“What? Carol and Armand’s annual Halloween gathering is a swinger’s event?”

“Yeah, it’s perfect. We can go incognito.”

“Dressed like that lovely ghost you are strangling on your erection? No.”

Roger loved Halloween and role play, and he used every body part to that end.

“Baby, don’t you like my ghost?”

“I like it real.” I snatched the white makeshift ghost costume off his penis. Clothes are for people, not this lovely erection.” I stroked his cock.

“Okay, but you’d be up for holiday costumes to add an extra intrigue to our first swinging opportunity?”

I kissed him on the tip of his penis.


Roger organized our sex plans, and he set up something he thought we would both enjoy. Since I was tentative about a more adventurous sexual lifestyle, he eased me in. He arranged a wife swap with another couple. I trusted him. We attend the party as one part of a pair, and meet our matches when we arrived at the party.

Roger bought our outfits. He was decked out as a Top Gun pilot, and I was Zorro’s mate. My breasts were cinched up in a bustier top. I liked the sexy feel of the open armlets and mid-drift top riding above my hip-hugging, tight skirt, and boots. No panties. I wanted Roger to be proud and get what he wanted. As I put the finishing touches of the mask and hat on me, I channeled Zorro’s masked woman. How would I service my masked man? How would Zorro service me? What would Roger like?

As soon as we reached the party, Roger left to circulate and see if our couple had arrived. I headed to the bar to pick up a glass of wine and take the edge off my jitters. When I saw my man behind the bar, every hair on my body stood on end at once. Roger never shared that Zorro was tall and built. He could be a movie star. Tonight may be my lucky night. I called on my inner bad girl self to take charge; that’s what Roger would want. Enjoying the view of my match boosted my confidence as I transformed into the type of woman who would be with this man.

“Hello, tall, dark and Zorro.”

“Hello,” I noted his appreciation with the slow but full once over of my body. “Alright. My counterpart for the evening.” I blushed. “You look lovely in your mask and hat.” He winked at me.

“Oh, please. If we are a match, then I’ll call you Z.”

“But of course. And what shall I call you?” I looked him over, and I purred. I felt like a hellcat in heat.

“Kitty will do.”

“May I get you a drink, Kitty?”

“My usual is white wine, but I believe a shot of tequila might be more appropriate.”

“Coming right up. Want that with a lime?”

“Yes, please, Z.” He appeared at ease as he stood behind the wooden structure. Clearly, he had done this before. “May I ask you a question?”


“How often do you do this?”

He pulled out a shot glass and plunked it on the counter. Picking up the tequila bottle, he poured the shot and pushed the glass my way. “I make the event rounds.” He slid the salt shaker toward me and sat a bowl of lime wedges beside it.

“This is my first time.” I sprinkled salt on my hand and tipped back the shot. After I had licked the salt, I bit into the lime.

“Carol and Armand throw great parties. I bet you will find everything to your liking.”

“I am pretty sure, I have.” The familiar burn and taste of the tequila warmed my insides and bolstered my courage.

He grinned at me. Okay, Hellcat, it’s now or never.

I loved the surprised expression on his face, as I came around beside him. He gazed up and down my body causing me to sizzle. The combination of alcohol and the scent of the mixers made for a heady cocktail, and I was ready to taste.

“So you have a plan back here, Kitty?”

“I believe I do.”

I scanned the room, searching for my husband, but he was absent.  I ducked down, hidden, and on my knees in front of Zorro. I took my hat off to give me more room and popped my breasts out of the bustier for optimal viewing pleasure. If I was doing this, I might as well give it all I’ve got. The look on Z’s face was priceless.

“Are you ready, big boy?”

“With a gorgeous willing woman on her knees, who wouldn’t be up for this fantasy?”

I pulled myself up by the waist of his pants and rubbed my face at his zipper, checking to see if the equipment felt as good as it looked. Rewarded with exquisite stiffness, I unzipped his fly. His smell combined with the liquor and citrus aroma turned me on. I pushed my hand into the opening, thrilled with direct skin contact. “Well, you came ready to play tonight.”

“And you too, Kitty.”

