so maybe Samuel needed to see her do that with Jarvis.

It must have been the energy in the store, but ideas flowed non-stop. Georgianna settled on a vibrating dildo, condoms, and lots of lube.  

During the week she had ordered some red leather for the event, so she was ready. She would embody this new persona as best she could. Georgianna always wanted control; that’s what her Ex had taken away from her.

Georgianna arrived at the hotel before the men. After she had prepared the space, she changed into the red leather bustier with cutaways for each breast and a garter belt with black stockings. She slid her hands over her soft breasts, the sleek leather, and the silk stockings. The textures excited her. This outfit which highlighted her naked genitals and full breasts would surprise Samuel. The idea aroused her.

At 7 pm the door opened, and the two men entered, chatting with one another. As they walked into the suite, and Samuel saw her, he froze. Jarvis nodded his appreciation.

“Clothes off, Gentlemen. Put them on the chair over there.”

Jarvis moved quickly; Samuel stood still gawking.

“That was a directive, Samuel. Don’t make Madame G. unhappy.”

A thrill ran through her as she uttered those words. Never had she expected power to feel this good.

“Samuel, say, yes, Madame G.”

Samuel stuttered the words while gazing at her and he began removing his clothes. Jarvis was ahead of him.

“Madame G, how may I serve you tonight?”

“Jarvis, please go over to the bed and kneel on all fours.”

“Yes, Madame.”

“Samuel, you will follow me to the bedroom, understand? That won’t be a problem, will it? You two told me you would take my directions or be my slaves.”

“Yes, Madam.” She smirked to herself knowing that Samuel was totally out of his element. Glancing over her shoulder, Georgianna saw his hesitant facial expression. His body sent a different message. She beamed at how rock hard he was.

Jarvis had knelt on the edge of the bed, so his sculpted ass was in view when they walked in. For a split second, Georgianna wondered if she could do this, but the feeling of exhilaration and arousal dismissed her doubt.

“Samuel, look how Jarvis has displayed himself so perfectly for me. Go over and stroke his cock and tell me whose is harder.”

Samuel paused and took in the view.

“Wait. Rub your cock between Jarvis’s ass cheeks first.” Samuel turned to her as if he misunderstood the instructions. “It’s what I want, Samuel. Please me. I have lube.”

Madame G picked up the tube and squirted some in her hand and then applied it to Samuel’s erection taking care to make him feel good. Samuel sucked in whistling air. He moved to Jarvis and sandwiched his erection in his crack. He rocked up and down with his body’s weight.

“Good prep, Samuel. Now move over so you can reach his cock.” While Samuel compared cock hardness, Georgianna danced her fingers over Jarvis’s firm body. She bent and rubbed her erect nipples across his ass. New activity, new sensations.

“How are you doing, Jarvis?”

“Very well, Madame.”

“Excellent. Samuel, is his cock hard as yours?”

“Yes, Madame.”

“Jarvis, I want you flat on your back. Samuel you will kneel beside Jarvis, facing me. I want you to see everything.”

As they got situated, Georgianna retrieved the condoms and vibrator. She opened the condom packet, took the condom out and rolled it down the vibrator. When Samuel turned around, she held it like a conquering tool of an Amazon woman.

“Georgianna, what are you doing with that thing?”

“That’s for later.” She placed it on the bed and went about covering her fingers in lube.

“Jarvis was inside of me; I thought I’d return the favor, and you’d get a front row seat.”

“Yes, Madame. I would love to please you in that way,” said Jarvis. And just like in the bar, Samuel clinched his jaw. Raw arousal.

“We’re going to drive him crazy Samuel. You do a hand job while I work magic to his prostate.” Georgianna massaged Jarvis’s ass as she slipped her fingers between his cheeks and began to stroke his skin. Breathy, wet gasps from Jarvis filled the room as Samuel started fisting Jarvis’s cock. Her sizzling reaction surprised her as these men obeyed her wishes. She wanted more. Change of plan.

“Jarvis, take your cock. Samuel, come behind me. Use your lips.”

Georgianna bent over bracing herself on the bed with one hand. Samuel’s large rough hands caressed her ass as his tongue teased her slippery folds. Samuel’s mouth and tongue never disappointed and with this angle, his bobbing was perfect. As Samuel pushed his tongue into her, she eased her fingers into Jarvis. He stroked his cock faster.

“Yes, Madame. Thank you. That’s the spot.”

Samuel’s fingers dug into Georgianna’s skin, holding her in place as he attended her lips and clit. Every time Samuel pushed into her; she pushed into Jarvis and Jarvis keep the beat with his cock. They created a three-person rhythm. Samuel hummed across her skin like a human vibrator. The sexual aroma hung in the air, and Georgianna licked her lips. Jarvis’s jerky motions signaled his orgasm. Georgianna was lightheaded as her orgasm approached.

“Oh, yes,” said Georgianna. Samuel’s tongue ignited her. As she teetered on the edge of her explosion, her fingers slipped out of Jarvis, and she anchored both her hands beside his hips. She leaned forward, surrendering to the men’s movements and let the delightful sensations engulf her. Samuel remained relentless; he continued to lick, nibble, and suck.

As Samuel consumed Georgianna, Jarvis matched the intensity when he sat up. He wrapped his arms around her and devoured her lips. Enveloped in warm, wet suction, from top to bottom, Georgianna soared again.

As her orgasm subsided, Jarvis pulled her to the bed.

Samuel smacked her ass and chuckled. “Now, let’s talk about that vibrator. Exactly what did you have in mind?” 

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Read From the Beginning The Business of Pleasure

“Jarvis, thank you for joining us. My wife is something, isn’t she?”

Georgianna rose from her knees, licked her lips still tasting Samuel, and turned toward Jarvis. “That she is, Samuel.”

Eyeing Jarvis from around Georgianna’s body, Samuel pulled up his trousers.

“I must say, this is a fun party to be invited to. Not sure of the social protocol after these sexual events.”

“I’ll get some drinks,” said Georgianna. “Please, make yourselves comfortable.”

When Georgianna came back with a tray of drinks, Jarvis was sitting on the couch. Samuel was beside him, bent over unzipping Jarvis’s pants.

