I had to do it before the warmth of the sheets dissipated. I molded myself around Mara’s sleeping spot. With my face nestled into her pillow, the scent took me back to last night. Riveting. I arched my back and cupped my breast, slowly tweaking my nipple.

“You want this, right?”

That’s all she said.

I had never had a woman’s touch make me orgasm. We only had one drink, but I knew I had dropped my inhibitions. I wasn’t sure if she felt the same way I did.

I dragged my hand over my hip bone and dipped down past my pubic tuffs. My fingers slipped to my clit.

“You have the softest pubic hair. It’s like silk. I’ve never been with anyone with straight pubs.”

Something inside me surged. I boldly kissed her. Pure lust escaped in that kiss.

As I circled my wetness, the bed shifted, and I opened my eyes. Rafe crawled over, naked beside me.

“Can I help?”

His sexy, gruff words hit me like a tool aimed at stoking my fire.


“You were thinking about Mara, huh?”

I pinched my nipples. Rafe leaned in and licked. That’s what she had done.

“Uh huh.” His scraping teeth triggered a detonation in my pelvis. I throbbed, and he knew it. Pushing my hand away, he slid his two fingers inside, and my pelvis rose to meet them.

“Tell me, did she say yes?”

Mara had splayed open my legs and planted a kiss on my vulva. Her soft velvet tongue frenched my folds, wiggling and I quaked. Like now.

“Yes, she said yes.”

Rafe pumped his fingers deep inside me as his thumb executed the perfect pulse on my clit.

“She’ll fuck you while I watch?” He slowed his strokes.

No, don’t stop.

“You know what I want to hear, Beth.”

“She’ll fuck me.” Rafe picked up his pace, but I wanted, no, I needed more.


“However you instruct her.”

“With her fingers?”


“With a toy?”


“In any hole?”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“I’d do you any which way to Sunday, Beth. I’m happy that Rafe will share.” She had latched onto my clit and with fiery intent sucked an orgasm out of me.

Rafe intensified his stroking pace and kissed me as my orgasm erupted. His natural taste mingled with her perfumed scent and spoke to me of things to come.

“I’m going to hop in the shower. Join me. We’ll celebrate.”

“You start, I’ll be right there.”

When Rafe left, I gathered the sheet that had absorbed his smell. I placed it next to the pillowcase with her scent. Inhaling their mingled fragrances, I held the essence of two people who wanted me and I smiled.

Want to know what happens next? Read the continuation, From Sheets to Shower. 

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Do people have public sex? It is a common fantasy. Tell me how you like my take on it.
The booming music moved me. Packed with the band’s crowd of fans, I danced to the beat. The surrounding bodies pressed against me and made us feel like one. 

I was horny.

As I shifted with the vibrations, I surveyed the room. I wet my lips and my heart skipped a beat as my tongue slid over them. I felt hyper-sexual tonight. Everything and everyone turned me on.

Beside me, there was a redhead with luscious breasts. Hard nipples peeked through her sheer halter top. I imagined untying it, and nuzzling my face into the soft mounds, running my tongue on those nipples, and then dropping to my knees to smell her crotch. She saw me watching her and moved closer.

Seductive and genuine in her movements, she took my hands and danced with me. Pulling me close, she rubbed her breasts over mine. Her nipples raking across me were better than I imagined. She surprised me when her fingers settled to the sides of each breast and squeezed. I throbbed.

The blaring music matched my desire, loud and riveting. With our bodies up close and touching, she leaned in as if to speak in my ear. Her scent was lavender. She nipped my earlobe and traced her tongue around its edge. My panties were soaked. When she twirled me, I landed in his arms.

“This is how I like you,” he groaned in my ear, “wanted by others.” He walked his fingers down to my ass, and then pulled me to him, grinding me into his erection. “She wants you back.”

His looping, spinning motion added to my excitement and anticipation. As the redhead captured me, she dragged her body completely down mine, and I hummed. I was in sex heaven and then she cradled my face and kissed me. Plump, soft lips touched mine and fanned a smoldering fire inside me. I drew back to see the intent on her face. With my mouth open, inviting her tongue in, I kissed her back. Accepting the invitation, she sucked my tongue, as she wrapped her arms around me. Lust tasted good.

A strong hand on my shoulder broke the connection and hauled me away. With one turn, I was smashed up against a hard body.

“I can only take so much,” he said.

We moved to the music. His leg slipped between my legs and with every beat he pressed into my vulva. Short skirts are magical. I brought my hands up over my head and swayed with the music while humping his leg.

When the musical intensity increased, more people spilled onto the floor. Her warm natural body eased into the back of me. She enticed me. My skin vibrated.

“I want to fuck you here, now,” he said. “She wants to help.”

“Oh, yes.” The anticipation was killing me.

Packed in the middle of the dance floor, we were as invisible as we were seen. My man nodded and turned me facing her.

“He’s going to fuck you,” she yelled in my ear. I nodded.

“Ever done it here before?” I shook my head. Excitement and anxiety raced through me.

