Clara and Brian planned a trip to Mexico for a week of fun and sun with their best friends. Clara could barely contain her excitement because she had read the best place to try new sexual things was during vacation. She didn’t have the courage to tell Brian that she wanted to try some backdoor action. He was open to suggestions, but she had no clue how to tell him without feeling like a total freak.

When they arrived at the resort, everyone checked in, and then they dispersed to their previously scheduled events. While the men went to the marina and sailed out on their fishing charter, Clara, and her friends changed into their swim suits and headed for the beach.

After they had got settled in beach chairs, a server came over to take a drink order.

“I’ll have a Rum Punch,” said Clara.

Joanie and Rachel chimed in for the same. With the drinks delivered, they laughed at their tacky paper umbrella decorations.

“You seem pre-occupied, Clara,” said Joanie.

“Yeah, we’re here, and the guys are off fishing. This is what we wanted, vacation,” said Rachel. They did know her well, but her sweaty hands and jittery stomach confirmed her nerves.

“I am stressed. There is something I want, but I don’t know how to get it.”

“We are the masters of getting what we want. Tell us what it is,” said Joanie taking a slurp of her fruity rum drink.

“I can’t tell you.”

“What? We share everything,” said Rachel.

“Yeah, but this is personal.”

“Ok. Code for sex. Spill it,” said Joanie.

A large knot formed in the pit of her stomach. She grabbed her drink and sucked in a large portion for courage and then blew the words out.

“I want Brian to nail me in my backdoor.” She waited for what seemed like forever before her friends spoke.

“Oh, darling you two haven’t done that, yet?” said Rachel.

“I thought every straight woman had,” said Joanie.

“Oh, no. Now I feel bad for a different reason. Do you think Brian wants to, and he thought I didn’t?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he loves you and your straight lace self so much that he can’t bring himself to suggest it, just like you.” Rachel reached for suntan lotion and prepared to rub it on her legs.

“Why don’t you leave it up to Joanie and me? We’ll help make it happen.” Clara knew Rachel had that sound in her voice, the one where she was in charge and on a mission. “When the guys get back from the fishing trip, you’ll be all set.”

 “Thanks for offering to help, but I need to do this one on my own.”

“Ok, let’s get some sun. Here let me put some sunscreen on you.”

For five days the women kept the same routine. Breakfast, spa, lunch, drink and sunbathe, happy hour, dinner, dancing then bed.

Clara overdid the sunbathing on day six and rushed to the hotel. The guys were due back any minute. Entering the hotel room, she heard the shower running. Brian had arrived early. Realizing how much she missed him, she stripped off her suit and ran to the bathroom.

His mint body wash filled the air. As the shampoo in his hair ran down his face, he had squeezed his eyes shut. She admired the man of her dreams as he lathered himself up. She loved watching him wash. Those strong fingers moved over his chest and then down to his balls and cock, and when he slid them between his ass cheeks, Clara shivered. She imagined how it would feel if his fingers soaped her crack, firm and sure, getting her ready. Clara ached to experience it.

“Hey, baby.” She moved into the shower and touched his chest. He stuck his face under the water and rinsed the soap off and then leaned down and kissed her.

“Did you have fun with the girls?”

“Yes, did you have fun with the boys and the fish?”

“Record catch. It was outstanding.”

“We have dinner and dancing plans tonight, you going to be up for it?”

“Sure. We get to spend the last two days together.” Brian moved over, so she was under the water, and he started soaping her up.

“Turn around.”

“Be careful, I got some sunburn on my back. Maybe I’d get the message tropical sun needs sunscreen.” He turned her around facing him and the smile he gave her was like he had won the lottery.

“I got the message.”

“You did, no sunburn on you.”

He smirked at her.

“No, I got the message.” He pulled her close and his lips ravished hers. It was a deep and penetrating kiss that spoke of their connection.

“No time to play now. I’m not missing these dinner reservations for the best dessert in town.”

“Oh, it’s going to feel so good.”

“Save it for later. We’ll have lots of time.”

“Ok, I’ll just keep thinking about it, and I’ll be hard all night.”

“Hard for me. I love it. Now let’s get moving.”

Brian kissed her on the top of her head and swatted her butt and winked. “I can’t wait.”