“Well, that’s comfortable.”

“You told me it was about taking control.”

Georgianna sat the tray on the coffee table and picked up a drink.

“Georgianna, I must come clean. There is more to this get together than you know. Samuel put an ad on a sex site about making a fantasy reality. I contacted him, and he shared a partial of your story.”


“Did you think I would go for a stranger fingering you, babe?” She looked from Jarvis to Samuel. “It had to be somebody I vetted, so Jarvis and I met. I don’t do random.” Clutching her glass, Georgianna sat beside Jarvis, surprised.

“You’ve been reading my story all along?” Samuel nodded yes. “So it was the desire in the bar?”“Yes. Heat for your responses and what might happen later. Your story allowed me to explore something I wanted to do with you, share a man. He had you, and now we can have him.”

Her skinned burned from the scrutiny of each man as she searched Samuel’s eyes. He smiled at her. How could she be mad and turned on at the same time?

“This can be our time. As you can see Jarvis, already voted, he is here.”

“You bet I am. After that bar scene, I want more.”

“Jarvis did get you worked up baby, didn’t he?”

She lifted her glass and took a big gulp not wanting to wash Samuel’s taste away. “Yes, he did.”

Samuel had caught Georgianna off guard. Her nervous energy was channeled into her grip on the glass.

“We’ve done part one. I can get us started on part two if you want.”

Georgianna was in disbelief. Her husband, who never took the lead, had taken the lead. And that was what she had always wanted.

“Are you sure?”

“I am.”

“Jarvis, you know it’s about a couple sharing a mutual blow job.”

“That’s what I read.”

The scene played out in her head, and she grinned at Samuel and gave a slight nod.

“Ok, Jarvis. You’re up,” said Samuel.

“Yes.” Jarvis lifted his body, unfastened his pants, and pushed them down his legs.

Georgianna’s words echoed for Samuel. “Take what you want and give as you see fit.” Samuel massaged Jarvis’s thigh, and Georgianna’s skin erupted in goose bumps. The bobbing erection was between them. As they each moved their hands up his thighs, their heads lowered closer to his lap. Samuel was going after this man’s cock, and Georgianna was ablaze. Arousal. Desire. Passion. Her husband had touched her heart and her pussy at the same time.

When Samuel stuck his tongue out and paused, Georgianna put her hand around Jarvis’s cock and stroked once up and down.

“That’s the touch,” said Jarvis.

Locking eyes with Samuel, she waited. Samuel bent closer to the head of the cock and Georgianna leaned forward. Her husband was doing what she had written, and it consumed her in heat and wetness.

When Samuel’s tongue touched the cock, she surged forward to join him. Their warm tongues met together on the hard cock. She was lost in the excitement tongue and tip with Samuel while Jarvis had thrown his head back and closed his eyes, moaning.

“This feels incredible. Two tongues, yes.”

“And one mouth,” said Samuel as he sucked the tip in and went down on Jarvis.

“AAahhh, so good.”

While Samuel’s mouth went up and down exploring, Georgianna squeezed her legs together and pulsed to put pressure on her clit. The men’s groans filled the air and Georgianna’s her heart pounded. The heavy breathing mingled with wet slurping took her to new heights. When Samuel’s thick lips suctioned perfectly around Jarvis’s penis, she had to speak.

“Take him all the way down your throat, Samuel. Let him fuck your mouth.”

Jarvis reached out for both of their heads; he guided Samuel. Georgianna knew when Samuel hit the right stride because Jarvis threaded his fingers in her hair and yanked in rhythm.

“I’m coming.” Jarvis held Samuel’s head down as Samuel worked to swallow. When the jerky contractions stopped, Samuel stared at Georgianna. She threw her arm around his shoulder and kissed him passionately which caused them to topple onto Jarvis’s abdomen. Jarvis stroked their heads as they kissed.

“I have to say I like the real life version of this story,” said Jarvis.

Looking at Samuel, Georgianna mouthed, “Thank you.”

“Jarvis, thanks for being a willing playmate.”

“Believe me; it was my pleasure.”

“Do you want to do that last part today?”

“What last part,” asked Georgianna? She moved a lock of hair behind Samuel’s ear

“You aren’t the only creative one in the group, Georgianna. I’m a porn director.”

Georgianna’s face lost color. Samuel knew those words took her to a bad the memory that still lurked in her mind. No one liked being videoed without consent.

“No, no babe, there was no video. Jarvis just helped me consider the next part of this story.”

“What next part?”

“He helped me create a little fantasy for you. It includes two men ravishing your body, but only if you want us to. We would take directions or be your slaves.”

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Samuel Mason left the bar and went to his hotel suite. After ten minutes of pacing, he heard the metal door click, and his wife’s concerned voice filled the room.

“Samuel, you didn’t wait for me?” She crossed the room and stood at his side.

“No, I didn’t.”

Samuel Mason had just watched his wife, Georgianna, get finger fucked downstairs in the hotel bar.

“Are you okay? Please tell me you are alright with what happened.” He stared out the window into the city lights.

“It was hotter than I expected.” The glass reflected the intensity on his face. “You seduced me and fucked me, at the same time.”

The man had fingered Georgianna to orgasm because Samuel told her that’s what he wanted. It had taken days to convince her.

“Were you comparing him to me?” His jaw muscle bulged from gritting his teeth.


She took his hand. “Come on let’s sit down.” She pulled him onto the couch, and the two of them nestled there.

“I didn’t think of it that way, Samuel. I thought of him as a character in my book and we acted out a scene. I focused on providing what you wanted. Did I manage that?”

“You did.” He stroked her leg. “It was thrilling to me. I hope you liked it.”

“I enjoyed you. Feeling connected to your desire across the bar was everything.”

“He seemed tuned to your desire. Your sex flushed skin glowed…” She looked up suspiciously, waiting for him to finish his thought. “Did his touch motivate you?”

“His touch was secondary. It was the interactional part with you that stood out. I realized I wanted you closer to the physical action.”

“That’s why you gave him the room key?”

“Yes, I told him to come up in an hour.”

“What now?”

“He’s game. What would you like to do, Samuel?”