Pulling out his thick erection, I kissed it from the tip to the base.

“We’ve got company, Kitty,” he whispered.

“Hi, what can I get you to drink?”

“Two glasses of Chardonnay, please.”

“You got it.”

He looked at me as he bent over and reached into the refrigerator and grabbed the Chardonnay bottle. At that moment, I performed my magic on his erection by going all the way down. An unexpected moan added to my delight.

“You okay, man?”

“Oh, yeah. I pulled a muscle working out and bending over reminded me of it.”

The clink of the bottle to the glasses let me know he was having trouble staying focused on tending the drink. He shook while I sucked his dick. I pulled him closer to me with enthusiastic sucking while I bobbed to the beat of the music playing.

“Here you go, sir.”

After the man had left with the glasses, Z’s hands squeezed my shoulders. “Okay, Kitty. We are moving this merrymaking.” I popped my mouth off him, and as he wiggled putting his erection back in his pants, I got the girls situated in my bustier.

“This way,” he said.

The door behind us led to the outdoor patio and pool area. Z hurried me along the crisp quietness to the side of the pool house, out of sight by guests.

“Great tricks and treats, Kitty. Are you sure about this?”

I nodded yes, and he turned me to face the wall. The echo of his pants unzipping made me wetter. He rubbed a hand up my thigh to my ass and dipped into my folds.

“All skin and you are ready. Um huh.” After he had pushed my skirt to my waist, he nudged his cock between my full, wet lips. “Is this how you thought tonight would be?”

“I didn’t know what to expect?”

“You got me charged up with your sucking and wow, it made you a dripping mess. I’d love to drill you hard?”

“Let me have it, Z.”

Holding my hips tight with two hands, he pulled my ass to him.

“Bend your arms and lean into the wall to cushion yourself.” He rocked back and forth lubing himself between my drenched pussy lips which stimulated every sexual nerve cell I had. My tilted ass wiggled, and I wanted to feel him inside me.

“I want your breasts. They are luscious.”

“Oh, yes. Squeeze and pinch, hard.”

Our bodies molded and accommodated to his movements. After he slid his hand in my bustier squeezing and pinching me, I circled my clit, and he rammed his cock inside me. The combined sensations filled me and shot me off into another level of pleasure. Oh, damn. Roger wanted to see this, but I can’t stop now.

“Fuck me, Z. Make your mark.”

With his arms anchored to my body, he became a piston engine. In my mind, I was Zorro’s woman, pretending the crack of his whip caused me to surge toward him and into my being. His frantic movements came faster, and I tossed my hair as if I had become the whip. A wild cry burst from my mouth as my orgasm ascended and his groan matched mine. Outdoor mating animals had nothing on us. We slumped against the wall, slowing our breathing and the creaky night sounds surrounded us. Burning firewood laced the air. When had it gotten cold? I straightened up and righted my clothes while Z did the same.

“I hope it was what you liked, Z.”

“You’re kidding, right? We must do it again.”

“We’ll see. I’d better go find my mates.”

“Let’s have a shot together, for good measure.”

Walking across the patio, I knew that Roger would be proud because I took the initiative. We walked back to the clubhouse, and I picked up my hat and put it on. Zorro poured us both a shot. As I smashed the glass back to the bar top, Roger called my name.

I smiled and turned to face him. There, in front of me, stood a masked Zorro and a Top Gun instructor. I swallowed hard.

“Honey, I know you were nervous, so I decided to introduce you to Johnny and Linda before we got official with our plans.”

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Installment #7 of a Service House Story. Click here to read from the beginning.

Julianna tied Lowell’s arms to the bed in the instruction room.

“Master Orlando will be unhappy with you for switching places with me, sir.”

“Yep, and I don’t care.” Her face remained perplexed, as she affixed my bindings.

“Julianna, when he’s in teaching mode, he teaches. That’s the code.”

“It’s Periwinkle’s turn with him, isn’t it?”

I pulled on the bindings checking their range of movement. “Yes.”

I hadn’t seen Periwinkle since the night on the hard wooden table when she wrapped her beautiful mouth around my cock.

