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“Jarvis, thank you for joining us. My wife is something, isn’t she?”

Georgianna rose from her knees, licked her lips still tasting Samuel, and turned toward Jarvis. “That she is, Samuel.”

Eyeing Jarvis from around Georgianna’s body, Samuel pulled up his trousers.

“I must say, this is a fun party to be invited to. Not sure of the social protocol after these sexual events.”

“I’ll get some drinks,” said Georgianna. “Please, make yourselves comfortable.”

When Georgianna came back with a tray of drinks, Jarvis was sitting on the couch. Samuel was beside him, bent over unzipping Jarvis’s pants.

“Well, that’s comfortable.”

“You told me it was about taking control.”

Georgianna sat the tray on the coffee table and picked up a drink.

“Georgianna, I must come clean. There is more to this get together than you know. Samuel put an ad on a sex site about making a fantasy reality. I contacted him, and he shared a partial of your story.”


“Did you think I would go for a stranger fingering you, babe?” She looked from Jarvis to Samuel. “It had to be somebody I vetted, so Jarvis and I met. I don’t do random.” Clutching her glass, Georgianna sat beside Jarvis, surprised.

“You’ve been reading my story all along?” Samuel nodded yes. “So it was the desire in the bar?”“Yes. Heat for your responses and what might happen later. Your story allowed me to explore something I wanted to do with you, share a man. He had you, and now we can have him.”

Her skinned burned from the scrutiny of each man as she searched Samuel’s eyes. He smiled at her. How could she be mad and turned on at the same time?

“This can be our time. As you can see Jarvis, already voted, he is here.”

“You bet I am. After that bar scene, I want more.”

“Jarvis did get you worked up baby, didn’t he?”

She lifted her glass and took a big gulp not wanting to wash Samuel’s taste away. “Yes, he did.”

Samuel had caught Georgianna off guard. Her nervous energy was channeled into her grip on the glass.

“We’ve done part one. I can get us started on part two if you want.”

Georgianna was in disbelief. Her husband, who never took the lead, had taken the lead. And that was what she had always wanted.

“Are you sure?”

“I am.”

“Jarvis, you know it’s about a couple sharing a mutual blow job.”

“That’s what I read.”

The scene played out in her head, and she grinned at Samuel and gave a slight nod.

“Ok, Jarvis. You’re up,” said Samuel.

“Yes.” Jarvis lifted his body, unfastened his pants, and pushed them down his legs.

Georgianna’s words echoed for Samuel. “Take what you want and give as you see fit.” Samuel massaged Jarvis’s thigh, and Georgianna’s skin erupted in goose bumps. The bobbing erection was between them. As they each moved their hands up his thighs, their heads lowered closer to his lap. Samuel was going after this man’s cock, and Georgianna was ablaze. Arousal. Desire. Passion. Her husband had touched her heart and her pussy at the same time.

When Samuel stuck his tongue out and paused, Georgianna put her hand around Jarvis’s cock and stroked once up and down.

“That’s the touch,” said Jarvis.

Locking eyes with Samuel, she waited. Samuel bent closer to the head of the cock and Georgianna leaned forward. Her husband was doing what she had written, and it consumed her in heat and wetness.

When Samuel’s tongue touched the cock, she surged forward to join him. Their warm tongues met together on the hard cock. She was lost in the excitement tongue and tip with Samuel while Jarvis had thrown his head back and closed his eyes, moaning.

“This feels incredible. Two tongues, yes.”

“And one mouth,” said Samuel as he sucked the tip in and went down on Jarvis.

“AAahhh, so good.”

While Samuel’s mouth went up and down exploring, Georgianna squeezed her legs together and pulsed to put pressure on her clit. The men’s groans filled the air and Georgianna’s her heart pounded. The heavy breathing mingled with wet slurping took her to new heights. When Samuel’s thick lips suctioned perfectly around Jarvis’s penis, she had to speak.

“Take him all the way down your throat, Samuel. Let him fuck your mouth.”