They cuddled on the couch. Samuel fiddled with her fingers while he thought. Would he tell her? Last week, she had caught him reading a scene from her manuscript. That’s probably how today’s idea hatched. He wondered if she knew what he wanted.

Samuel drew Georgianna into a hug, feeling warmth and love from her. They sat connected for a while; he wasn’t sure how long. If he couldn’t tell her, who could he tell?

He whispered, “I want to suck his cock with you.”

Georgianna twisted her head so she could see him clearly. He knew she wasn’t judging him, but what were her thoughts?

“I’ve always wanted to act out the fantasies I write; I didn’t know if you would be interested.”

Had she read his mind? Samuel sat up and gazed at her. His heart pumped faster. He looked at his watch.

“Tell me what you like about giving head while you do me.” Georgianna looked down at his obvious erection. “He’ll be here soon. Show me.”

“Talking about it got you ready, huh?”

Samuel arched an eyebrow at her, and she chuckled. He pressed into her and gave her a passionate kiss.

“Keep humoring me.”

“Okay. I like the control.” She reached over and unzipped his pants. “I feel like a temptress, taking what I want and giving it to you as I see fit.”

Samuel wasted no time. He stood and unfastened his pants and dropped them to the floor. His cock jutted out in front of her face.

“What makes it inviting to you?” he asked. Georgianna cupped his balls as she licked his tender skin.

“Men’s bodies are a contradiction. You are soft and tender below the part where you are rock hard.” She stroked his erection with one hand and held his balls with the other while she sucked on his the sac. His temples pounded with blood flow. “You smell like a man dipped in a sexual elixir. It’s what stirs me to taste.” She held his penis in one hand and dragged her tongue from his balls to his tip. “I wonder if you’d experience a man the same way.”

He cradled her face in his hands, “I wonder, too. What’s it like, the texture and taste of my cock?”

“Soft, satin-like and the pre-cum is a little salty. The minute my tongue touches it, it’s like I’m pulling your essence from you.”

 Georgiana kissed his fingers and then lowered her mouth onto the head of his erection. She swirled her tongue on the pre-cum, and her action produced more. Her efforts sent Samuel to the edge of no return. She sucked him in further, and he rocked quickly into her mouth. She helped him unleash all his desires, emotional and physical. Samuel shut his eyes and thrust his cock into her mouth. She moaned. He continued driving in-between her lips, over and over, until he exploded.

A hot mouth on his cock was familiar, but he wanted to take one in his mouth.

Georgianna had upped the sexual ante. There was no mistaking her intent when she sent that keycard in the unknown man’s direction. She sealed her action when she blew Samuel a kiss.  Those same lips were now sealed on his cock, proving her love to him, giving him what he asked for.

After his orgasm, Georgianna kissed, licked, and cleaned him up.

“You two are something. Am I going to get this kind of action?”

The voice surprised Samuel, and he opened his eyes. There was the man from the bar, grinning.  He looked to Georgianna, whose smile reassured.

“Samuel, may I introduce Jarvis Styles. Jarvis, this is my husband, Samuel Mason.” 

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Today’s fantasy wore a form-fitting, red cocktail dress. Jarvis Stiles loved a woman who could wear a bold color. The short length highlighted shapely legs with black, delicate heels and the scalloped neckline accentuated her full, beautiful breasts. This sighting was why he liked holidays in a big city hotel; people were festive and dressy.

From where he read his newspaper, she glided back and forth across the lobby to the beat of the piano music and then stopped. She looked around and waited.

After a while, she entered the bar. She embodied grace and elegance. Perched on a barstool, she drank a light orange drink, alone. Jarvis rose from his chair, walked over and sat on the stool beside her.

“What a color. What’s that you’re drinking?”

“A peach Bellini.”

“Interesting choice.”

“A nod to Hemingway,” she said, smiling.

“Oh, a writer.”

“Yes, I am.” Her luscious lips shimmered with the residue of the drink.

“So, authors are enthralled with Hemingway.”


“Are you here for writing business or pleasure?”

Her soft chuckle was alluring. “How about the business of pleasure?” She swirled her finger around the rim of the glass and then licked it. “You?”

Jarvis imagined how that finger would taste, sucking it into his mouth.

“Business. I unwind after a long day of meetings by people-watching.”

“You were looking at me?”

“I was. You are fascinating and stunning.”

“Why thank you. Perhaps, given your interest, you might help me with a little writing project.”

“But I’m not a writer.”

Her eyes pleaded with him to play. “Tell me what you thought when you saw me.”

“That’s easy. First, who would keep a beautiful, sexy woman like you waiting? Second, who was the lucky bloke meeting you?”

“Oh, my, you have been watching.”

“Yes, and since, no one met you, here I am.” Her light eyes danced with glee.

“So, here we are, strangers, in a bar. If this were a sexual scene, how would it play out?”

He smirked. “It would be easier to show you.”

“Are you sure, you’re not a writer?” She squinted at him in a playful manner and said, “Please, show me.”

Jarvis put his arm around the back of her chair and leaned in nuzzling her short hair. A light citrus and floral mix tickled his nose.

“My touch is known to make women squirm.” He kissed her behind her ear and lingered dabbing his tongue tasting. “Then goose bumps would follow. How am I doing?”

She picked up her drink and sipped slowly. “Very well, my body response confirms your reputation.”

“Next, my fingertips would play here.” He traced her soft skin at the scalloped curves of the dress hem. “It would make you wonder how my touch would feel in other places.” Her heart rate picked up, and her skin flushed.

“What other places?” The breathy quality of her question inspired him.

He moved his stool closer and placed his lips on her ear. “That warm and sopping, wet place, between your legs.”

She turned, attempting to read him while she inhaled his masculine confidence. “Can I receive that touch here at the bar?”

“You could; people would notice.” His captivating words combined with his efforts on her skin tempted her.

“What if I wanted them to see?” She licked her lips, swallowed, and inhaled a steady, deep breath.  

“Then, it would start like this.” He placed his hand on her shoulder and rubbed his thumb back and forth on her collar bone. She shivered, tilted her head, and offered her neck. He kissed her lightly on her jaw. Pressing his body into the side of hers, he kissed her again behind her ear as his hand crept under her dress edging closer to her wetness. Any keen observer would know what he was doing.