“You need to be careful, master. I recognize that look you are sporting.”

I understood what Julianna meant. We had both been interested in her, and she picked Orlando over me. That was a long time ago. This connection was different.

“Do you want the blindfold?”

“No. I want to see them.”

“Yes, sir, Master Lowell. I’ll let Master Orlando know you are ready.”

For Orlando, teaching pre-empted everything else. He was such a head case about instruction, and I used that to my advantage. Tonight’s scheduled lesson: How to pleasure two on one. Orlando taught stellar double-timing techniques. I should remember, we created the process together. He would pleasure my cock while he showed Periwinkle how to and while he did, that should humiliate him. I, unlike the others, knew how to tap into that part of him which was still quite active and alive. We discerned everything about each other’s sexual proclivities because we trained together when Service House opened.

The metal door handle jiggled and snapped me back to the moment. My cock responded to Periwinkle entering the room. I inhaled her light, magnolia scent and it aroused me fully.

“What are you doing here, Master Lowell? Where is Julianna?”

“Slight change of plan. We had to shuffle around because a trainee left ill. I moved her elsewhere.”

The heat rolled off Orlando, as he attempted to suppress his pissed off feelings, but I was more interested in Periwinkle, who concentrated her focus on my erection. A range of emotions raced across her face, and I guessed she was replaying our last time together—strapped to the table. She had received intense pleasure between her legs, as she sucked the life out of me.

Orlando dismissed this current exchange and moved into training. “Periwinkle, there is much to learn about engaging all the senses to the cock orgasm.”

“Yes, master.”

“Double timing is a wonderful way to share and accentuate pleasure for the recipient. We can take them to the edge of ecstasy, back off, or provide non-stop stimulation. We can choose to engage the subject or not.”

“Yes, sir. What is our focus today?”

“Today, we are going to concentrate on the enjoyment that the givers create together.”

What? No. That isn’t today’s lesson.

And with that statement, Orlando smirked at me and commenced his class. Break education protocol was against the house rule. I was the designated subject, and now I was at his mercy.

Orlando savored demonstrating hands-on techniques. I could barely concentrate on the incredible sensations going through my body, as I seethed inside for his topping me.

Damn, him. His fingers stroked under my balls and down my ass, he slid his mouth further up my cock, so did Periwinkle. She was a natural. The suction on my cock from each of them pulled all the arousal from me. Did she recognize how magical her touch was? I wanted her. I realized too late what Orlando had done.

They each alternated between long, licking strokes and going down on me, and then they licked me at the same time. When each of their mouths hit the perfect balance on my tip, they rolled their tongues around. That unhinged me. I don’t know why, but it always had, and Orlando knew it. I was coming. He nailed me with his eyes just as their tongues danced on my tip and then onto their lips that pressed together. I could hear him thinking, “Take that, Lowell.”

Kissing passionately, they released my cock to spurt into the air. The physical sensation ripped through me wasted as the emotional dissatisfaction left me aching, again.

“Thank you, Periwinkle. We will debrief at the end of the night. This session is over, go prepare for your next one.”

“Yes, sir.” She didn’t look at me until she reached the door when she was out of sight of Orlando’s perusal. Her look haunted me, sad and contrite. She didn’t understand, but I can help her to see. With her gentle touch, the door closed.

“Lowell. What the fuck? You were out of line here. Watch yourself. I say what goes. You don’t.”

“Orlando, you and I understand that free will is still part of this process. If she wants me, she can have me. Now untie me so I can get to my next session.” He unfastened my restraints with a dismissive attitude and then headed to the door.

I waited until his hand was on the doorknob.

“I’m doing anal training today, with Periwinkle.”

His fists clenched at his sides, as his spine straightened. I enjoyed that the tips of his ears reddened as he exited the room fuming.

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The breeze picked up, and I chose my steps carefully while we moved through the woods. As the mountain air blew through my hair, chill bumps covered my body. I inhaled the sharp, October air that held a hint of campfire smoke. Leon’s firm grip on my hand hurt. Was he afraid I would change my mind?