Jarvis reached out for both of their heads; he guided Samuel. Georgianna knew when Samuel hit the right stride because Jarvis threaded his fingers in her hair and yanked in rhythm.

“I’m coming.” Jarvis held Samuel’s head down as Samuel worked to swallow. When the jerky contractions stopped, Samuel stared at Georgianna. She threw her arm around his shoulder and kissed him passionately which caused them to topple onto Jarvis’s abdomen. Jarvis stroked their heads as they kissed.

“I have to say I like the real life version of this story,” said Jarvis.

Looking at Samuel, Georgianna mouthed, “Thank you.”

“Jarvis, thanks for being a willing playmate.”

“Believe me; it was my pleasure.”

“Do you want to do that last part today?”

“What last part,” asked Georgianna? She moved a lock of hair behind Samuel’s ear

“You aren’t the only creative one in the group, Georgianna. I’m a porn director.”

Georgianna’s face lost color. Samuel knew those words took her to a bad the memory that still lurked in her mind. No one liked being videoed without consent.

“No, no babe, there was no video. Jarvis just helped me consider the next part of this story.”

“What next part?”

“He helped me create a little fantasy for you. It includes two men ravishing your body, but only if you want us to. We would take directions or be your slaves.”

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Samuel Mason left the bar and went to his hotel suite. After ten minutes of pacing, he heard the metal door click, and his wife’s concerned voice filled the room.

“Samuel, you didn’t wait for me?” She crossed the room and stood at his side.

“No, I didn’t.”

Samuel Mason had just watched his wife, Georgianna, get finger fucked downstairs in the hotel bar.

“Are you okay? Please tell me you are alright with what happened.” He stared out the window into the city lights.

“It was hotter than I expected.” The glass reflected the intensity on his face. “You seduced me and fucked me, at the same time.”

The man had fingered Georgianna to orgasm because Samuel told her that’s what he wanted. It had taken days to convince her.

“Were you comparing him to me?” His jaw muscle bulged from gritting his teeth.


She took his hand. “Come on let’s sit down.” She pulled him onto the couch, and the two of them nestled there.

“I didn’t think of it that way, Samuel. I thought of him as a character in my book and we acted out a scene. I focused on providing what you wanted. Did I manage that?”

“You did.” He stroked her leg. “It was thrilling to me. I hope you liked it.”

“I enjoyed you. Feeling connected to your desire across the bar was everything.”

“He seemed tuned to your desire. Your sex flushed skin glowed…” She looked up suspiciously, waiting for him to finish his thought. “Did his touch motivate you?”

“His touch was secondary. It was the interactional part with you that stood out. I realized I wanted you closer to the physical action.”

“That’s why you gave him the room key?”

“Yes, I told him to come up in an hour.”

“What now?”

“He’s game. What would you like to do, Samuel?”

They cuddled on the couch. Samuel fiddled with her fingers while he thought. Would he tell her? Last week, she had caught him reading a scene from her manuscript. That’s probably how today’s idea hatched. He wondered if she knew what he wanted.

Samuel drew Georgianna into a hug, feeling warmth and love from her. They sat connected for a while; he wasn’t sure how long. If he couldn’t tell her, who could he tell?

He whispered, “I want to suck his cock with you.”

Georgianna twisted her head so she could see him clearly. He knew she wasn’t judging him, but what were her thoughts?

“I’ve always wanted to act out the fantasies I write; I didn’t know if you would be interested.”

Had she read his mind? Samuel sat up and gazed at her. His heart pumped faster. He looked at his watch.

“Tell me what you like about giving head while you do me.” Georgianna looked down at his obvious erection. “He’ll be here soon. Show me.”

“Talking about it got you ready, huh?”

Samuel arched an eyebrow at her, and she chuckled. He pressed into her and gave her a passionate kiss.

“Keep humoring me.”

“Okay. I like the control.” She reached over and unzipped his pants. “I feel like a temptress, taking what I want and giving it to you as I see fit.”