Later in the evening, the three couples had enjoyed the meal and waited for dessert. Clara had excused herself from the table, and when she came back, Brian’s chair was empty.

“Where is Brian?”

“He said he had to run to the pharmacy. Oh, look here’s our dessert,” said Joanie.

Clara had eaten half her chocolate cake when Brian sat back down. He kissed her cheek. “We’re all set,” he whispered. “I got everything we need.”

“Oh, Mr. Romantic. You prepared for our evening.”

“I want it to be perfect.”

“Finish your raspberry tart so we can go.”

Clara and Brian giggled all the way to the room. Behind closed doors, she provided a little strip tease and then undressed Brian, delighted to see his erection. Dipping down, she cupped his balls and stroked him and licked the head of his penis. Divine.

“Stop, Clara. I want this focused on you.” He reached for the pharmacy bag and dumped the contents on the bed. A quizzical look registered on Clara’s face as she stared at the pile of lube bottles.

“I probably went overboard, but I want it to be good for you.”

“Baby, it’s always good for me.”

“I read an article while I was at the pharmacy, so I feel informed.”

“You read an article on using lube?”

Pulling her to him, he grabbed her ass with both hands, and she felt his fingers inch down into her crack, and then one finger touched her asshole. “Well, how to use it here.” She gasped.

“Brian, you knew what I wanted. How? It’s not like I gave you a sign.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No, I’m not kidding.”

“Hop up; I want to show you something.” Brian grabbed his cellphone as he walked by the dresser. Clara walked behind him into the bathroom.

“Turn around, Clara.”

She turned and heard the click of the cellphone camera. “You did give me a sign.”

He held the picture out in front of her.

Sitting just above her bikini bottom, imprinted on her sunburned back were white letters: FUCK ME HERE↓

Joanie. Rachel.

She turned and looked at herself in the mirror. Brian traced the letters with his finger and kissed her neck. “This is the hottest thing ever.”

“Well if you think so, I guess you better show me what you learned at the pharmacy.” 

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Marley held her breath as she connected the Skype call. The temperature in the room seemed to rise or was that just her? If someone saw her, would they believe she was watching gay men get each other off? She banished her wimpy self from the room; she was doing this.

“Hey Marley, can you see us okay?” Two heads huddled around the screen.

“Yeah, I can.”

“You ready for some fun?

Am I?

Every time Marley went out with Jacob and Fredrick, and they made out, she got hot. She didn’t understand it, but she loved watching men love men. No way around it. It ignited her fire. She enjoyed the touches and the sheer sexual excitement that emanated from them.

One day she leaned closer to smell the sexiness and observed them, she had to do something about it. That night, poised at her computer, she headed to Google to locate a website where she could see men making out and having sex. She looked but did not partake.

Even though she was uncomfortable and a little ashamed about her curiosity, she decided to tell her friends the next day what she had done and why. They didn’t laugh at her because they had always pushed the sexual and relationship boundaries when she hadn’t. They knew her well, and she was okay being embarrassed in front of them. Prude was the word that came to mind.

Remembering their conversation, she blushed.

 “Don’t waste your money?” said Jacob.

“We’d do that for you, for free, Marley,” said Fredrick.

“We can provide it live online or in person,” said Jacob.

“Are you serious?”

Her yes answer was how this Skype event occurred.

“Now, Marley, feel free to participate.”


“The feed goes both ways you know.”

Right, they can see and hear me.

“It’s hot to think someone is watching us—or maybe even telling us what to do,” said Jacob.

“You might enjoy us seeing you get off on what we are doing,” said Frederick.

“It might make you feel sexy,” said Jacob.

She never considered that joining them could position her so they could see her masturbate. As if reading her mind, Fredrick jumped in.

“Marley, don’t you dare back out.”

“We love you, and we want to do this for you, for us,” said Jacob.

“Do whatever moves you, sweetie,” said Fredrick. He turned to Jacob and ran his nose down his cheek. “I know I intend to.”

And with that, the make-out session pulled her in. Marley situated herself on the bed, laying back, so she had ample space and positioned the laptop for a great view.