“We’re almost there, Melody.”

“How will we know if they are—?”

“Babe, it’s called Swinger’s Bridge.”

Never did I imagine that a weekend getaway to spice up our sex life would lead to this? Leon’s internet research found this place and here we were. The wind whistled through the gorge, as we stepped onto the suspended rope bridge. The irony wasn’t lost on me. I teetered on the bridge, literally and figuratively. In the vulnerable middle, I would have to decide to step into something innovative. As the wind gusts circled me, my brain swirled with “what ifs.” When we headed out toward the center, the air current sang with voices.

My feet halted us on the bridge. “I’m not sure I can do this, Leon.”

“Sure you can. It’s about us. What we like. We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to. We’ll leave if we don’t like the vibe.” He nuzzled my forehead and then planted his signature passionate kiss on my mouth, filling me with his burning desire. The idea of being sexual with other people turned him on, and he wanted to share that with me. I was clueless about the draw for him, but I had to admit a tiny part of me was curious as I prepared to take this leap of faith with him.

I hugged him tightly.

“Okay, for us.”

As we approached the center of the bridge, the voices grew louder. Are my eyes deceiving me?

“Cara. Jeremy.”

“Melody. Leon,” said Cara, shaking her head. “What are you two doing here?”

Leon looked as shocked as me to see our neighbors. “We were having a weekend getaway.”

“That’s obvious, but I meant what are you doing here on the bridge?”

“I, uh-uh…,” said Leon.

“Hey, no need to be embarrassed. If I’d known you were into swinging, we could have stayed at home,” said Jeremy chuckling.

“You’ve done this before?” I asked.

“We come up here several times a year to meet new people and have some fun,” said Cara. “This is the first time we have run into someone that we know.”

Electricity sizzled through me. I considered Cara and Jeremy the quiet couple in the neighborhood. Until now, I never imagined them a sexually adventurous couple.

“How does this work, Cara?” I asked.

“Usually we chat for a few minutes to get to know the couple. We touch a little to explore our chemistry.” Both Cara and Jeremy observed us with eager eyes.

I glanced at Leon. He was smiling, of course. I knew he found this surprise perfect; he didn’t know that I did too. It was better for me that it was with friends. Endless possibilities filtered through my mind.

Shifting my weight from one foot to the next, I hoped my anxiousness didn’t show. “How do you decide what to do, Cara?”

“We are pretty straight forward. We name what we like and see if that appeals.”

“Okay, what do you like?” asked Leon.

“I have always been attracted to you two, so I’m up for anything,” said Jeremy.

“That sounds good to me,” said Leon.

“Slow down fellas. I suggest we kiss a little first,” said Cara. She was tuned into my mixed feelings, anxious and excited.

You didn’t have to tell Leon twice. He stepped right up in front of Cara, and she kissed him. It made me hot watching.

“Melody, what about us?” said Jeremy.

I moved fast, so my brain couldn’t short circuit my efforts. I threw my arms around his neck, settled my breasts in his chest and kissed the shit out of him. When we pulled back, Leon and Melody were staring at us.

“All right for me,” I said.

“Great. Let’s switch it up. Female to female. Male to male,” said Cara, taking charge.

My mind slipped into a most curious and wicked place. “Let us go first, so I can watch the guys,” I blurted out.

When Cara’s soft lips touched mine, and her breasts nestled into me, I indeed had found something different and exciting. She tasted like crisp, mountain apples, laced with smoke. I sighed, and Cara squeezed my breast. Hunger ran through me.

When I opened my eyes, the guys were inches from our face, observing. That was hot, too.

“Okay, gents. Your turn,” said Cara.

I held my breath. I had no clue how Leon would respond. Jeremy took charge of the kiss, and above the wind, a whimper emerged from Leon. Yearning to touch him, I snuggled my body to his back. As I wrapped my arms around him, I held Jeremy’s arms, too. Cara did the same. We were one big lump of lust standing in the middle of swinger’s bridge, and at that moment, I decided to leap.

“You’re hard as a rock, Leon. Let’s go to our condo,” said Jeremy. “It’s close by.”