“Did we get his attention?” She nodded to the man sitting at the circular bar across from them. Jarvis glanced that way.

“His and mine, yes, but I’m much more interested in how well I got your attention.” As if it were show and tell, she spread her legs apart. He stroked her satin panties appreciating the wetness and caressed her swollen bud. She whimpered.

“Shall I continue showing?”

“Oh, yes.” She picked up her glass nonchalantly and took another taste. As she drank in the liquid courage, he pressed his finger firmly up and down her center. She wiggled in her chair trying to get closer. He pushed under the edge of her panties and made skin to skin contact.

“Keep going. Finger fuck me, right now.” This fantasy woman’s whispered words fueled his fire.

“You are as bold as your dress suggests. With pleasure.”

He inserted his two fingers inside her hot, wet space, and she hummed. He slid his fingers in and out knowing she worked to keep her passion in check since she was in public. When she cooed, he used his thumb on her clit. Her contractions on his fingers started when the man across the bar leaned forward to catch every nuance. She came hard and muffled her sounds while she kept her eyes locked on the man across the way. Jarvis looked over and saw the heated expression on his face. There was power in knowing another man desired what he had.

“He knows you responded to me and he’s turned on.”

“I believe he is.”

“Me, too.”

Jarvis removed his hand from under her dress and propped his elbow on the bar in front of her. Remaining close, he rubbed his thumb and two fingers together as he meditated on the essence there. She picked up his hand and kissed the fingers that had been inside of her. Her tongue’s light licking buckled his knees.

“Thank you for helping me with my business and pleasure tonight.”

“I’m not sure what I did besides the pleasuring part, but you are welcome.”

She smiled at him.

“You helped me create the beginning of my next erotic story.”

“I did?”

“By any chance, would you like to see how the story unfolds?” He had never received an invitation as enticing as this woman was offering.

“Yes. But tell me, I must know, is this how you do all your writing research?”

“No, not usually. My husband put this fantasy on his Fucket List, and I agreed to entertain the idea.” She looked over and grinned at the man across the bar. “Judging from his response, he got more than he bargained for.”

“That man is your husband?”

“He is. He wasn’t sure I would act out this fantasy, so he won’t be expecting me to do this.” She pulled a key card from her bra and laid it on the bar and then blew a kiss to her husband. “Would you like to join us in an hour?”

Jarvis turned toward her husband to see his reaction. Desire rolled off of him like waves in a tsunami. Yes, I do believe I would like to see how this story ends. Jarvis took the keycard without hesitation. He stood tall, took her small hand in his and kissed it. “Not an invitation I can refuse. I think you’re helping me create my Fucket List.” 

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Installment #7 of a Service House Story. Click here to read from the beginning.

Julianna tied Lowell’s arms to the bed in the instruction room.

“Master Orlando will be unhappy with you for switching places with me, sir.”

“Yep, and I don’t care.” Her face remained perplexed, as she affixed my bindings.

“Julianna, when he’s in teaching mode, he teaches. That’s the code.”

“It’s Periwinkle’s turn with him, isn’t it?”

I pulled on the bindings checking their range of movement. “Yes.”

I hadn’t seen Periwinkle since the night on the hard wooden table when she wrapped her beautiful mouth around my cock.

“You need to be careful, master. I recognize that look you are sporting.”

I understood what Julianna meant. We had both been interested in her, and she picked Orlando over me. That was a long time ago. This connection was different.

“Do you want the blindfold?”

“No. I want to see them.”

“Yes, sir, Master Lowell. I’ll let Master Orlando know you are ready.”

For Orlando, teaching pre-empted everything else. He was such a head case about instruction, and I used that to my advantage. Tonight’s scheduled lesson: How to pleasure two on one. Orlando taught stellar double-timing techniques. I should remember, we created the process together. He would pleasure my cock while he showed Periwinkle how to and while he did, that should humiliate him. I, unlike the others, knew how to tap into that part of him which was still quite active and alive. We discerned everything about each other’s sexual proclivities because we trained together when Service House opened.

The metal door handle jiggled and snapped me back to the moment. My cock responded to Periwinkle entering the room. I inhaled her light, magnolia scent and it aroused me fully.

“What are you doing here, Master Lowell? Where is Julianna?”

“Slight change of plan. We had to shuffle around because a trainee left ill. I moved her elsewhere.”

The heat rolled off Orlando, as he attempted to suppress his pissed off feelings, but I was more interested in Periwinkle, who concentrated her focus on my erection. A range of emotions raced across her face, and I guessed she was replaying our last time together—strapped to the table. She had received intense pleasure between her legs, as she sucked the life out of me.

Orlando dismissed this current exchange and moved into training. “Periwinkle, there is much to learn about engaging all the senses to the cock orgasm.”

“Yes, master.”

“Double timing is a wonderful way to share and accentuate pleasure for the recipient. We can take them to the edge of ecstasy, back off, or provide non-stop stimulation. We can choose to engage the subject or not.”

“Yes, sir. What is our focus today?”

“Today, we are going to concentrate on the enjoyment that the givers create together.”

What? No. That isn’t today’s lesson.

And with that statement, Orlando smirked at me and commenced his class. Break education protocol was against the house rule. I was the designated subject, and now I was at his mercy.

Orlando savored demonstrating hands-on techniques. I could barely concentrate on the incredible sensations going through my body, as I seethed inside for his topping me.

Damn, him. His fingers stroked under my balls and down my ass, he slid his mouth further up my cock, so did Periwinkle. She was a natural. The suction on my cock from each of them pulled all the arousal from me. Did she recognize how magical her touch was? I wanted her. I realized too late what Orlando had done.

They each alternated between long, licking strokes and going down on me, and then they licked me at the same time. When each of their mouths hit the perfect balance on my tip, they rolled their tongues around. That unhinged me. I don’t know why, but it always had, and Orlando knew it. I was coming. He nailed me with his eyes just as their tongues danced on my tip and then onto their lips that pressed together. I could hear him thinking, “Take that, Lowell.”

Kissing passionately, they released my cock to spurt into the air. The physical sensation ripped through me wasted as the emotional dissatisfaction left me aching, again.