The guys rolled around on the bed kissing and touching and then discarded articles of clothing fell to the floor. When Fredrick slid Jacob’s pants down, and she saw his tented shorts, she swallowed hard, and a strangled sound left her mouth. Both men turned toward the screen.

“I feel you, Marley. Jacob’s cock does that to me. Want a close up?” He moved the computer closer to the bed and eased down Jacob’s underwear. Marley moved closer to her screen as she watched Frederick lick his cock. Her mouth watered and deep inside her pelvis ached. He turned to the side so Marley had a better view and he opened his mouth, sucked on Jacob’s balls and then slid his mouth near the head of his penis. Marley was mesmerized. She caught Fredrick’s pause, and he made eye contact with her. She couldn’t believe the words that blurted out.

“Yes, suck it, suck it hard, Fred.”

He smiled and went down on Jacob. The groan from Jacob spurred Marley on. She shucked off her shorts and panties and let her fingers discover how wet she was. She liked that Fredrick moved the computer closer. The slickness on Jacob’s cock came in second to the amount between her fingers. She couldn’t decide what she liked best, Fredrick’s sucking action or Jacob’s moans, both turned her on as she stroked herself. Her scent replaced theirs.

“Fred, I’m coming.” Jacob’s body began to jerk, and Fredrick continued working his motions. Marley’s hand matched the rhythm of Fredrick’s head bobbing.

“Fuck, so good Fred.”

Jacob threaded his fingers in Fredrick’s hair as the motion slowed down. It was a tender touch, a heart touch that caused furious strokes to her clit. Marley worked her middle finger up and down her vulva lips. Her panting increased, and she thought she heard words cheering her on as she shoved her finger inside and her orgasm detonated. With her eyes squeezed shut, the pleasure swept across her body. Her heart pounded, and her legs went rigid as the waves of contractions worked through her and then subsided. As she stilled and opened her eyes, she gazed at the ceiling and contemplated how outstanding that was. She smirked to herself. I did it. I guess I’m not a prude anymore.

“Well, you look satisfied.”

Marley propped herself on her elbows and looked at the computer. Jacob and Fredrick smiled back at her.

“I take it you got what you wanted,” said Jacob.

Marley giggled. “Yeah, just like you did.”

“You know, Fred hasn’t had his turn yet. You ready for another go?”

Am I? Hell yeah.


“Your choice then.”

“What’s the choice?”

“Your choice is the view of our bed on the computer screen or the up close personal experience of being in our bed with us. We are only a door away.”

Expectant faces awaited her answer.

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~The prompt for Friday Flash was this picture taken by F dot Leonora. Drawing from her prompt, I went to my local Italian restaurant and this is what emerged.~

The Italian restaurant closed late on Saturday night, and I was the last to leave. After bidding farewell to my friends, I stepped into the humid stickiness of summer and fanned myself. My sheer light dress stuck to my skin and I waved it to get air on my bareness underneath. Outside, I realized I had left my credit card at the table. I stepped back in to retrieve it.

The young table-busser strode my way. “This must be yours,” he said.

He had amused me all evening with flirting and smiles. I appreciated the attention. He was young and hard-bodied. I had overheard the owner say family members from Italy were working here, and I was sure the table-busser was one. When I looked up, his heated gaze made me hot.

Reaching for the card, he caressed my hand. “Meet me at the corner by the outdoor patio.” He winked at me. “Go on; I’ll see you there.”

With a smile, the tall, lumbering body hovered over me and awakened every sex sense, I swooned. Italian men.

“Yes, alright.”

He walked toward the kitchen, and the back view made my female parts clench up. I hustled out the front door and turned left onto the patio. All the lights had been shut off, so I moved against the building wall. A hand reached out and grabbed mine.

“I’ve wanted to touch you all night.” He pulled me close to him. I smelled olive oil and oregano.

“How old are you?”

“Old enough to know what I am doing?”

“And what is that exactly?”

“Putting a smile on your face.” He dropped to his knees and skimmed his palms up and down the back of my legs. His face nestled into the apex of my legs. I shuddered as his hands moved higher and cupped my bare ass. His hot breath seeped through the material onto my vulva. Oh, my word. I gasped.

“Let me pleasure you.”

He inched my dress up and nudged his nose close to my sex then he inhaled deeply.