We drove in silence; our sexual energy could have driven the car. I focused on it to keep my mind from thinking. The winds of change swirled inside me. Maybe tonight’s adventures would spice things up for us.

We arrived at a mountain-view condo, and Jeremy and Cara ushered us in.

“Come this way; the guys will be along shortly.”

Heading down the hall to the master suite, Melody dropped clothes as she walked. She was nude, stunningly bare when we arrived. I was mesmerized.

“Let’s get you more comfortable, Melody.” I felt like a doll being undressed. The care with which she worked moved me. I had no idea what would happen next. Melody smiled. “You are gorgeous. I have always wanted to be with you.”

She kissed me. Her thumb and forefinger massaged my nipple and then her other hand sank into my wet folds. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and savored all her touches. I never heard the guys arrive, so it surprised me when big, warm hands massaged my ass. Had I ever experienced anything this erotic?

Melody pulled me to the bed.

“Hop on guys. I want you to face each other. Get as close as you can, so your butts touch and then lie back.” Leon draped his legs over Jeremy’s. Two massive cocks looked like statues ready for admiration and love. What a view.

“Melody, let’s lick Leon’s cock together.”

 Leon grinned, and I enjoyed that sensation. We ran our mouths along his length. I felt Jeremy’s hand on my ass. He wiggled his fingers at my wet opening and rubbed his erection on my cheek, teasing me to taste him and I did.

“Cara, Melody’s mouth is to die for.”

“I know, babe. I could tell from Melody’s kiss you would love it.
We alternated licking and sucking both cocks, together and separately. I was about to explode.

“Let us be proper hosts, tonight and give you a taste of the swinging lifestyle,” said Jeremy.

“Great idea, babe. What’s the plan?”

“Leon, you lay out flat on the bed. Melody, you kneel to his right side so you can kiss him. Cara and I will do the rest. Okay?”

“Okay,” we said in unison.

I gazed into Leon’s eyes, at the same time Melody wiggled her tongue in my slit and I saw stars. Judging from Leon’s response, it coincided with Jeremy sucking him. Leon grabbed my head attempting to get control. I did the same. We locked in the craziest of kisses. Other parts of our bodies were getting serviced, and we poured all the excitement in our kissing.

Leon lifted my face and scrutinized me. “Is it good, hon?”

“Oh, my, Leon. Aaaaghhh, Melody.” Melody worked a circular motion on my clit. She sucked me and then introduced a dildo inside my channel. It hit the spot. The vibrator and I both hummed.

“Jeremy, suck it, yes. Just like that. Ooooh yea.”

“Lift your legs up, Leon.”

“What are you doing, Jeremy?”

“If Melody gets a g-spot massage, it is only fair that you get a prostate one.”

When Jeremy plied his lubed fingers into Leon, Leon wrapped his arms around my shoulders and crushed me with a kiss. The intensity grew. My body met the vibrator strokes and my entire body shook.

Leon’s tongue began a surging motion, unlike anything he had ever done before. I imagined he mimicked Jeremy’s action to his asshole. As my orgasm hit its peak, I broke free from Leon’s mouth and screamed. Leon echoed me. I collapsed on top of him, and we rocked in each other arms.

As Jeremy and Cara pleasured themselves, I floated with the rocking bed, exhausted with Leon. Soon the couple plopped beside us.

“Well, mates, what do you think?” asked Cara.

Leon stroked my hair and kissed the top of my head. “Impressive.”

His glassy eyes shone with love for me. “I agree, Leon. Spice works.” I swatted his butt. “Maybe, you’ll get some pegging action when we get home.”

Leon waggled his eyebrows at me.

“Okay, Jeremy, I believe we are ready for what we discussed in the living room.”

Author Note: This story was inspired by my friend misreading the "Swinging Bridge" sign.

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“Anybody claimed this cot?” A sweet, shaky voice directed my attention away from my iPad. I had been watching an action movie to help forget my break up troubles.

“No. It’s yours.” A college girl sat her backpack beside the cot and sat facing me. Her shorts peeked out the bottom of her rain jacket that coordinated with her Keen sandals. When she pulled the hood off, I glimpsed a scared and beautiful face. Well, hello. She could be a distraction.