Samuel wasted no time. He stood and unfastened his pants and dropped them to the floor. His cock jutted out in front of her face.

“What makes it inviting to you?” he asked. Georgianna cupped his balls as she licked his tender skin.

“Men’s bodies are a contradiction. You are soft and tender below the part where you are rock hard.” She stroked his erection with one hand and held his balls with the other while she sucked on his the sac. His temples pounded with blood flow. “You smell like a man dipped in a sexual elixir. It’s what stirs me to taste.” She held his penis in one hand and dragged her tongue from his balls to his tip. “I wonder if you’d experience a man the same way.”

He cradled her face in his hands, “I wonder, too. What’s it like, the texture and taste of my cock?”

“Soft, satin-like and the pre-cum is a little salty. The minute my tongue touches it, it’s like I’m pulling your essence from you.”

 Georgiana kissed his fingers and then lowered her mouth onto the head of his erection. She swirled her tongue on the pre-cum, and her action produced more. Her efforts sent Samuel to the edge of no return. She sucked him in further, and he rocked quickly into her mouth. She helped him unleash all his desires, emotional and physical. Samuel shut his eyes and thrust his cock into her mouth. She moaned. He continued driving in-between her lips, over and over, until he exploded.

A hot mouth on his cock was familiar, but he wanted to take one in his mouth.

Georgianna had upped the sexual ante. There was no mistaking her intent when she sent that keycard in the unknown man’s direction. She sealed her action when she blew Samuel a kiss.  Those same lips were now sealed on his cock, proving her love to him, giving him what he asked for.

After his orgasm, Georgianna kissed, licked, and cleaned him up.

“You two are something. Am I going to get this kind of action?”

The voice surprised Samuel, and he opened his eyes. There was the man from the bar, grinning.  He looked to Georgianna, whose smile reassured.

“Samuel, may I introduce Jarvis Styles. Jarvis, this is my husband, Samuel Mason.” 

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Today’s fantasy wore a form-fitting, red cocktail dress. Jarvis Stiles loved a woman who could wear a bold color. The short length highlighted shapely legs with black, delicate heels and the scalloped neckline accentuated her full, beautiful breasts. This sighting was why he liked holidays in a big city hotel; people were festive and dressy.

From where he read his newspaper, she glided back and forth across the lobby to the beat of the piano music and then stopped. She looked around and waited.

After a while, she entered the bar. She embodied grace and elegance. Perched on a barstool, she drank a light orange drink, alone. Jarvis rose from his chair, walked over and sat on the stool beside her.

“What a color. What’s that you’re drinking?”

“A peach Bellini.”

“Interesting choice.”

“A nod to Hemingway,” she said, smiling.

“Oh, a writer.”

“Yes, I am.” Her luscious lips shimmered with the residue of the drink.

“So, authors are enthralled with Hemingway.”


“Are you here for writing business or pleasure?”

Her soft chuckle was alluring. “How about the business of pleasure?” She swirled her finger around the rim of the glass and then licked it. “You?”

Jarvis imagined how that finger would taste, sucking it into his mouth.

“Business. I unwind after a long day of meetings by people-watching.”

“You were looking at me?”

“I was. You are fascinating and stunning.”

“Why thank you. Perhaps, given your interest, you might help me with a little writing project.”

“But I’m not a writer.”

Her eyes pleaded with him to play. “Tell me what you thought when you saw me.”

“That’s easy. First, who would keep a beautiful, sexy woman like you waiting? Second, who was the lucky bloke meeting you?”

“Oh, my, you have been watching.”

“Yes, and since, no one met you, here I am.” Her light eyes danced with glee.

“So, here we are, strangers, in a bar. If this were a sexual scene, how would it play out?”

He smirked. “It would be easier to show you.”

“Are you sure, you’re not a writer?” She squinted at him in a playful manner and said, “Please, show me.”

Jarvis put his arm around the back of her chair and leaned in nuzzling her short hair. A light citrus and floral mix tickled his nose.