“Sei Bellissima.” He pushed my legs apart, and his big thumbs separated my slippery lips. His hot tongue moved into my intimate space, and I saw stars. His tongue lapped at my skin. I moaned, and he secured all his fingers around my bottom to hold me still. His lips formed a tight suction on me that only highlighted his tongue work and drove me crazy with licking, sucking, and nipping. My knees trembled which opened me up more to him. His scratchy face teased my thighs and my sex. Arousal and olive oil permeated the sultry air. As the orgasm took me, my shoulders slammed into the brick wall, and my body quaked. He smoothed the cotton fabric as my body stilled and rested his hands on my thighs. When I opened my eyes, the moon had risen.

“Are you smiling?”

I threaded my fingers through his hair.

“I am.”

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“Is this a fucking test?” I slammed the phone down. How am I supposed to do this? They didn’t tell me I needed a female model in the shoot. This new ad agency guy expected me to make something from nothing.

Across the room, Alphonse snickered and shook his head at George. As the creative director for this erotic photo shoot, I had to come up with an idea and fast. I was not losing this job or the ones that could come from it. My panic over this work situation nearly choked me.

“Ellie, I am willing to do anything for you. Use me however you want,” said Alphonse.

He would, too. He’s wanted me since the day we first started working together. It looked like he would get his chance.

Okay, I will have to do this myself. It hasn’t been that long since I modeled. I can pull this off, I think.

“George, you’re dismissed for the shoot.” He nodded and headed for the door.

“Alphonse, go over to the prop area, and pick out several exercise bands or jump ropes.”

He thrived for the bondage drill. As he moved to get them, I stripped off my clothes. My nipples hardened the second the air hit them. I turned around to see the delight in his eyes. Lord, help me.

“They want a shot of a female trussed up, ass in the air, you know? Can that work with what we’ve got here?”

“I can think of nothing more fun. I’ll get creative and after—”

“Focus on the shoot, please.”

I positioned myself on the table for his reach.

“Ellie, you will look so good with these colored bands and ropes crisscrossed on your body. Have you ever had someone bind you before?”

I exhaled and kept the sigh to myself.


He stroked my shoulder.

“I promise you’ll look good when I get you set up. The photographer will be pleased.”

As Alphonse worked, I gave myself over to the predicament. I needed to be at the moment to capture the essence of the experience for the picture.

“Ellie, once I get you tied, I want you to consider how inviting the view of your ass, and pussy is going to be. My work here is to showcase that, and you know I do it well.”

That’s not where I wanted my thinking. Directing is my job. How would I direct it from this position? I know Alphonse is right, trust him, Em.

The bands stretched but held me in place. Alphonse set them for some interesting pressure points. From the side view, for legs, the thighs and calves were striped together.  The way he had massaged my skin before he secured the binding on me, reminded me of a contractor, laying a foundation to build. Alphonse was building a structure of me.

The pose for the shoot included him, in jeans and a bare chest. He used that bare chest and corded arms all over my skin as he worked to bind me up. His skin to skin touching was seductive. When he finished, I could not move, and my sex was on fire. Desire coursed through my body. I didn’t understand it, but I wanted attention on my sex.

“The photographer is coming in for the shot now, Emmie. Was there anything else for positioning?”

“Yes, slap me on my pussy.” Alphonse chuckled.

“You know I can’t do that. We aren’t supposed to activate your sexual senses just highlight them. I will pose like we discussed.”

Emmie bit her lip and put her model work face on as the photographer walked in the room.

“Wow, Emmie, you’ve taken professionalism to a new standard. The client will be pleased with this shoot. You look astounding. Alphonse, I want the light on the right side, so you stand on the left side of her. Any additional position instructions?”

“No, just get on with it. I know what we are doing,” said Emmie.

Alphonse placed his hand on her ass with his fingers almost able to graze her sex. It seared Emmie. Her cocoon state intensified her sexual tension. She was all sensation, a live sexual wire. Have I ever felt such detailed pleasure? Craving more was all she could do.

The lights went down signaling the shoot was over. Voices murmured as the door opened and closed. Alphonse must work with me for a release.

“Emmie, everyone is gone. How are you holding up?”

“I’m needy, but you know that.”

I’d be willing to address your request now?”