She mouthed, “You’ll love it,” as his rough pants rubbed up against my bare ass. His hands fiddled with his zipper. As a hot and hard erection nestled between my ass cheeks, he clutched my ass. I could barely breathe. She searched my face as her hands roamed my body. The crowd pressed tighter around us. Her scent encased us. The pulse of the room played to my bones. Her body connected to mine. His cock sliding through my wet lips lit up my desire. Her tongue in my mouth, sweeter than any dessert had me craving more. He tilted my ass up for the right angle, and then he plunged inside me. The three of us were locked together pulsing to the music’s beat. With a bold move, I slipped my hand under her skirt and between her legs.

I slid my fingers into her wetness.

I circled her clit as if it was my own.

The three of us bounced up and down in time with the music. I screamed with the crowd, as the orgasm consumed me.

The pace of the next song changed, and I blinked back into my body. I focused on the flashing lights glancing off the walls. It was as if they sent the message to the world of my orgasm. I spun around within the crowd.

My sex crazed partners had evaporated.

Bringing both hands to my face, I took a deep breath. I tingled. Proof.

I threw up my hands, laughing, dancing, and wiggling.

I did it. My unanticipated dance moves opened a sexy door. I wondered what my next public sex adventure would be?

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It had been a long workweek, and with Friday here, I was ready to unwind. When I walked in my bedroom, I discovered two, lovely women lying in my bed. They each had a hand in the other’s panties and were moaning. Their tangled limbs shaped the letter X. My wife and her friend Gia embodied my most desired fantasy.

“What took you so long, Stan?”

“Tate, what is going on?”

“We were playing truth or dare. I picked dare.”

“What was the dare?”

“Gia dared me to make out with her when you got home from work?”

My body roared to readiness. I was so hard; I could pound nails. It was what I asked Tate to do.

“Do you want to play?”

“Of course.”

“Do you choose truth or dare?” asked Gia.

How many ways could this go? They continued teasing me with the motion of lapping tongues tasting and fingers rolling in panties. The aroma in the air was so thick with their sex scent I could taste it, a blend of tang and musk.

“I choose truth.”

“Would you like to watch us explore each other?”

“Hell, yes.”

Both women rolled to the center of the bed on their bellies and gazed at me.

“Oh, babe, we got you hard.”

“That’s what I wanted to see. Move closer to the bed,” said Gia. I stepped forward. “Unzip your pants and get that cock out.”

“Tate, I need to know that you are inviting me.”

“I am. You heard Gia, get that cock out.”

Both women slid to their knees, moving like dancing sirens. Their bodies’ curves and angles were luscious. I dropped my pants to the floor.

“You told me he was large, but I had to see with my own eyes. Stroke it,” said Gia.

“Give me more incentive.”

As the two of them unhooked their bras and kissed, I grabbed my cock. They pinched nipples and groaned. I leisurely fisted my erection stroking to match their sounds.

“Take your panties off, too. I want to see between those lovely legs.” They shimmied out of the panties. Gia was totally bare in contrast to the hair patch Tate had on her mound. “Please continue exploring.”

The passion and curiosity shared between the two women surprised me. It contained connection and honesty.  My tongue and lips craved to trace all the places their fingers moved on each other. Their tender touches and lusty sounds reminded me that women move in ways men don’t, by nature. There was a poetic quality that they shared with me.

“Tate, do to Gia, what I want to do to you.”

Tate never hesitated. She demonstrated her love for me in this romantic gesture. “Gia, roll over and face Stan.” Tate kissed her thighs and ran her fingers lightly up Gia’s stomach and cupped both breasts, squeezing. An exquisite moan erupted from Gia.

“Pay close attention, Stan.”

“Yeah, baby.”

She trailed kisses down Gia’s backbone, and when she reached her tailbone, she pushed Gia’s shoulders down to the bed. Her ass hovered at Tate’s face. Massaging each cheek, she continued to sprinkle kisses over her ass. Would she do it?

“Gia, I think Stan is enjoying this. Spread your legs a little wider. I need access to…everything.”

With her legs separated, Tate dipped her lips low and licked Gia’s wet folds. Tate’s faced glowed with moisture. I imagined sucking Tate’s lips and clit like she was doing to Gia.

“Stan, Gia tastes divine. Her skin is soft and warm. I wonder what else might make her crazy hot.”  I was close to coming. But I had to know, would she do it? Would she tongue Gia’s asshole and kiss her there?

As if Tate was mind reading, she placed her hands on Gia’s butt and tongued her from her pussy up into her ass. She buried her face there making the most delicious sounds I ever heard while Gia screamed in delight.

“Gia, you feel good. I’m going to pull your cheeks apart and stick my tongue in—”

“Stan, wake up. I don’t want to be late to the party.” Groggy, I rolled over to see Tate dressed for a night out. “Wow, I was out of it.”

“Yeah, you were. Now get rolling. We leave in fifteen minutes. Gia wants to have drinks first.”

“Gia’s here?”  

“Well, yes, silly. We invited Gia to ride with us. What is with you?”

What was with me? I awoke from the hottest dream in the world, and the three of us were heading out. How would I contain myself?

Tate lingered at the door. “Hey, babe, I know it’s been a long week. Are you up for some extra fun tonight?”  

“Sure, what did you have in mind?”

“Since I met your dare, I dare you to go commando.”

My dare, wait. It was a dream, right?

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