Tonight, like every Wednesday night after work, I observed her in the bustle at Lillie’s Victorian Establishment. Her tight black dress accented her curves, and her heels complimented her fit calves. Flicking her hair and contorting her body either higher or lower, she molded into the space of her person of interest. She worked her charm. She hunted.

Amidst the smell of body heat and liquor, her sexual energy permeated the bar. In this chosen sphere, she proceeded from one person to another searching for the connection. With her scope narrowed to her immediate circle, she didn’t know I watched. I loved her energy, her efforts. She was a seductress.

Pulling the Magician from my tarot deck earlier signaled my plan. Swift movement, organization.

When she left for the bathroom, I was ready, following.

As she stood at the vanity, I approached her.

“You like the chase.”

She looked up and gazed into my eyes, “Very much.”

“Does it matter if you’re the chaser or the chasee?”

She scrutinized me. My hard nipples rubbed against my silk top, and I’m sure she saw them.

“I love the entire game.” She turned and faced me. “What do you know of it?”

“You do it every Wednesday.”

“You’ve been watching me?”

“I enjoy the way you ramp up your sexuality craving with your little groups. We’re no different.”

She smiled that smile, the one meant to entice. And it did. Heat ran through my body. She turned facing the mirror, and I pressed my nubs into her back.

“You want this?”


I cupped both her breasts.  My fingers felt her heartbeat. She was as excited as me. After pinching her tight nipples, my hands skated down her hips to her ass. Her fragrance surrounded me.

“Put your hands on the counter and spread your legs.”

Squatting down, I nuzzled her ass through the tight dress and confirmed she wore no panties. I lifted her dress to naked skin, and her pungent sexual perfume swept me higher into desire.

“Wiggle your ass.”

I massaged both tantalizing ass cheeks as the bare skin of her glistening sex beckoned me. Her wiggling reminded me of her movements in the bar. She pushed for what she wanted. I would work with that but on my terms.

I ran the tip of my nose over her cheeks and eased it down her crack to her wetness. She backed her butt into my face like she pushed her body onto those in the bar. I dabbed my tongue for a quick taste, and she moaned. I kneaded her cheeks as she squirmed.

“Go back to your group. Work your usual magic and build desire for later.”

“You have faith in me.”

“I know your work, and tonight I’m the magician. Our connection will be forged through the fire of my will.”

I licked her again to make my point. She shuddered.

“Go, I’ll be watching.” 

I crafted this flash fiction for the lovely, Leonora and her birthday celebration. Not only did I include Tarot in my celebratory piece but I placed it in the setting where we met each other in real life. Happy Birthday, my friend.
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I have a surprise for you tonight,” said April, using her flirty voice.

“The sexy kind?” I asked. My face flushed.

“Are you game?”

“If you’re planning, April, always.”

“I’ve been listening to your wants.”

“Uh huh.”

“I already texted you the time and address. Wear a skirt, sans undies.”

“You want me to think about it all day long.”

“Yes, that is my evil plan. And no matter what you consider, Mae, you’ll never guess this one.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.”

“Oh, baby, be ready.”

I read the text, but the location was unfamiliar. April knew I needed more, wanted more.

After work, I headed to the address, following her directions.

I was surprised that it was a club, The Erotic Café. The hostess took me to a table April had reserved.

“You have the seat of honor tonight, ma’am.”

“Thank you.”

“Care for a beverage?”

“House Chardonnay, please.”

“Enjoy your event.”

My event? What had April done and where was she?

Seductive music introduced scantily dressed, exotic women who paraded through the room, moving seductively to the beat. They headed toward a stage. It was Victoria Secret’s runway meets high-end strip club. That’s when I realized all the patrons were women. Arousal was instantaneous. Interest peaked.

A server handed me a note with my wine.

“You are secure. Adjust your skirt, so you are not sitting on fabric. Then enjoy. A.”

I adjusted my skirt as my favorite song began to play.

My automatic wetness reminded me I loved to be licked to this song.

I became aware that something was moving beneath me. A portion of my seat bottom seemed to be opening up. Okay, feel secure.

A warm breath blew on my vulva. I shivered. Then a light touch outlined my lips. Oh, yes. I wanted to sink further in the seat bottom to feel more. I enjoyed the tonguing as other customers enjoyed the performers.