The hedonistic part of her answered because she thought this situation might never recur.

“Yes, Alphonse, slap me. Release the energy, let me feel everything.”

Bound tightly she could only absorb his first smack. If she thought she was hot before, she became a blowing volcano.

“Here’s number two.”





“Yee ee ee.”


Emmie believed the slaps were for release, but she learned they were only for buildup.

“What would you like now, Emmie?”

“Fuck me, Alphonse, fuck me.”

He used a ratchet to lower the table. Pushing down his pants, he grabbed handfuls of elastic bands on Emmie’s thighs and pulled her back onto his cock, and he slammed his erection into her. Emmie bounced like a rubber ball. Going for a tighter fit, he reached for the bands around her breasts. Emmie groaned. He pinched the hell out of her nipples and her orgasm ripped through. He rode her hard, and she soaked it all in.

“I’m going to give you an excellent rubdown, Emmie. Maybe you won’t be too mad at me.”

“How could I be mad, Alphonse? That was an outer-body sex experience.”

“Well, the agency sent a female model here today, but I sent her away when she arrived, hoping you would step in.”

“You set me up?”

“Guilty. But I knew you would get into it once you were bound.”

“How could you know that?”

“Really? You think everyone doesn’t know you are a control freak.”

“Well maybe.”

“Sometimes, you just need to let someone have control over you.”

“Is that what you did?”

“As they say, if there’s no way, create one. So, how’d you like it?”

“Can we do it again?”

“Emmie, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you set this up.”

She hid her grin. “You said it yourself; I was all about control.”

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Our hands locked onto each other’s body, fingers connected to the fierce pulse of our sexual energy. I longed for our passionate Saturday mornings together.

“Here?” He inched closer, positioning his hand where he knew I wanted it, snuggling closer. He smelled like sleep and sunshine.


There’s a bitter sweetness to remembering.

He nuzzled his nose to my ear, “You like it when my fingers touch you like this.” I do, I did. I wish I’d told you.

“You want me to do you first?”

“No, let’s keep going together.”

I lied. I wanted him focused on my orgasm. His fingerprints felt as if they were enlarged, supersized. Each ridge stroked my clit as he moved along his pleasuring path.

 “You are sopping wet.” His lips formed a smile on my skin at my jaw.

“I know. You remind me when your wet fingers strum my clit.”

“What about when they do this?” He dipped two of them inside me, pushing up, pressing into me with his rhythm. The bed creaked, and wet slurping sounds emanated from me as his fingers retreated and then surged inside me again. Those talented digits beckoned my body to him, only him. I think back now and believe he reached up to touch my heart.

“I want you,” I said.

“You have me. Our hands are full; we connect here.”

Under my fingers, the velvet softness of his flaccid cock invited me in. That simple tactile sensation attracted me to see what would happen. When his cock grew hard in my hand from my touches, it was sheer magic. I stroked up and down and circled the head to see what more it did. That’s a moment I’ll remember. I thought how ingenious to design male hardness covered in velvet.

Had I known it was our last time together, I would have savored every second. I moved my fingers up under his crown to his favorite spot. He smacked them away.

“No. I’m getting you off.”

I giggled. No argument from me. I spread my legs wide delighting in his large body beside me. The internal stroke continued, full and deep, while his thumb rotated on my clit. He alternated between whispering soft words of love and dirty words of lust. I pinched and twisted my nipple, and he leaned in for a nip and sucked. My body ached from the magnetic pull to him.

“Fuck, you are mine. No one knows how to play you like me.”

“Yeah, baby. Play me.”

My pelvis rose up to meet his hand as his lips trailed kiss after kiss on my neck. I turned my head to look in his eyes. Warm caramel orbs gazed at me. When they reflected back what I felt for him, the orgasm roared through me, and I threw my head back. Bells and whistles rang out as I splintered into full body sensations, spasms, and contractions. Intense pleasure surged through my body and I floated.

“That’s the fire signal. Babe, I gotta go.”

“But, you didn’t get yours.”

“Doing you always gives me mine.”

He kissed me and left.

I relive the experience on Saturday mornings when my hand is between my legs, and I need fierce and intense like only he gave.  

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This is installment #4 of A Service House Story which began with How May I Be of Service? 