“How long have you been here?” she asked. I sat up and met her frightened eyes.

“I got here early, about six hours ago. Let the evacuation countdown begin.”

“Have you ever stayed in a hurricane shelter before?”

“Yeah, it’s livelier to stay here and be with the cool people than alone in my apartment. I’m a local bartender, so I know a lot of folks.” I hoped my banter helped settle her fear. “What about you?”

“No, never a shelter much less a hurricane. I was passing through seeing the sites when the storm approached. I figured this was my best bet since I don’t know anyone in the area.”

“You’ve never been in a hurricane before?”

“No, I’m from Kansas. I’ve experienced lots of tornados.”

“Probably similar except we get storm surge. That part can be nerve wracking. You here alone?”

“Uh huh, I’m headed to an internship in North Carolina.”

“Cool. Have you been on our barrier island before?”

“No, I must admit, I feel a little anxious. The shelter workers said I got the last spot. We are closed in.”

“Alright, they do a good job here. Want to get some food and then get settled in?”

“That sounds nice.”

“My name is Charlie.”

“Thanks, Charlie. I’m Laurie.”

Laurie shrugged off her coat after I suggested a tour of the facility and some food. I enjoyed the woman under the jacket, all curves, and legs. Delivering my favorite one-liners from the bar, I got her laughing. My youngest child personality seemed to be winning her over. We chatted about island life and college opportunities. It surprised me that we had so much in common. After eating, we played a rousing game of bingo with some of the island old-timers. They flirted with Laurie, and I enjoyed her reaction to them, a lovely blushing pink tone.

When the game folded, we went back to the sleeping area. The stale air and body sweat permeated the gym. The storm was going in full force, and the wailing wind produced eerie sounds. We sat on our designated cots arranging our belongings.

“Charlie, I’m sensitive to loud noises. I have a favor to ask.”


“If I get scared would you be amenable to me bunking with you?”

“No problem. Climb on in.” Yes, hot woman, hop in my bed.

With our blankets and pillows, we got situated on our cots. Knowing that a desirable, interesting woman was horizontal next to me drove me insane. After reading a novel in an attempt to put Laurie out of my mind, I managed to fall asleep. A loud crash woke me and then a wobbly, warm body slid in behind me. I pulled the light blanket over us. “It’s okay. We are safe here.”

“Thanks, Charlie.”

When another wind gust picked up, Laurie spooned so close to me that I felt her heart through my back. She put one arm around my waist under my tee-shirt, and I patted my hand on hers.  Be a gentleman, Charlie. She wiggled, squeaking the cot, and it felt like I was a pair of jeans she was trying to fit in to. My penis started a dance in my gym shorts. The more the wind gusts and banging shook us, the tighter she held me. I sucked in a deep breath when she dropped her hand on my hip and brushed my erection.

As the storm intensification was heightening, Laurie took comfort in my body. I floated like I was in a dream. She tightened her grip on my hip and moved her mouth near my ear.

“Charlie, is it okay if I hold your cock?” Hold on to anything you want; I have gone to heaven.

“Do what you need to do.”

Her warm hand dipped past the waistband of my shorts and made direct contact with my erection. We were in the corner of the middle school gymnasium, covered up by a flimsy blanket. Even with people all around us, I was in a sexual trance as she held and then rubbed my cock. Tentative, she was not. As her calming mechanism worked for her, my pleasure sensation surged out of control. I considered that the entire room, families with children, would hear me, so I shifted to my back to gain access to her mouth. She molded her body to my movements.

“Thank you, Charlie,” she whispered in my ear.

“I think I should be thanking you, Laurie.” My hand wound around her hair, and I pulled her mouth to mine when she started stroking me in earnest. I captured her mouth and indulged in the sweetest tongue ever. It was as if the fury of the storm lived between us and our tongues told the story. I moaned and deposited all my sounds in her mouth. I was pretty sure no one could hear us because the storm had gotten deafening.