A dancer stopped in front of me. She held her large breasts by my face and teased me. I smelled sex, and my hormones went into overdrive. “Is it good?” she asked.

At that moment, a tongue surged inside my wetness. Licking, twirling, sucking.

Everything swirled and pulsed.

The room.

The music.

The dance.

My sex.

AAAAaaaah. My orgasm shot through me like an electric current. I gripped my chair attempting not to rock too much.  I was in sex heaven.

Afterward, I composed myself and took a sip of crisp wine.

April joined me at the next song.

“April, I—.”

“Hot, isn’t it?” She kissed me, and I tasted myself on her lips.

“What? How?”

“You wanted novelty and public sex. The erotic café caters to every whim. The specialty of the night is Bottomless.” I glanced around the room. “Each woman gets eaten to her favorite song.”

“What a way to start the year.”


Descriptions failed me. “Where’s a menu?  I want to plan an event for you.

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I continue to follow my heart in writing and this story emerged in two parts. The January prompt of Flash Friday finished the story. I indeed started something. Thank you, Kayla Lords, Marie Rebelle, and FdotLeonora.

In the midst of a crowd milling around me, the stale smoke and cotton candy scents overwhelm me. I stare at the Wonder Wheel, lost. What a misnomer it is. I don’t wonder, I know. Tonight’s the night. You are probably on the ride with her now.

When you told me you had a surprise, I foolishly thought it was for me. As you described your plan to pay the attendant to make the chair stop at the top, my heart sang. My imagination took over, creating our naughty scene; until I heard you say her name, “Desiree.” It stunned me that you wanted her. I have been right beside you through everything, your best friend, and want-to-be lover. Am I invisible to you?

The moan of metal gears alerts me that the wheel is slowing to a stop. My nipples harden knowing you are freeing Desiree’s breasts. You relish the night air’s work creating hard nipples to your liking. I taste the cotton candy sticky-sweet on your lips. They leave a trail of kisses on me like little footprints in the sand. I imagine how your lips would feel around my nipples as your hands knead and invite me to a higher plane of desire making me want to taste and feel yours.

I would sit on your lap to be closer. Yes, I would take the risk high atop the wheel to be as close as I could get to you. I seek out your delectable mouth and mate with your tongue. I mimic what I would like to do to your labia and clit, licking, sucking, and nipping. The carnival music drifts up from the ground. The squeak in the chair continues as we rock high above everyone, locked together in our passion.

You would know my craving for you. I would make it easy, a skirt and no panties. Touch my hot, wet skin. Let me feel your fingers explore what I want to give you. My outer lips swell. Stroke my inner petals. Do you feel me, hot, slick, and wet?

I back into the shadows and rub my hand over my mound and then wiggle them over my bare skin. My lips are swollen and slick. I hear my heartbeat in my ears as I imagine your lust directed at me. My fingers flick across my clit frantically and send me higher, hopefully, as high as you are. Maybe you will feel my presence up there. Maybe my energy will overwhelm you. As you slide your fingers in her, maybe it’s me, you feel.

My fingers dive in and out of my hidden space as my thumb works my clit. I see your face, taste your lips, and feel your touch. Doubling over, I quake into my orgasm.

Warm arms wrap around me.

“So thinking about me with someone else does it for you?”

“Hmmmm, yes.”

“Come on. We’re going up. It’s my turn on the wheel.”

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“What’s your audition?” Olivia, the chesty blonde, laid a magazine on the table in front of her. Her lovely cleavage was in direct line of sight of Kylie who crossed her legs to rub her clit.

“I’m trying out to be an extra in a soap commercial, you?”

“I think it’s a porn audition but I’m not sure.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“It was vague, but I figured, no harm in trying out.”

“What do you have to do?”

“No clue.” She looked around the room sizing up the other people wondering who she might audition with. She got nervous considering it. Olivia stood and looked back to Kylie, her eyes pleading. “I’m Olivia by the way. Can I talk to you in the bathroom?”

Kylie rose from her seat. They located the ladies room. “I’m Kylie.”

“Here’s the thing, Kylie. I lost a bet and this porn audition is what I have to do for losing. My friends expect a great story when I get home, preferably with an audition tape for proof.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“Not joking.”

“What’s your plan?”

“I have no idea.”

The stared at each other in the mirror, Olivia’s discomfort was palatable.

“Why don’t I do the audition with you?”

“You mean you and me be sexual?”