“Thank you, Periwinkle. We will debrief at the end of the night. This session is over, go prepare for your next one.”

“Yes, sir.” She didn’t look at me until she reached the door when she was out of sight of Orlando’s perusal. Her look haunted me, sad and contrite. She didn’t understand, but I can help her to see. With her gentle touch, the door closed.

“Lowell. What the fuck? You were out of line here. Watch yourself. I say what goes. You don’t.”

“Orlando, you and I understand that free will is still part of this process. If she wants me, she can have me. Now untie me so I can get to my next session.” He unfastened my restraints with a dismissive attitude and then headed to the door.

I waited until his hand was on the doorknob.

“I’m doing anal training today, with Periwinkle.”

His fists clenched at his sides, as his spine straightened. I enjoyed that the tips of his ears reddened as he exited the room fuming.

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Every trainee packed the room on teaching night at the house. As the most senior trainer, Lowell Anderson led the lecture. However, at this moment, it remained difficult to grasp that idea because Orlando loomed large over him. Orlando wasn’t supposed to be here. His dominance and presence called to me like it always did. But at this moment, there in front of me, the event overshadowed my thoughts, and it felt odd to experience Orlando’s attentions focused on someone else.  

Bound to the massive wooden table, Lowell’s body was splayed out, with each arm and each leg to a table corner. This position served to highlight the steely lines of an intriguing masculine physique. Orlando’s hand was attached to Lowell’s hard, enormous cock and he worked it like a master magician. The connection hypnotized me. Lowell’s cock and Orlando’s hand were wet and slick. The wet slaps resonated around the room. When Orlando applied pressure around the circumference of Lowell’s erection, my pussy clenched.

What was the point here? Bring him to a pleasure point and stop? Teach him a lesson? Explore the mind-body relationship? I had so much to learn.

No one in the room breathed while Lowell pumped his erection into Orlando’s fist atop the platform. I watched living art. His back bowed, and his taut, muscular body lifted upward, Lowell’s pelvis searched for more of Orlando’s hand. His ass bucked the hardwood table before every upstroke. When Orlando eased up on his grip, Lowell pushed higher seeking to get all he could. As Orlando let go of Lowell’s cock, he locked his gaze on me.

As I focused on him, my eyelids blinked, and then blinked again, while I considered the orgasm denial and the tormenting tease I had witnessed Orlando providing. I felt this experience as if it occurred on my skin. Lowell thrashed on the table, his breathing labored, as he recognized there would be no orgasm. His face told the story, clenched jaw and eyes squeezed shut indicating his physical distress.

Had I looked like that?

This interaction in the room stirred something deep inside me. Blowing out his breath, Lowell turned his head to see what had caught Orlando’s attention. Now two sets of eyes scrutinized me. Trapped between two different and intense desires, I quivered in place.

A sly smile formed on Lowell’s lips. “Periwinkle, you are up next.”

Fury raced across Orlando’s face. I didn’t know why, but he flinched and pursed his lips together and looked away. Two trainees stepped in front of Orlando and unfastened Lowell’s arms and legs; the buckles clanked on the table. He motioned for me to take my place.

As I moved closer, Lowell and the trainees blocked my view of Orlando, but I could sense him. I couldn’t get in trouble with him again, but I haven’t done anything wrong. He is not happy. I sat my naked self on the table. Lowell stood in front of me, his hard body, erect penis, and aroused man scent enveloped me.

“Go ahead, Periwinkle, stroke it. See how hard Orlando made me.”

I swallowed and placed my palm around his girth and then closed my fingers around it. Raw masculine power rested in my hand. Lowell looked down to our connection.

“Periwinkle, Orlando can be a bastard on withholding. He’s the opposite of me; I’m about giving. Stroke me.”

I moved my hand up and down. Lowell leaned into me placing both hands on either side of my thighs. My heart rate increased as his breath lingered on my ear. He pulled on my neck ribbon with his teeth.

“Don’t stop. Do I feel good, Periwinkle?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What did you feel as you watched Orlando fist me?”

Was this a trap? I know I am going to get in trouble, one way or the other. I’m sure he felt the tremble of my hand.

“I don’t know what you mean, sir?”

“Ignore Orlando. I am in charge of training tonight. Have you ever felt what you think I felt when he stopped the action on my cock?”

I closed my eyes and thought back to the pleasure/punishment session. Most trainees received orgasmic ecstasy, but I received punishment.

“Yes, sir. The punishment session aroused me, but I was told not to have an orgasm.”

“Yes, and?”

“The entire situation awakened me even with no touch. I ached to have an orgasm.”

“Did you think I was, too?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I was,” he whispered. “We are going to take care of that ache tonight, for both of us. We are more in sync than you know.”

He backed away from me, breaking the hold I had on his penis.

“Everyone, tonight we will experience pleasure derived from a deep aching, in the body and the mind. Periwinkle, please take the X position on the table.”

As I lay across the table, hands at each extremity worked to secure me. The table was harder than I imagined.

“Get with your trainee partner and prepare for mutual masturbation. Periwinkle and I will lead the pairing.”

Nothing about this could be good, could it?

Even though Orlando was out of my sight from this position, I know that there is animosity between him and Lowell, which worried me. This situation would not serve me well.

“Periwinkle, tonight intense pleasure with a magic wand is yours. As your orgasm approaches, you will turn your head and take my cock. My orgasm will be yours, too.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I want the table circled with pairs so that we all can experience the sights, sounds, aromas, and tastes of the sexual energy in the room. Dominique and Sable, I charge you with wand duty. Make it gratifying.”

Each one of them moved to the sides of the table with a wand in hand.

“Everyone enjoy.”

As bodies shifted, sighs and moans echoed around me. I heard the click of the wand motor and Lowell stationed himself by my head.

“Little one, I’m going to give you what Orlando never will.” He leaned over me and stroked my face and to my surprise he kissed me. That kiss held passion and heat and just like when Lowell lifted off the table to reach for more from Orlando, my head responded by lifting up to Lowell. He tasted like mint and lust. As our tongues searched and stroked, Lowell pinched my nipples, and the trainees applied vibrations to my vulva and clit. It was the perfect combination. My body was on fire. I memorized every detail of pleasure and savored it all. I was an instrument that three people played brilliantly. When I thought I couldn’t take more pleasure, I did. This affair began to erase the recall of orgasm denial. I was high and in another dimension when my orgasm approached, and Lowell traded his tongue for his cock. I sucked it as if my life depended on it. At one moment I thought maybe he would take it away, and I hurried.

