Many erotic authors strive to entertain you while they create stories that first amuse them. What do you think keeps our creative effort and energy flowing? Besides you, dear reader, the answer is each other. If you think it’s fun reading our stories, imagine our joy in creating them. We share everything from our inspiration of originality to our plots and final drafts with each other. And there’s more.

I was at dinner the other night at Top Chef Kenny Gilbert’s restaurant, Gilbert’s Underground Kitchen. The menu boasted a tasty sangria flight, so everyone at the table decided to give it a whirl. The colors were vibrant, the ingredients intriguing, and when presented all together, they made an artistic statement. I pulled out my phone and snapped the picture. As I thought about the depiction, it conjured up images of all the new writing friends I have made and the lengths we go to be with each other by DM, PM, twitter chats, texts, calls, SKYPES, drives, and flights.

What have those interactions given me?

1. Spark. Our combined energy is astounding. Sometimes I think writers should have a side comedian gig. Mischa Eliot is the funniest person I know. Follow her on Twitter, and you will see what I mean. We could be a comedy team because we complete each other’s mischievous thoughts.  Are we redheaded twins? Our thinking processes may not be the same, but we pack a punch in getting to the same place at the same time. Then we become elated. Our telephone calls and now SKYPE sessions are an event. Next, we'll be selling tickets on Ticketmaster.

2. Knowledge. Writers delve into the how-tos of writing. We approach this from the every angle. Serious, silly, thoughtful, and even well, naughty. We discuss writers, inspiration, book titles, and resources. We share, generously. For example, for author resources on social media, the queen of sharing is Rachel Thompson. Her Wednesday Night 9 pm #bookmarketingchat on Twitter provides a wealth of information. If I get stuck on how to do something, a writer is there to help. Writers have bigheartedness.

3. Insights. Writers dissect everything to get insight. We pick each other’s brains, and we go to where the action is to glean that information. After many conversations on social media, Tamara Lush contacted me to meet her in Jacksonville at a book event. Our only contacts had occurred through social media and when in real life we walked and talked like old friends, sharing the awareness we had gained thus far in our writing adventures. And sure enough, as I write this, Tamara sent me a tweet connecting several authors together to join her on a trip to the British Museum. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

4. Connoisseurs. Writers inhale the sensuality of food and coffee. I met Leonora Solomon and Rebecca Brooks at fantastic restaurants in New York City. Leave it to local writers to know where to take a tourist for sustenance. Locally, I frequent Amelia Island Coffee to discuss writing business. Coffee and food set the ambiance for the writer’s mood. Sights, sounds, scents, tastes, and feelings enrich the writing environment. We partake together. We feed one another, literally and figuratively.

5. Community. Writers create community. My newest connection is with Wicked Pens. Our description on Facebook says, “The Wicked Pens are an independent group of romance, erotic romance, and erotica writers dedicated to each other and united in a common cause. We support each other and our group, promoting excellence in writing and working toward individual and collective success.”  Whether we are brainstorming, editing, beta reading, or having fun with each other, we are one-stop shopping for reading enjoyment. Check us out to see our latest news.

Believe me, the life of this author is never dull. I could tell you more, but I must go now; I have a writer date.

I had a glorious week in the Big Apple. What did I learn?

1) Let’s get basic. If you want to jump start your exercise program, this walking city is the way to go. I averaged 15,000 steps a day.  When I headed out the front door of the hotel, boom, I was in cardiovascular exercise mode—for the whole day. The theme of this trip was to experience vibrant people, places, and energy.

2) The people made the city. My first people connections involved seeing old friends. These long time friends moved to NY from our little world of Tallahassee. Experiencing the city from their perspective was wonderful. My group picked interesting restaurants and attractions that continued our previous sharing together—food and drinks and art. It was also nice to be a tourist with them.

3) From my current writing world, I met three author/editor friends. It was surreal to meet Jill C. Shannon, F. Leonora Solomon, and Rebecca Brooks. I covered breakfast, afternoon drinks, and dinner with this crowd. We discussed writer topics and then many others. We chatted about train rides, work areas like the NY Public Library, and theories of people picking up other people in social places which we observed carefully. I was intellectually stimulated, engaged, and playful.

4) The impetus for the trip was the AltSexNYC Conference. I still have my finger on the pulse of sex research even if I don’t do it anymore. There is a special energy in that work. AltSexNYC may well be one of the best research events I have attended. I met three super cool sex education/therapy/research folks from my Twitter life. Check out Michael Aaron, David Ley, and Heather McPherson. I shared with Michael Aaron that I believe the future of sex research is in good hands with his generation. Now that I’m home reflecting on it, it is so true.