“Well, yeah, you are pretty hot I think I know I can pull it off.”

“You’re playing with me.” Olivia shook her head.

“Which part don’t you believe?”

“That I’m pretty hot and you’d have sex with me.”

Kylie cocked her head in disbelief. How could this woman not know she was hot or that other women would find her attractive? Kylie became a woman with a mission. She faced Olivia.

“Be an actress. Give me a seductive look.”


“Do it, a seductive look.” Olivia placed the tip of her thumb in her mouth and flicked her tongue on it. Kylie took one step forward.

“I wish I was your thumb. I’d love to know how it feels going in my mouth.” Olivia wet her lips and Kylie watched her tongue glide across them lips. Olivia’s hard nipples were visible against her shirt.

“What I’d really like is to put my tongue on those lovely erect nipples.” Olivia instantly moved her hands to her breasts, embarrassed. Kylie moved closer, toe to toe with Olivia. “How do you think that would feel?”

A surge of heat pounded in Olivia’s pelvis. “Good, I think.”

“You want to find out?” She nodded.

Kylie stroked her thumbs over Olivia’s aching nipples. A sweet little moan escaped her mouth. Kylie grabbed her hands and walked backward into an empty stall and locked the door. Olivia backed herself against the wall.

“I want to taste you.” Olivia swallowed.

“Your lips first.” Kylie leaned forward with parted lips and waited for Olivia to accept the invitation. It was a light soft touch of a kiss. They tested each other. Kylie allowed Olivia to decide how much she wanted to explore. Kylie loved women; Olivia had to come to that understanding on her own. Their tongues touched and played, teased and nipped. Kylie smiled when Olivia’s hands began caressing her shoulders.

“This is nice.” Kylie slipped her hands under Olivia’s shirt and touched her skin. Goosebumps rippled across her stomach.

“Ooohhh, I was not expecting that response.”

“What was it like?”

“It was like when you’re in an elevator and the floor drops. It has excitement and fear rolled up together.”

“What do you feel when I do this?” She cupped Olivia’s breasts under her shirt and kneaded them enjoying their weight in her hands.

“That makes me throb between my legs. I need to squeeze my thighs together to hold the energy you generated.”

“I like that description but I’d love you to share the energy. What about when I do this?” Kylie lifted Olivia’s shirt up and pulled down the bra cups and her luscious breasts spilled out for the taking, so she took. With a hand on each breast, she rolled her tongue around the areolas and sucked. Olivia pulled Kylie’s head into her chest.

“Oh, my god that feels amazing. Don’t stop. Wait do stop, I want to do that to you.”

Kylie unbuttoned her blouse, demonstrating she wore no bra. Olivia marveled at Kylie. With a clumsy touch, she pinched a nipple and looked for Kylie’s response.

“You can do that anytime. I love my nipples rough-housed.” She pulled and twisted and then she bent down and sucked. She sealed her mouth to the nipple and rolled her tongue around relentlessly. It excited Kylie. Olivia was good at this and then she sucked hard which caused Kylie to whine.

“Did it hurt?”

“Hurt so well.”

They kissed, sucked, and licked. Kylie wanted more.

“If you think this feels good, you aren’t going to believe how good my mouth feels somewhere else.” She dropped to her knees and reached up under Olivia’s skirt and pulled her panties down.

“Step out.” Olivia lifted one foot and then the other. She shoved the panties in her back pocket.

“Spread your legs and tell me how this feels.”

Kylie placed her hands on the back of Olivia’s thighs and scraped her fingernails lightly across her skin. Her knees buckled.

“I feel like I’m about to lose control. My heart is pounding and I’m wet, soaked.”

Kylie inched her fingers up Olivia’s thighs until she was face to face with what she was looking for.

“You’ve got a baby bush. I bet those lips love having hair sitting up on top like it’s in charge.” Olivia laughed. “I can hold you in place with this little bunch.”

“What do you need to hold me in place for?”

“For this.” Her left hand grasped the hair as her mouth and tongue landed in the wet zone. Olivia automatically slammed her legs together.

“Oh, oh, oh. That feels amazing.” She attempted to relax her legs as Kylie’s talented tongue licked her pussy. She shook her tongue back and forth just to see Olivia dance on her tiptoes. Dance she did. Kylie loved that response. With a tight grasp on her pubic hair, she sucked on Olivia’s clit and added a finger into her channel. Olivia began bending her knees up and down, attempting to moderate the pleasure. As her orgasm spread through her body, she tightened her legs again around Kylie’s head and rocked with the motion. She grabbed the wall to steady herself as the orgasm settled into a slower, less raucous mode. Kylie kissed the little bush and looked up.