The sound in the room was deafening, it was one giant orgasm. With two vibrators playing between my legs, my nipples twisted, and Lowell’s hard cock on the verge of spurting, my orgasm rumbled through me. Everything in my world intensified as my body shook and I sucked and swallowed, then sucked and swallowed some more. I couldn’t get enough of Lowell. A little bell went off in my head, and I heard Orlando’s words. “Would it be this good without experiencing denial?”

Spent, I stared up at the ceiling acutely aware of the leather around my hands and feet and the bones of my back pressed into the hardwood.

Lowell touched my hair and caught my earlobe between his fingers. His words were as light as his touch. “We are the better pair, Periwinkle.”

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Clipped by Dr. J.


Ellen had left the new nipple clips in the bowl on the kitchen bar. These looked more like jewelry with fancy metal balls hanging off the end, definitely not her clothespins. Roger would see them because they always drank beer standing there after golf. Her fantasy was in his hands now and she wondered what he would do. Should I go in the kitchen or wait? The answer was settled when she heard Roger’s voice.

“Hey, Ellen, I’m here with Stan.”

When she arrived in the room, each of them locked their gaze on her.

“Stan thinks you left your hair clips here.” He nodded toward the container and raised an eyebrow.

Ellen had told Roger she wanted to fuck Stan while he watched. She had no idea what conversation they had before she entered the room. Roger perceived her dilemma.

“Stan, those aren’t hair clips. They are nipple clips.”

Stan’s athletic body immediately responded. He sported a grin from ear to ear along with the bulge in his pants which had Ellen wondering about his size.

“You want to see what they look like on her, don’t you?”

“Hell, yeah, if you’re offering.”

 Her husband surprised her. “Roger, are you sure about this?”

“Yeah, babe. I think this could be fun. You see Stan, Ellen has a fantasy about being with you and me watching. What do you think?”

His words brought Ellen a new reality and her hard nipples crammed into the lace of her bra. Every sex cell in her body was on high alert, anticipating and hoping for a yes response.

“Roger, being with Ellen would be a dream come true.”

Ellen considered Roger’s words to his friend and they changed her fantasy. “Suppose I wanted you to participate?”

“With you or with Stan?”

“Both, maybe.”

“Let’s see how it goes.”

“I’m for any part,” said Ellen. “The toys and lube are in the bedroom why don’t we go back.”

“Nipple clips on first. Stan, you can do the honors.”

Ellen whipped off her tank top and her large breasts were showcased in a sheer coral bra. Her dark areolas and hard nipples ached for the clips. Roger came around her and unfastened her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders. He palmed both her breasts serving them up for fantasy man to affix the clips. He kissed Ellen’s neck and whispered in her ear. “I know this was your choice, but I want you…us, to have a good time with this.” She turned her head and kissed him. The idea that he cradled her from the back, as a hunk of a man faced her, poised to enjoy her body, thrilled Ellen. Her panties were soaked and her shorts probably had a wet spot.

“Stan, give them each a good pinch and those clips will grab on.” Stan fumbled a little but slid the tightening bar and the clips attached sturdily to her nipples. The weights tugged on her and made her feel needy. Grabbing Stan’s hand, she walked backwards to the bedroom pulling him. While the weights dangled and swayed, she saw desire burning in Roger’s face, over Stan’s shoulder. What a turn on.

“What would you like, Stan?”

“Ellen, I’m in your fantasy. Lead away.” She glanced over to Roger.

“Both of you go sit on the bed.” She opened the bedside drawer and took out a bottle of lube.  She dropped it next to the men and then wiggled out of her shorts and panties.

“Clothes off.”

After stripping, Ellen was treated to the view of two hard cocks. She wanted both.

“Sit beside each other, please.”

“Ellen, attend to both of our cocks.” He changed his mind, yes.

Her body hummed, Roger not only joined in, he directed. She gave him a big lick and rubbed her breasts on his erection. The more she administered to Roger the harder Stan got. She knelt at Stan’s feet. She ran her thumbnails up his thighs awaiting his reaction. His penis bobbed twice announcing she was in control. She watched Roger as she licked Stan. He gritted his teeth as if she had her mouth on him instead. He loved her tongue and lips on him. She gave great head and that caused him to speak.

“I want you in my lap while you suck him.” The idea of skin to skin contact with Roger while she devoured Stan got her going. She rose to her knees and Roger got under her and settled her on his lap. He kneaded her breasts and pulled on the clips as she took Stan’s erection in her mouth. Stan’s appreciative vocals filled the room and turned Ellen on. She sucked harder when she felt Roger’s steel rod rubbing her back. It was divine but she wanted more. Popping her mouth off the cock she considered her choices.

“Roger, I’m a dirty girl. How about you lube up and fuck me while I get Stan off.”

“Hell, yes,” said Stan. “Could my day get any better?”

Roger considered her request. She couldn’t decide what he was thinking. Was he changing his mind?

“I’ll lube up, but I’m going to fuck you in the ass. Hop up there with Stan.”

Miss Dirty turned into Miss Naughty and Wicked by asking for it with Stan, but her man took her to the limits. Stan tugged on the nipple clips and refocused her on reality.

“I love these. I will use them well while Roger fucks you.”

Roger lubed his massive erection. “I’m ready, Ellen, service my man Stan with your dirty little mouth.” If his words were teeth they sank into her skin and caused her pussy to throb. Settling onto the mattress she knelt in front of Stan. He had his hands on her breasts and rubbed his face on them. True to his word, he started tweaking the clips. In that moment, she became a dirty slut and she loved it.