5) While I was in NYC, I received my contract from Best Women’s Erotica of the Year. It was dreamlike to be out of my usual space and receive it. I am looking forward to working with Rachel Kramer Bussel and Cleis Press on this endeavor. My feelings were all over the place.

In conclusion, go to New York City. Dreams do come true there. It was incredible to combine all the different parts of my life into the experience of one week. It was a real getaway. Life does seem bigger and brighter from the Big Apple.

The Glass Emperor-A Kink Crate Original by Dr. J.

Every Wednesday night, Mr. Ashton Blackthorne highlights one of his Wicked Pen Writers, and my turn had arrived to host my first Facebook take-over event in Blackthorne's Dungeon. Using my college classroom ice-breakers, I planned to introduce myself and facilitate fun sexuality games for the evening. But I wanted to have a special event, so I enlisted the help of my friends at Kink Crate.

I met the owners of Kink Crate back in November when they attended a pop-up book event where I was celebrating the release of Forever Tattooed. They shared information about their new business. The excitement for their project was infectious. Since then, we have been in constant contact. We’ve attended sex education functions together and discussed sex-positive business ideas.

So what is Kink Crate? It is an online subscription service for sex products. With a monthly subscription, five to nine naughty items around a particular kinky or sexy theme arrive for you in the privacy of your home. Along with the toys contained in your box is a handbook to help you unlock your personal pleasure and creativity. You may unleash your sexiness with either Kink Crate’s singles or couples subscription option. Their first theme was Cherry Pop, the second was Royal Luxury, and the upcoming theme is Deep in Love.

I knew that Kink Crate was selecting new toys for their future topics and I had an idea. What if they picked one toy they wanted to be named and I presented it to the Dungeon members during my party. Kink Crate agreed and last Wednesday in my party take-over, I showed the picture of the glass dildo they chose. Over the next twenty-four hours, members suggested names. With a total of thirty-one names, Kink Crate went to work to find the one that fit for their new product.

So today, it is my pleasure to share their choice with you. I introduce you to - The Glass Emperor. Isn’t it perfect? Pretty soon it will show up in a subscription box that could come to you.

One enthusiastic person will always know that they named this toy. As promised, Kink Crate is sending it to the participant who created the name. And lastly, I agreed I would create a short story, around The Glass Emperor.

Now you know the backstory of how The Glass Emperor got its name.

Is there a moral to this story?

Yes. Hang out with Kink Crate and me for a sexy, fun time. They provide the sex toys. I provide the naughty words.

This week I premiere my first author interview. And my spotlight shines on Mischa Eliot.

I thank the universe for the day I virtually met Mischa. I soon learned she was my writer twin. She is a vivacious redhead with a sassy side, like me. We laugh at the same things. The first time we talked on the phone, my family wanted to know why they weren't invited to the party! It was LOUD. We most definitely celebrated. 

When liked minded people come together especially if they talk sex, wondrous things happen. She is one of my favorite sexy people, and I wanted to share her awesomeness with you! Enjoy her interview and the lovely, smutty stories she writes. ~Dr. J.~

Q: Who are you?

Mischa Eliot, aka M. J. Spencer. By day I work in an office daydreaming about smutty storylines to type out in the evening.

Q: What are your favorite storylines to write?

I enjoy writing stories where people come together. I like finding out why they are together, how they got there, and what they get out of it.

Q: When did you start your writing?

I’ve been writing for years… I used to play RPG in the old AOL Red Dragon Inn ages ago. It taught me how to write fast and on the fly, creating and weaving stories together with good friends.

Q: Where are you most in touch with your muse?

Sitting outside at the park or on the front steps. I also enjoy sipping coffee at a café and typing like a cliché occasionally. Sometimes, at 3 in the morning I’ll be found typing an idea out on my phone, hoping I’ll be able to decipher it in the morning.

Q: Why erotica?

Everyone who doesn’t write erotica thinks it’s easy to write. Until they try. Then they realize there’s more behind two characters having sex. Erotica is a difficult genre to truly write in if you want it to be more than sex. You’ve got to know the characters and why they’re getting together. The most intimate way to know someone is to sleep with them. Are they slow and gentle or fast and furious? Do they like their hair being pulled and being spanked or do they want to be caressed and kissed until they can’t take anymore?

Q: How would your writing experience help a younger you?

I would tell my younger self to keep writing, keep imagining. Even if things aren’t going well, writing can help.

Q: Anything else you want fans to know?

I appreciate the people who read my stories and I hope they continue to enjoy them.

Thank you, Mischa.

Here are the links where you can find Mischa Eliot/MJ Spencer:
Mischa's Website
Follow her on Twitter for sexy banter!
As MJ Spencer on Tumblr
Mischa Eliot Author Page on Facebook
Check her out on SMASHWORDS
Visit her AMAZON Author Page for her erotic collections.


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