“How was that?”

“A+ bathroom orgasm.”

“Well, we got you ready for the porn audition.”

“That we did.”

A booming voice bellowed through the air. “Cut. Excellent. Ladies that was a job well done. It’s a wrap.”

“You are such a camera hog,” said Olivia as she pulled her skirt down.

“Me, you’re the one slamming your legs around my head,” said Kylie.

“Yeah, but you kept making me talk about everything.”

“I was improvising.”

“When we get home I’m going to do some improvising on you.”

“Maybe we can play out what happens next in the movie.”

“We can, but I’m in charge of this script.” She tweaked Kylie’s nipple. “All our clothes will be off and my hands all up in your cunt. No talking for you.”

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She walked in wearing a black cocktail dress, sleek and modern, the ensemble of an artist. I had served enough at these events to know who was who. Dressed in a crisp, white blouse and my black, short skirt, I wore the costume of a worker. All night long, I watched her interact with the patrons. Both men and women fawned over her. This woman was gracious to all of them. Circulating with my tray of drinks near her, I heard her accented voice.

Pardon, may I sample a beverage? I am parched.” She took a glass, brought it to her lips and once her tongue peeked out, I melted. I was hot for this woman. I’m sure my eyes lit up. She looked at me and smiled, then continued talking with the group.

With four more hours remaining in the event, I took my fifteen-minute break. My favorite space was an alcove because it muffled the sounds of the gallery and few people knew of my hide-out. I snuck a beverage out with me. The draped material shifted after me and I learned I was not alone. I sat my drink down quickly. From the shadows emerged the foreign, hot artist in the sleek, black dress.

“Hello. I followed you here hoping we could steal a few moments alone.” She stepped in front of me. The curve of her breasts swelled full in the v-line neck of the outfit. I felt like a school girl leaning over to see what I could see. Oh, please catch me.

“You may do more than look, I know I’d like to.” She smiled and then touched my lips with her thumb. Instinctively, my tongue pushed forward like I saw hers tasting the drink. As soon as I felt her thumb tip, I licked gently. Tasting her skin was all that mattered. She rewarded me by pushing her thumb into my mouth, across my gums, and then she smeared my own wetness on my lips. That motion tore me up. My lower lips wetness caused my panties to bunch and I needed some relief. I sucked on her thumb like my mouth could summon magic from a genie’s bottle.

Stepping closer, her fragrance called to me. It was aromatic and exotic. Her breasts pushed into mine. I placed both hands on her collar bones and my thumbs stroked there while she continued to explore my mouth with her thumb. Moving closer with her raspy breathing, I observed her breasts as they heaved up and down. She was turned on. I flattened my hands and let my fingers edge down her chest and dip into the material holding her breasts. In one motion, I pulled the dress down to each side. No bra. Perfect naked tits materialized. She pulled her thumb from my mouth and circled both her erect nipples.

“I’m yours.”

With both my hands, I held her breasts and my mouth dove in. I couldn’t get enough contact with her soft, supple, and responsive skin. She acted fast, a factor of either time or interest, I didn’t care. Her fingers tickled my legs and my skirt traveled up my thighs. Following the gap, between my thighs, her hands wandered north to my wet panties. While I sucked her nipples, she massaged my vulva lips through fabric. Light touches on the outside, turned to heated and intense touches on the inside. She alternated working my clit, my vulva lips, and the minute she pressed fingers inside me, I broke the contact of her nipples and sought out her mouth. Divine it was, filled with warmth and a taste of champagne. Connection, I wanted all points of connection. I wanted in her panties, too. As she relocated one hand to palm my ass, the invitation was received. I mimicked the maneuver. With a nimble move like flicking a garter off stockings, I was past her panties to her tender and hot flesh. We were deep inside each other, our tongues sucking and nipping while our fingers rubbed and stroked. I could have floated in that space all night but the urgency of orgasm took over. Our strokes intensified; our kisses blended us into one. Once the orgasm hit, we wrapped one arm tightly around the other, standing in the dark, shaking violently and drinking in the muffles of our pleasure. After our hands left our pussies, we wrapped each other in a full embrace. Our scents mingled and the darkness etched our sense of pleasure on its black, inky velvet. I nuzzled her neck and gave her a small kiss. I stepped back and rearranged her delectable breasts into her clothing, kissing each swell and smoothing the fabric. Likewise, she straightened my skirt and smiled.