As she bent over Stan’s penis, Roger’s hands opened up her ass cheeks. She licked Stan’s penis from top to bottom and then Roger stroked her ass crack the same way. She bobbed slightly on Stan’s penis and Roger prodded her hole using the same pace. Ellen liked this game. Whatever she did to Stan, Roger imitated it on her. Stan realized this and he added movements to her breasts in the same way. She might explode. Her entire body pulsated and ached. Her mouth, her nipples, her clit, her pussy, and her ass were on sexual fire. She opened her mouth and went down as far as she could on Stan and then held him there. He twisted her nipples and held tight as Roger inserted his finger in her ass. These points of connection lit her up. As her mouth came up Stan’s erection, Roger’s engorged penis readied for her and Ellen began piston-like movements on his cock. All motions worked simultaneously. When she went down on Stan, Roger’s cock took her ass and Stan yanked on her nipples clips. She was being used so well and it was better than she hoped. The men’s pleasurable sounds turned her on; Stan’s grunts as his orgasm hit combined with Roger’s groans. All Ellen could do was hum on Stan’s cock as she soaked up the pleasures each provided her.

When she came, she fell forward on Stan’s body and Roger toppled on her. Sandwiched between hard bodies, she inhaled the intoxicating scent of maleness, a testosterone mix with her own sex scent. The weight of Roger’s body grounded her into their sex play. She sighed. Another fantasy made real.

“Damn, Ellen, you are fun. Joan and I would sure love the opportunity to add to this mix.”

Roger rubbed her back and nuzzled her hair. “It’s up to you, baby, but I’m game. How would you like to clip another set of nipples for your pleasure?”

“You know I love choices. Round two?”

Julia remained rail high on the condo balcony, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, naked and bent over. She pursed her dry lips and then licked them. Her tongue savored the taste of salt spray on her skin. Simon had given her directions, and she was determined to get them right. Once considered off limits in their relationship, her gift for following directions would be another man.  He loved to watch her with women, but for him, other men were off limits.

She heard voices through the sliding glass doors. Who had Simon invited? She longed to know what exactly he had planned. He had provided a “bug in the ear” for today, and she shivered when his husky voice finally came through.

“Julia, we are enjoying your delectable body and your teasing show.”

“Am I giving you what you want?”

“Oh, yes. Please continue. We love the way you pinch and then slap your ass.”

“I imagine it’s you.”

“Good. Someone wishes his fingers were yours, exploring between your wet lips.” Simon’s voice was smooth as glass, and it excited her. “Your glistening pussy shines like the ocean water, my dear. You are living art.”

“Simon, come out and check how wet I am?”

“Soon. I want a soaked pussy and a red ass. Switch hands. We want you evenly red.”

As her posture changed, she heard the bug activate again, but no words emerged. Instead, breathing. When her hand slapped her ass, she heard an intake of excited breath through whistling teeth. As her fingers dipped in her drenched lips, a throaty moan caressed her ears. This event was hotter than phone sex. The man was behind her, and she didn’t know who. The rustle of clothes caught her attention but did not interrupt their matched breathing. Her pinch, slap, and rub synced perfectly with his “aaaah,” teeth whistling intake breaths, and a grunted moan. Was that skin slapping? Was getting himself off? She strained to hear it all. It stoked her on. Her orgasm grew closer. Julia had to suppress it because Simon had told her too.

“Julia put your hands on the rail and stand up. Spread your legs and keep your eyes closed.”

Simon read her so well. His instructions had stopped her from coming, and her panting slowed.

The sliding glass door opened and Julia heard two distinct sets of footsteps. She stood very still, eyes closed and waited. She craved a touch. She had prepared herself for him.

He tapped her lightly at the top of her ass, his signal to bend over. She presented her marked ass and her dripping pussy. He placed his palm on her cleft and began to ease his hand down her backside. Finally, a sexy touch. She pushed her butt out a little further opening herself up to him. He wavered, and then barely skimmed her sensitive skin to feel the wetness of her lips. Desire kicked in.

The shoes shuffled to either side of her, and she waited for Simon’s signal. He snapped his fingers, and she opened her eyes. His naughty grin greeted her. It made her want to do anything he asked. He nodded to her left, and she glanced to see who the guest was.

“What? What is going on?” Her voice shook with shock and disbelief.

“You wanted another man, who better than my twin brother. This is Henry.”

“Hello, Julia. It is a pleasure to meet you.” She focused on his voice. The timbre was different from Simon’s. He had been breathing in the earbud. A twin brother. A double dose of Simon roamed around in her brain. She liked the implications. Would Simon watch them? Would Simon allow a threesome? She thought she was wet before; it was nothing to what occurred now. Simon interrupted her sex hazed brain.

“Head on to the bedroom. Take out the earbud and get on all fours on the bed.” She nodded yes and moved to the door. She glanced over her shoulder taking in the wonder of two of them. Her imagination sang as her heart pounded.

Julia placed the earbud on the dresser. Biting her lip, she tugged on her nipples and then positioned herself on the bed. The sheets were cool and crisp against her skin. She hoped he wouldn’t make her wait long.

Footsteps sounded in the hall, only one set. Simon was letting her have this adventure with his brother. That meant he would sit on the lanai and watch them through the glass doors. Her heart rate increased.

She detected movement in the room, stopping at the foot of the bed. Who knew buttons squeaked sliding out of the buttonholes? Who knew a zipper could have a staccato sound as it was pulled down? Who knew a shirt swishing in the air had a two second hang time before it hit the floor?

“Drop your shoulders to the bed, head facing the wall.” Oh, Henry.

Two hands grabbed her hips and brought her closer to the end of the bed. The smack to her ass was quick on the right and left cheek. She gritted her teeth.


This was not Simon’s routine. One finger ran up the space between her wet lips to her asshole and back down. She shivered. He continued moving up and down her crack, slathering her juices up her ass and she gasped when his finger eased slightly into her ass bud. The idea of another man exploring her as Simon watched made her crazy. Without realizing it, she moved in rhythm with his hands. She was hot for more. As two fingers entered her vagina pressing up, she arched her body, taking all the pleasure of his massaging and stroking.

“Please, may I touch myself?”

“Um huh, yes.”

She worked her clit, he stroked deeper, and his thumb continued to tease her backdoor. He hadn’t eased it in yet, but she hoped he would. The build up to her orgasm was furious.

“I’m going to come. May I please, come?”