I wondered if this was how primitive tribes had had sex, with family members all around them or Native American Indians in a teepee or even camping with a group in a tent. As she touched me, those thoughts vanished. Frankly, I didn’t care who knew; her efforts were phenomenal.

I was as attached to her mouth and tongue as she was to my cock, and I slipped one hand over her breast. She groaned, and I felt a hard nipple under my fingertips.

“Charlie, pretend I’m fucking you.”

Those words put me over the edge. As I was about to cum, I sealed our mouths with a kiss to keep my moan contained. Never had I imagined that I would be jerked off in the middle of a hurricane surrounded by evacuees. I hoped that my spasmodic body remained hidden from the room’s view while under the blanket. My Bob Marley tee-shirt soaked up my plentiful spurts. After I had shot my load, I held Laurie close, thinking about her last words.

We fell asleep, and when we awoke, to our surprise, the worse was over.

“Thank you, Charlie, for helping me with my storm anxiety.”

“No problem, Laurie. It won’t be long until we are out today, maybe you could come with me and check out how my apartment fared.”

“I do have a couple more days scheduled for the island. That sounds like a fun idea.”

“Great. My cock and I would like the opportunity to thank you for sharing your excellent calming techniques with me.”

Laurie laughed. “I should be embarrassed, but I’m not. I had fun, Charlie.”

“You can be my shelter bunk mate anytime.”

Prepared to leave, we gathered out belongings and stood in line to exit. One of the bingo players, Dan, came up behind us. He slapped me on my back and leaned toward my ear opposite of Laurie.

“Charlie, I want you to make sure you show Laurie a good time before she leaves the island.”

“I will Dan, I promise.”

“Ah to be young again. I hope you can satisfy Laurie as well as she satisfied you.”


“Did you think in a room full of people, we wouldn’t know what you all were up, too?” He elbowed me in my side. “Do an old guy a favor. Make sure she gets as good as she gave.”

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It was our regular Friday game night with my friends. This crowd hated my single status so on occasion they would surprise me with a new guy. Tonight was one of those nights.

I arrived with my traditional barbecue chicken dip and spotted the new guy the second I walked in. Making a bee-line for the kitchen, I sought out Sheila.

“Who’s responsible for this tonight?” I sat the casserole dish and chips on the counter, anchored my hands to my hips, and turned prepared to blast Sheila.

“It’s not what you think, Alice.”

“Oh? You’ve rounded out the numbers tonight what am I supposed to think?” I opened the chip bag, selected one, scooped into the dip and then popped it in my mouth.

“Here. Take this beer and hear me out.”

“Fine.” I took a sip to settle down.

“The new guy is Jorge. He is making a presentation for my company this week. I felt inhospitable for not entertaining an out of town guest.”

“So this wasn’t a fix-up.”

“Nope. He’ll be gone next week.”

“Good. Okay, then. Sorry, I jumped the gun. Who picked tonight’s game?”

“Stanley. He took the liberty of creating the teams.”

“Great. So I’m with the new guy?”


“And we’re playing what?”


“Well, at least I won’t look like an idiot acting things out for Charades or Pictionary with someone I’ve never met.”

“I think you can handle Scrabble.”

We walked to the family room. The others were around the table setting up the board. I glimpsed over to Jorge. He laughed with the others. I had to admit he was hot and I liked men who appeared at ease in a group. Since I knew my friends weren’t meddling, maybe tonight will be fun.

“Hi Jorge, I’m Alice. Welcome to this crazy group. I hear we are partners.”

“Hi Alice, I hope you have a sense of humor. I’m a math guy, not a spelling guy. You aren’t a cut-throat competitive player, are you?”

I shook my head laughing. “Hardly. We’ll make it a fun time.”

He placed his hand on my back as we moved to our designated spot on the piano bench. That simple hand gesture and touch spoke volumes; his hand hello was even more enticing than his sexy voice. We sat on the bench, hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder. It was nice and inviting.

He pulled our team’s seven playing tiles and set them on the holder.

“I decided to add a new element to tonight’s game,” said Stanley. I held my breath. He always stirred things up. “Tonight is a sexy night. We’ll create words from the wonderful world of sexuality. Everything counts including slang and phrases.