“This was my first time doing that at the gallery.”

Oui, this was my first time in this gallery.”

We giggled.

“I’ll have pleasant memories for all future work.”

“That’s why I wanted to share my sexual energy with you.” I cocked my head, puzzled.

“No one should have negative memories in an art gallery. It is full of life and creative energy. Now you too, have that.”

“What did you get?”

“You graciously allowed me to paint on another life canvas.”

“Yes, I like that.”

We share a kiss then she headed back to the gallery through the shadows. I found my drink and finished my break smiling at my new gallery memories.


My favorite hotel, Isosceles, is renowned for its mission statement, “We Connect You.” I wished they could work their magic with my secret; I was losing the ability to connect. I sat at the mirror table in the lobby restroom, observing finely dressed younger women bustling in, chattering openly, about their sexual exploits. I smiled to myself, invisible in their world, noting the pressure inside me.

They spoke of what they would do, wouldn't do, and what they couldn’t wait to do. Ah to be young again and to have known then what I know now. The downfall for younger women, they didn’t know what the future held; the downfall for older women, they did.

Vibrant sexual energy abundantly flowed around me here. It proved to be a fruitful place to play psychological games. If I were to select, who would I choose to invite to a private party with Dominic and me? The first candidate dropped her dress straps and adjusted her breasts in her translucent bra. She worked it like a job, not a sensuous act to move her forward in sexual desire. The other candidate eased her hand up her leg, smoothing out her thigh-highs to the top lacy edge. The light and seductive touch suggested the first stroke was for herself and the second for someone else.  

What would she think about my tattoo, my piercings, or my body? She had no clue I sat here squeezing a vibrator in my vagina and feeling full with a new toy in my ass. At Dominic’s whim, I received vibrations, in both places. Claw-like contraptions, attached to my piercings, weighted my nipples providing minimal stimulation. All of this was designed to aid me in the search for my elusive sexual edge.

The young, fresh bodies here triggered hot sex scenes in my head. They were wonderfully sexy, raw and heated, nasty and dirty, thought-filled bubbles which I hoped would connect to my body.

Aging had robbed me of the capabilities for my own direct sexual connection, much less a quick connection. I struggled to make the psychological interest high enough or arousing enough, so my brain processes could coax just one biological nerve to spark and move my body interest and sensation along. If my mind and body connected, maybe today I could access my sexual edge.

A voice interrupted me. “You seem either sad or serious in this beautiful sitting area?” The lovely thigh-high woman stood fluffing her hair.

“Ah, both. Just reminiscing.” Could this intuitive young woman have an inkling of my predicament?

When I was younger, my visual sexual representations of the world followed with an instantaneous kinesthetic reaction. It was like the arousing picture contained an electrical plug and I was its outlet. When a delectable sex scene plugged in, I surged. That electricity traveled throughout my body and found its home in my sexual responses. I craved to experience that again.

“May I be honest?”

“Please.” She sat down on the stool beside me. The slit creeping up the side of her dress exuded bold seduction and confidence. She was luscious in black lace against her pale skin. The plunging neckline highlighted her rounded breasts. She studied me.

“I’m looking for a sexual spark to take me to my sexual edge.” She didn’t blink, so I continued. “Your last sexual experience how was it?”

She smiled a knowing smile. “Hi, I’m Annalise. Sex stories require at least a first name.”

“I’m Georgia.”

“I blew my husband in the coat closet on the way to the bar. It was good but I’m looking for more.”

“Well, you’ve got the tools you need. Youth reeks of dopamine for risk taking. It’s the main pleasure resident in the home of the sexual edge. It’s housed there with fearlessness, vulnerability, and personal courage.”

“How exactly is this sexual edge?”

“For me, it was the place where I teetered leisurely before the orgasm explosion. It was the place that consumed me and burned pleasure into the cells of my being. I only pulled myself back to heighten the experience, before I dropped off the edge, and reveled in total sexual pleasure.”

“So it’s high level arousal that is extended and ramps you up before you go over the edge into the orgasm.”