Kate leaned over her computer and re-read the Service House email. An unscheduled, but mandatory, meeting was slated for tonight. Punishment would be doled out for misbehavior. Her breath caught in her throat. Closing her eyes, she took a calming breath. This event is about me. She had misbehaved with Orlando and Jason. Kate knew what she had agreed to in the process of training at Service House. What would happen now? Orlando’s words echoed in her head. “You used your tongue without permission.” She sighed remembering Jason’s comment. “Not against the rules, but frowned upon.”

She pulled out her contract and read what she had agreed to. Oh, my. The seriousness of her infraction settled into her mind. I displeased him. Kate, no, Periwinkle must wrap her head around what she had done and own it.

As she left her home for the meeting, she shivered. Her bare street carried an ominous feel and the night world shadows spoke of her hidden life. They cloaked many things, as did she. No one could guess she had joined The Service House. If they did would they know why? Was it because she met Jason? Or the women? She admitted to herself she lived a shadow life.

When she arrived at The Service House, the training instructor commanded his usual spot on the floor.

“Good evening, everyone. As part of training, which we take seriously, our staff decided to make clear with this group our expectations of you.” The lone voice echoed in the room. It was as if a vacuum sucked out all the air. Nervous energy floated aimlessly throughout the space.

“Would the trainees, take their place against the wall?”

With everyone’s neck ribbon neatly affixed and the ribbon tails waving like little flags, they represented the rainbow spectrum. Their beautiful bodies stood naked in the service position.

“Tonight we have planned a two-fold event, pleasure, and punishment. If you have pleased your trainer, you will receive pleasure. If you displeased your trainer, you would receive punishment. The processes will occur simultaneously.” Periwinkle’s knees shook, and she hoped no one saw.

“Trainers take your place with your trainee and explain your recommendations.”

Periwinkle wanted to flee, but Orlando loomed over her larger than life and more beautiful than all the trainers there. She wanted desperately to serve him.

“Periwinkle, you have two infractions.” He dipped his head breaking their eye contact, and she observed a frown.  She wanted him to touch her, but she knew that was out of the question. “For you, knowing you displeased me isn’t enough; your behavior must be corrected. You have taken pleasure twice without permission. Today, I will deal with your telephone indiscretion, and the other transgression will be addressed at our next meeting. Do you understand why you are being punished?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you accept punishment?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Periwinkle, when you allow me to know what is best for you, a sneak to take pleasure will never occur. I will always reward you for pleasing me.” Periwinkle worked hard to keep her lip from trembling. “Do you accept receiving your punishment in front of this audience?”

She nodded yes.

“You please and honor me in understanding the value of our process. Come this way.”

Orlando walked her to the interior of the large room to one of four, round beds.

“Please sit in the middle of the bed, Periwinkle.” She scooted to the center and awaited further instructions. Her stomach quivered. Orlando produced a blindfold and leaned into the bed to secure it over her eyes.

“I expect you to take your punishment in stride, Periwinkle. Now lie back and don’t move after I position your body. Under no circumstances may you orgasm.”

“Yes, sir.” With her arms flat on the bed, Orlando bent her elbows and slid her hands under the small of her back. He pushed her knees up so that her feet touched her ass.

After he had left her in the center of the bed, she lay there and considered her actions. Isn’t that what you did when you misbehaved?

Murmuring alerted her to movement and then the bed jostled when others piled on. They were close to her body, but they weren’t touching her. She could feel the heat of the bed’s group like a warm air bubble around her. There was a long silence before she heard the click. One by one, she heard the hums commence, in a sequence all around the bed until she was at the center of the humming. Magic wands—nothing else made that sound. Her imagination ran rampant. Periwinkle struggled to hold still amidst the smell of arousal, the taste of her wet mouth, the weight of her body holding down her hands, the whimpers of pleasure and the vivid picture it all created in her mind. If she hadn’t misbehaved, she would be receiving the pleasure now, not the punishment.

He did know her well. She was an exhibitionist. She would have loved to accept this pleasure shared with the other trainees and displayed for all the trainers. Instead, she was denied, all at her own selfish doing.