“My touch is known to make women squirm.” He kissed her behind her ear and lingered dabbing his tongue tasting. “Then goose bumps would follow. How am I doing?”

She picked up her drink and sipped slowly. “Very well, my body response confirms your reputation.”

“Next, my fingertips would play here.” He traced her soft skin at the scalloped curves of the dress hem. “It would make you wonder how my touch would feel in other places.” Her heart rate picked up, and her skin flushed.

“What other places?” The breathy quality of her question inspired him.

He moved his stool closer and placed his lips on her ear. “That warm and sopping, wet place, between your legs.”

She turned, attempting to read him while she inhaled his masculine confidence. “Can I receive that touch here at the bar?”

“You could; people would notice.” His captivating words combined with his efforts on her skin tempted her.

“What if I wanted them to see?” She licked her lips, swallowed, and inhaled a steady, deep breath.  

“Then, it would start like this.” He placed his hand on her shoulder and rubbed his thumb back and forth on her collar bone. She shivered, tilted her head, and offered her neck. He kissed her lightly on her jaw. Pressing his body into the side of hers, he kissed her again behind her ear as his hand crept under her dress edging closer to her wetness. Any keen observer would know what he was doing.

“Did we get his attention?” She nodded to the man sitting at the circular bar across from them. Jarvis glanced that way.

“His and mine, yes, but I’m much more interested in how well I got your attention.” As if it were show and tell, she spread her legs apart. He stroked her satin panties appreciating the wetness and caressed her swollen bud. She whimpered.

“Shall I continue showing?”

“Oh, yes.” She picked up her glass nonchalantly and took another taste. As she drank in the liquid courage, he pressed his finger firmly up and down her center. She wiggled in her chair trying to get closer. He pushed under the edge of her panties and made skin to skin contact.

“Keep going. Finger fuck me, right now.” This fantasy woman’s whispered words fueled his fire.

“You are as bold as your dress suggests. With pleasure.”

He inserted his two fingers inside her hot, wet space, and she hummed. He slid his fingers in and out knowing she worked to keep her passion in check since she was in public. When she cooed, he used his thumb on her clit. Her contractions on his fingers started when the man across the bar leaned forward to catch every nuance. She came hard and muffled her sounds while she kept her eyes locked on the man across the way. Jarvis looked over and saw the heated expression on his face. There was power in knowing another man desired what he had.

“He knows you responded to me and he’s turned on.”

“I believe he is.”

“Me, too.”

Jarvis removed his hand from under her dress and propped his elbow on the bar in front of her. Remaining close, he rubbed his thumb and two fingers together as he meditated on the essence there. She picked up his hand and kissed the fingers that had been inside of her. Her tongue’s light licking buckled his knees.

“Thank you for helping me with my business and pleasure tonight.”

“I’m not sure what I did besides the pleasuring part, but you are welcome.”

She smiled at him.

“You helped me create the beginning of my next erotic story.”

“I did?”

“By any chance, would you like to see how the story unfolds?” He had never received an invitation as enticing as this woman was offering.

“Yes. But tell me, I must know, is this how you do all your writing research?”

“No, not usually. My husband put this fantasy on his Fucket List, and I agreed to entertain the idea.” She looked over and grinned at the man across the bar. “Judging from his response, he got more than he bargained for.”

“That man is your husband?”

“He is. He wasn’t sure I would act out this fantasy, so he won’t be expecting me to do this.” She pulled a key card from her bra and laid it on the bar and then blew a kiss to her husband. “Would you like to join us in an hour?”

Jarvis turned toward her husband to see his reaction. Desire rolled off of him like waves in a tsunami. Yes, I do believe I would like to see how this story ends. Jarvis took the keycard without hesitation. He stood tall, took her small hand in his and kissed it. “Not an invitation I can refuse. I think you’re helping me create my Fucket List.” 

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It had been a long workweek, and with Friday here, I was ready to unwind. When I walked in my bedroom, I discovered two, lovely women lying in my bed. They each had a hand in the other’s panties and were moaning. Their tangled limbs shaped the letter X. My wife and her friend Gia embodied my most desired fantasy.