“Essentially, but I miss the journey into the sexual edge more than the plunge off it.”

“I get that. I felt fearless in the closet plunging, but it didn’t have any expanse of a burning or hovering quality that I wanted. It was short lived.”

“I believe that sexual edge repertoire is an acquired skill that you can harness and practice for the rest of your life. Well, at least I did.”

“You did?”

“I never considered that one day it wouldn’t be there. Now I know that experiencing the edge is affected by aging. When the lubrication created by hormones for zapping pleasure nerve endings expires, what do I do? What connects the psychological and biological processes?”

Annalise paused and searched my face.

“I don’t know, but you can do what you’re doing. Talk, tell, show. Hey, bring me into the loop. This can benefit us both. Maybe I can help you with a new route to the spark. I’m pretty creative. You can show me how to expand the hovering, the journey.”

A hotel worker abruptly interrupted our conversation. “Are you Georgia or Annalise?”

“Yes.” We both replied.

“Dominic and Tony said to give you these.” She held out her hand which contained two remote controls. Laughing, we each took one.

“Kindred spirits, Georgia? What’s your thought here?”

“Annalise, today is my birthday. I told my husband I wanted a sexual affair with a younger woman.”

“This is surreal; I told my husband I wanted to have sex with an experienced woman. I booked a room here in Isosceles with no plan. My friends told me this place was special, their mission statement works.”

I considered Annalise’s words. She could be me twenty-five years ago. Was I even as bold then, as she appeared to be now? Ann Friedman’s question rattled around in my mind. “If older women can’t admit we're not having the sex we want, how can we help younger women?” Does this situation apply? We women are, after all, housing a wealth of sexual information we could share. Moving into the last half of life, we have seen and experienced much about sexuality culturally, relationally, and personally. Maybe there was still time for a new experience, a sexual edge recalibrated.

I stood and offered my hands to Annalise. “I would love to create a plan with you. Any ideas?”

She took each hand and kissed the center of my palm. When she rolled her lips and tongue lightly on my skin, something inside me shifted.

“Let’s go up to my room and send for the guys later.” She pressed the button on Dominic’s remote. I gasped.

“What else you got going on in that body, Georgia?”

“Oh, interesting things in the places that used to count.”

“A woman after my own desires. I can work with that.”

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The crew of “Wild Women on the Water” arrived at the beach pier destination to film a sequence between their signature model Laurel and a newly signed actor. Directing this erotic shoot would be tough on Aja. She wondered how she would handle her secret attraction to Laurel.

As Donald cleared the pier for filming, Aja received a text indicating their new actor went to the wrong location. She fumed about losing the time slot and the money.

“Why don’t you do it?” said Donald.

Leave it to Donald to make something good out of something bad. She studied his face and knew he wasn’t kidding. It had been a long time since she performed for the camera’s lens. The idea didn’t appeal to her except it would be with Laurel. “How should I approach her?”

“If you’re game, leave it to me.”


Aja and Donald worked together from her career beginnings, and she trusted his judgments about video shoots. Donald strolled down the pier with Laurel. Aja observed their animated gestures and laughter. He pointed to specific places on the pier, apparently discussing the shoot. Under his guidance, this scene might be salvaged. They turned and walked back toward Aja. Laurel beamed at her.

“Aja, go put on your swimsuit and meet us down the pier at the outdoor shower,” said Donald.

It unsettled Aja not to be calling the shots or know his plan. She grabbed her bag and headed to the bathhouse. She put on her thong bottom and little top. Her breasts stole the show with her rock hard nipples. Her ass still had performer quality. She could pull this off because she still had it.

Aja stared at her reflection in the mirror and considered her attraction to Laurel. Her desire began the second she laid eyes on Laurel, at the Mexico shoot six months ago. The suddenness of the attraction had stunned Aja. She remembered the vibrations riveting through her body were undeniable. But deny she did, when she discovered that Laurel had a girlfriend, Anabelle. Aja felt relegated to suffer her longing in the shadows.

Dismissing those thoughts as she exited the bathhouse, Aja arranged her work face. She knew Donald would film her entrance down the pier toward Laurel. Would the camera pick up more than what she wanted showing? How could she possibly filter the attraction running through her? Aja focused on Laurel under the showerhead. She resembled a beach siren. When Laurel arched her back, Aja glimpsed the model for a ship’s carved figurehead. Her breasts jutted forward, and Aja lusted after them and wanted to taste her nipples.