As she pulsed into the orgasm, he pushed his thumb into her ass and matched the stroking between her legs. She delighted in the full feeling. Oh, God. Simon is watching this. That thought caused an incendiary explosion. She fucked Henry’s hands until she fell onto the bed.

Henry wasn’t done. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto his cock. He took what he wanted, and she moaned. With one hand on a shoulder and another tight in her hair, he pounded out his orgasm. It drove Julia over the edge, and another orgasm burst through her. He crashed onto her body when he came. His weight confirmed her fantasy had happened.

“Did I fulfill your expectations?”

“Oh, Henry, yes.”

“It was what you hoped for?”

“Yes, that and more, but I can’t believe that Simon allowed you and he watched.”

A familiar chuckle filled the room. “Simon didn’t.”

Julia pushed out from under him and rolled over. She stared into his gleaming face.

“Simon? How is this possible? I thought you were Henry.”

“The mind is a great tool, no?”

“But it didn’t feel like you. The way you touched me, the intent, it wasn’t you.”

“I know. I agree. Yeah, that bug in the ear is something, huh? Henry called the shots. You really thought it was him?”

“You wore the bug?”  

“I wanted to meet your wishes. This was the best I could do. You and other men are still off limits.”

“But you let Henry watch me, and I know he got off.”

“He did, but that’s all. That was his price for playing. We have always been close. I suggested the idea, and he agreed. I do care about what you want.”  

Julia thought for a second.

“Simon that bug in the ear is fascinating. Maybe you'd consider letting Henry talk in my ear during play time.”

“Tell me why I might consider that.”

“Because you get what you want if you do.”  She rolled her tongue around the head of Simon’s penis. Looking up at him, she smiled and then slowly inched her mouth down his cock.

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Jeb rolled over, reached behind me and palmed my naked ass as he scooted back into the s-shape of my body. He woke me and in my sleepy haze, I could feel his fingers move slightly. I couldn’t decide if it was an overture.

In my sleep grogginess, his sexual play with George entered my mind. Jeb had been laid out across crisp, white sheets and George was on his knees at the end of the bed with his hands on Jeb. I wasn’t surprised. I had requested a threesome, and they agreed, but I knew they were uncomfortable with each other. I was peeved they had begun without me but catching them made me horny. They had no clue I enjoyed the show.

Wide awake, I replayed the scene over in my head and let my sexual desire take me. Watching the guys pleasure each other with their hand jobs was instructive, and I wanted to try out what I learned. I got into the rhythm. It started in my head, and then my body matched it with slight undulations of my pelvis.

In his sleep, Jeb responded, and we rocked back and forth together. I knew he was awake when his hand began to push my ass forward into him. I wanted to be closer. My hard nipples rammed into his back. I pushed his hand away as I snaked my arm around the front of his body and scraped his nipples. He groaned.

“Sal that feels good.”

My hand dropped lower, and I stroked his cock. “I want to explore your body like George did.” He tensed and shifted. I had caught him by surprise, so I held him in place.

“Hey, no problems, I know I asked for a threesome. You two decided to get to know each other early. It made me horny.” He relaxed back down on the bed and reached for my butt again.

“You’re not mad?”

“No, not exactly. Can I show you what I learned?”

“Yeah, have at it.”

Crawling over him, I pushed him flat on his back. He grinned. I pushed his legs apart and knelt between them. He shoved the pillow under his head, and his arms were flat by his sides. I had his full attention. I licked my lips and placed one hand on his penis and the other hand on his balls.

“I liked how he touched you. Was it his grip, Jeb? Did George grip you like this?” 

Jeb bucked up off the bed.

“Yeah. He had a firm grip like that.” 

I mimicked George’s action. Watching him work Jeb’s penis made me think of a gearshift in a sports car. It was my turn to move him through the gears, revving him up.

“He pulled you back and stroked you all the way down and then he stroked you back up pushing your penis toward your stomach.” Jeb threw his head back as his body rose off the bed. “I must be doing it right. You threw your head back like that when George did it.”

“Yeah, Sal. You couldn’t get more right. It feels great.”

“You got a little reprieve when he stroked you up, and then he dropped your penis on your stomach with a small thud.”

“Ah, yeah.”

I pretended to be George exploring Jeb for the first time, noting his reactions, his likes. The exploration turned me on. Jeb loved it and apparently wanted more. He moaned so loudly that I never heard the door open. The bed shifted, hands grabbed my ass, and an erection settled between my cheeks.

“Sal, did Jeb tell you I was spending the night so we could surprise you this morning?”

I slowed my strokes on Jeb. “I guess morning has arrived. It looks like you two are getting the surprises today.”

“What’s that mean Sal?”

“I have been showing Jeb what I learned from you two this afternoon.”

“You saw us?” His voice echoed surprise.

“No worries you naughty man. I was into it. I’ve been practicing your strokes on Jeb. They work well.”

“Jeb is pretty sensitive and receptive.”

“Show me that stroke you did near his tip with quick little motions.”

Sal moved to Jeb’s side as George took Jeb’s penis in hand.

“Like this?”

“Oh yeah, just like that,” said Jeb. 

Jeb blew out a breath, arched his back, and clutched the sheets. His thighs twitched as George held him in a steady idle with quick strokes to his tip.

“Oh, you two are so hot together. Okay, George, now go down on him.” Jeb’s eyes loomed largely.

“Naaaahh,” George stuttered. “Our plan was all about what we would do with you. This hand stuff was just a warm up.”

“Well, now it’s the real thing. You started without me, so this is how it’s playing out. George, you go first with Jeb. After that, I’m going down on George while you lick his balls, Jeb.”

The guys stared at me, not moving.

“George, come on. Back to stroking, I want to see you both hot and bothered.” I pinched my nipples and leaned over and kissed Jeb, then sucked his bottom lip.

“That’ll teach you guys not to start without me.”

I pushed my thumb in Jeb’s mouth, and he sucked. With my other hand, I swatted George’s ass.

“Mouth, penis now. Our little threesome has officially started.”

I popped two fingers in my mouth and got them dripping wet. As George bent over to take Jeb’s penis, I ran my wet fingers down his ass crack and wiggled them right where I wanted to go. His whistling intake of air spurred me on.

“I guess I’m going to find out how receptive you are, too George.”

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