Holy crap.

Stanley smirked at me because he knew I wouldn’t make a scene in front of the new guy.

“Wow, you may carry us tonight,” said Jorge. He smiled and patted my knee. His touch shot tingles all the way to my crotch.

“I enjoy changing the tiles around for visual aid, do you mind?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me.”

I moved the tiles around, searching for words. I had plenty of sex words in my head. Jorge stirred them up, and my interest level was engaged.

While I worked, Stanley played first and spelled SNATCH. Hello, sex. I wiggled on the bench, and Jorge turned to me, his face framed with a questioning look. The second turn provided TITS. The third turn laid out HOMO. How could placing sex words on the Scrabble board make me horny? Staring at our tiles, I propped my elbows on my knees and my chin on my fists and considered the wetness of my panties.

Jorge took the opportunity to shuffle our tiles looking for word possibilities and we both froze when he spelled the phrase, SUCKME.

Jorge whispered in my ear, “What do you think?”

What did I think? What did I think of his play or the idea of one of us sucking? I shifted toward him and looked into warm, caramel eyes with black flecks. His full lips smiled, and I considered the question. What did I think about the phrase or the idea, suck me. I’d love those lips on me, and if the fullness in his pants were suggestive of what was there, I would have a lot to suck. My imagination worked overtime.

“Play on the S?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me, but let’s just use the one word.” Jorge winked and picked up the tiles. He played UCK under the S.

“We’ve got a lot of things on the board to suck,” said Stanley and everyone laughed. I pulled new tiles from the bag adding to our letters as the next turn started. I shuffled the new tiles and MYPENIS emerged. I halted. It felt like we were playing an Ouija Board Scrabble game.

“I’m going to grab some more food.” Sexual energy ran through me as I stood up and headed for the kitchen. I placed my hands on the counter, steadying myself and let out a deep breath. I was so turned on. A warm body pressed against me.

“I sort of like this game, what about you?”

I was known as the slow, reasoned processor. Being impulsive wasn’t my thing, but it was today. Leaning back into his body, and feeling an erection nudging me, I rubbed my hand down his leg. It was decision time.

“You want me to suck you, Jorge?”

“Only if you want to, Alice.”

I faced Jorge. His beautiful mouth intrigued me. I grabbed his hand as I headed toward the kitchen door. “Stanley and Sheila, I left some things in the car, and Jorge and I are going to get them. We’ll be back.”

I opened the door, and we slipped out. I imagined my friends snickering. They didn’t even know what phrase sat on our tile holder.

“I have a van.” I pulled up the rear door, and we stepped into our new little world.

“I’m an equal opportunity player, Alice. Let’s both enjoy sucking.”

I don’t know whether it was his Spanish accent or the desire in his voice when he uttered the word sucking, but I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. He worked quickly, too and we lay down on the cargo mat.

“Come here and let me kiss you.” I moved on top of him and giggled. “What’s funny?”

“We’ve gone from a Sex Scrabble Ouija Board game to Strip Scrabble. This is some game night.”

“I take it this is not usually what happens?”

“No, never, but I like what it has served up.” I slid my hand over his hipbone and down to rub his erection.

“This will be the best out of town memory,” he said.

We kissed like first timers exploring new territory. With different touches and strokes, we found our way to shared intense pleasure. I was warm and enveloped in sex goodness. When we changed positions for our mouths to explore the sex territory, our moans reminded me of youthful exploits. Delight and passion cranked up, and I gave Jorge as good as I got. Our bodies fit together perfectly and in another unexpected event our orgasms surged together. Locked as one in ecstasy, we rocked together kissing and licking until we stilled. I cataloged the nip in the air and the scent of us in the van. It would always remind me of life-affirming choices.

I shivered and Jorge held me tighter.

“Ready to get back and play Scrabble?” asked Jorge.

I chuckled. “I wonder what words will show up this time.”

“Maybe, GROUP SEX?”

“You are one open minded guy. With this crowd, who knows?”

“Do we need letters to make it happen?”

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