Approaching the shower, Laurel motioned for her to come under the water. In Aja’s dreams, she wanted this. She craved anything she could have with Laurel. A step away, Laurel pulled Aja under the running water and kissed her. The kiss ignited Aja. Their tongues mated. Teeth nipped the edges as Laurel sucked on Aja’s lips. The camera would eat this up. What a brilliant actor Laurel was. Aja’s longing burned.

Laurel turned the water off and with a naughty grin untied her wet swimsuit top. She plopped it on the pier. For the sake of the film, Aja held nothing back. She dropped to her knees and accepted the naked invitation. Leaning forward, she caught a coconut scent as she pinched both Laurel’s nipples. The moan escaping her set Aja on fire. She flicked her pointy tongue over Laurel’s nipple while she looked up into her intent face. Laurel held her breasts in each hand and rubbed her erect nipples over Aja’s face. Aja needed Laurel’s skin, so she kissed her hipbone and then ran her tongue into her bellybutton. Laurel sucked in her stomach, and Aja lifted her fingers into the top of her bikini. Feeling a perfect warmth, Aja pressed her face into the bikini bottom and kissed her vulva. Then she started to ease the bottom down. Laurel shivered.

“Cut,” yelled Donald. Laurel steadied Aja as she twisted left to face him. He hurried away down the pier. Aja quickly followed.

“Wait. What do you mean ‘cut’? We just started filming.”

“My work here is done.” He chuckled. “Aja, go enjoy yourself.” He nodded toward Laurel. “No more girlfriend. She’s got the hots for you, too.”

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“I thought we were going to the foreign flick called Ginger’s Scent of French.” Daria read the marquee, “Best Porn in Town.”

Annie laughed. “Sometimes your brain amazes me. I told you we were choosing between Ginger’s Wet Dreams, Scent of Sex, and French Orgy.”

“No, I remember. There was no mention of porn.”

“But, you agreed I picked the next when and where for sex. Here we are.”

Annie was so much more adventuresome than Daria but she wanted to please her.

“Come on Daria. It’s not about the movie. It’s about the people who sit together in individual orgies, enjoying the sex vibes, while we create our own.”

“Yeah, I know. Okay, people…sexy styles.”

“So which movie?”

Daria giggled and shook her head. “Who cares? I’m seeing Ginger’s Scent of French.”

They purchased tickets and selected seats. When the lights lowered, couples eased in to the right and left of them. The movie heated up with licking and probing of cunts on screen and in the audience. The women on either side of them wanked like it was an art and a science. Daria sizzled, enveloped with the movie’s surround sound and the sexy, musky scents from the wet skin slapping. Wanting a taste of sex, she pinched Annie’s nipple causing her to jump. She threw Daria a hopeful expression and grabbed Daria’s face in her hands. Shifting closer, Daria sucked her lips. Daria’s eye lids popped up when a hand tugged her skirt, baring her pussy. Annie knew she was about to bolt, so she anchored her mouth to Daria’s with a long, hard kiss. Then she squeezed out one desperate word. “Please.”

Daria’s moment of truth arrived in the dark theatre. She shut out the good girl thoughts and focused on Annie.

Taking on a starring role, Daria licked Annie’s nipples while mystery hand stroked her own swollen labia and throbbing clit. When Daria shoved her fingers in Annie’s panties, she discovered another set of fingers, which ignited a passion explosion.

Daria and Annie leaned toward one another. The hum of a vibrator commenced behind Daria and after it touched her skin, it slid into her pussy. She gasped as the toy entered her. Wasting no time, she rode it. Annie drove her tongue into Daria’s mouth and sucked herself into an orgasm, moaning loudly. Daria’s body quaked with a potent orgasm. The buzzing stopped when the vibrator slipped out of Daria. She stroked Annie’s arms and kissed her softly, knowing this was the highlight of all her sexual experiences.

Audience members left quickly. The couple repositioned their clothes before the lights came up. Holding hands, they exited the theatre.

“What did you think of the movie, Daria?”

“I’d recommend Ginger’s Scent of Sex. What about you?”

“That may be my all-time, favorite, porn movie. Weren’t Jess and Jan phenomenal?”


“Aaaaah, you know, our costars.”

Daria stopped. “Did you arrange this?”

Annie winked. “I’ll never tell.”     

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