“What took you so long, Stan?”

“Tate, what is going on?”

“We were playing truth or dare. I picked dare.”

“What was the dare?”

“Gia dared me to make out with her when you got home from work?”

My body roared to readiness. I was so hard; I could pound nails. It was what I asked Tate to do.

“Do you want to play?”

“Of course.”

“Do you choose truth or dare?” asked Gia.

How many ways could this go? They continued teasing me with the motion of lapping tongues tasting and fingers rolling in panties. The aroma in the air was so thick with their sex scent I could taste it, a blend of tang and musk.

“I choose truth.”

“Would you like to watch us explore each other?”

“Hell, yes.”

Both women rolled to the center of the bed on their bellies and gazed at me.

“Oh, babe, we got you hard.”

“That’s what I wanted to see. Move closer to the bed,” said Gia. I stepped forward. “Unzip your pants and get that cock out.”

“Tate, I need to know that you are inviting me.”

“I am. You heard Gia, get that cock out.”

Both women slid to their knees, moving like dancing sirens. Their bodies’ curves and angles were luscious. I dropped my pants to the floor.

“You told me he was large, but I had to see with my own eyes. Stroke it,” said Gia.

“Give me more incentive.”

As the two of them unhooked their bras and kissed, I grabbed my cock. They pinched nipples and groaned. I leisurely fisted my erection stroking to match their sounds.

“Take your panties off, too. I want to see between those lovely legs.” They shimmied out of the panties. Gia was totally bare in contrast to the hair patch Tate had on her mound. “Please continue exploring.”

The passion and curiosity shared between the two women surprised me. It contained connection and honesty.  My tongue and lips craved to trace all the places their fingers moved on each other. Their tender touches and lusty sounds reminded me that women move in ways men don’t, by nature. There was a poetic quality that they shared with me.

“Tate, do to Gia, what I want to do to you.”

Tate never hesitated. She demonstrated her love for me in this romantic gesture. “Gia, roll over and face Stan.” Tate kissed her thighs and ran her fingers lightly up Gia’s stomach and cupped both breasts, squeezing. An exquisite moan erupted from Gia.

“Pay close attention, Stan.”

“Yeah, baby.”

She trailed kisses down Gia’s backbone, and when she reached her tailbone, she pushed Gia’s shoulders down to the bed. Her ass hovered at Tate’s face. Massaging each cheek, she continued to sprinkle kisses over her ass. Would she do it?

“Gia, I think Stan is enjoying this. Spread your legs a little wider. I need access to…everything.”

With her legs separated, Tate dipped her lips low and licked Gia’s wet folds. Tate’s faced glowed with moisture. I imagined sucking Tate’s lips and clit like she was doing to Gia.

“Stan, Gia tastes divine. Her skin is soft and warm. I wonder what else might make her crazy hot.”  I was close to coming. But I had to know, would she do it? Would she tongue Gia’s asshole and kiss her there?

As if Tate was mind reading, she placed her hands on Gia’s butt and tongued her from her pussy up into her ass. She buried her face there making the most delicious sounds I ever heard while Gia screamed in delight.

“Gia, you feel good. I’m going to pull your cheeks apart and stick my tongue in—”

“Stan, wake up. I don’t want to be late to the party.” Groggy, I rolled over to see Tate dressed for a night out. “Wow, I was out of it.”

“Yeah, you were. Now get rolling. We leave in fifteen minutes. Gia wants to have drinks first.”

“Gia’s here?”  

“Well, yes, silly. We invited Gia to ride with us. What is with you?”

What was with me? I awoke from the hottest dream in the world, and the three of us were heading out. How would I contain myself?

Tate lingered at the door. “Hey, babe, I know it’s been a long week. Are you up for some extra fun tonight?”  

“Sure, what did you have in mind?”

“Since I met your dare, I dare you to go commando.”

My dare, wait. It was a dream, right?

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