She wiggled her fingers and dug into the bed for relief. There would be none for her. She had never experienced anything as exciting and sexy as knowing the trainers not only watched but some participated in the group’s orgasms. Then disappointment hit her when she remembered that she would have no enjoyment.

“Feel free to make noise with your orgasms.”


The moans erupted, and Kate squeezed her eyes shut tight behind the blindfold. It was as if she expected her eyes to cut off the sensations to her body. This punishment was more painful than she ever imagined. Biting her lip, she drew blood. She was denied her orgasm as punishment, and he couldn’t have picked a better penalty. She kept her whimpers to herself.

“Move with the pleasure.”


The others bumped the bed and bounced her around as they writhed in pleasure. The smell of sex permeated every air molecule in the room. Kate hovered in the crack between receiving and denying. She breathed with ragged breaths attuned to every nuance of sex while she simultaneously distanced herself from it.

“Orgasm, now.”


She left The Service House alone and silent in her punishment, as it should be. Arriving back on her dark, narrow street, the shades of her night taunted her. 

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This is the third installment which began with How May I Be of Service?

“You all right, miss?” The cabby turned in his seat and eyed her with concern.

“Oh yes, sir. Thank you for the inquiry.” She pulled her coat tighter around her neck keeping out the damp, night air as she settled in the seat. “I am quite well.”

“I worry about people leaving this address.”

“What do you mean?

“Strange things happen there.” He nodded to the building.

“What kind of things?”

“Folks come and go at the oddest times, and they wear the strangest outfits.”

“I’m not wearing a strange outfit, and it’s a reasonable hour.”

“You may be the exception. Be warned. I think people participate in unspeakable sex events in there.” Kate smiled to herself. I resemble that remark.

The driver bid her a pleasant evening as he dropped her at her address.

As she closed the door to her flat and pressed her back to it listening for the secured click, she appreciated she had exited as Kate but had returned as Periwinkle.

Thinking of her new name caused an instant craving for the orgasm withheld. The low dull sensation in her pelvis needed a release.

On impulse, she dialed the phone. “Hello, Jason.”

“Hmmm, calling me on my private hotline number, Kate.”

“I was—in need, and I thought of you.” She clenched her pelvic muscles.

“Interesting, your request for the evening?”

“I need a conclusion. Will you talk dirty to me? And would you call me, Periwinkle?” She expected a chuckle that didn’t emerge.

“Oh, my darling Periwinkle, you want your pleasure, this evening.”

“I am naughty.”

“Besides calling me, what have you done, Periwinkle?”

“I allowed a man to excite me and shove a butt plug in my derriere. Then I watched another woman devour his cock.”

“And you liked it, didn’t you Periwinkle?”   

“I did.”

“Why are you calling?” She struggled to voice the words, but none came out. “Oh, Periwinkle, you hoped for an orgasm, but it was withheld.”

“Yes.” She sighed. “I kissed a gorgeous cock and left a little tongue, but I desired his entire erection in my mouth.” She paused considering the rest of her thought. “I wanted both their mouths on me.”

Kate put the phone on speaker and undressed. She stood in front of the full-length mirror studying her body.

“What do you want, Periwinkle?”

She retrieved her nipple clips from her bedside table and attached them, recalling the beautiful, wicked things Orlando had done to her. The smell of the fire, the taste of him, the sound of Juliana sucking him moved into her consciousness.

“Would you give me an orgasm?”

“You know what you are asking?”


“How ready are you?”

“My clothes are off, and I have nipple clips on.”

“Do you have a mirror?”


“Put a chair in front of your mirror and take a seat. Scoot to the edge.”

She glanced over her body using his burning gaze. At the edge of the chair, she assumed training stance; legs spread with hands resting on knees.

“My fingers will take you, follow my path.”


“Suck them first, Periwinkle.”

She lifted her fingers to her mouth. The action of pursing her lips coincided with a pelvic clinch and when she slid the digits in her mouth primal need awoke. Reflected from the mirror were sparks in her eyes. It was Orlando's gaze, always his gaze, which heated her up.

“Cradle both breasts and with your thumbs stroke those tightly clipped nipples. Feel me squeezing them. My hands hold their weight, and it activates your entire pleasure world.”

Her breathing shifted. She closed her eyes and imagined Orlando’s body tight against her back with his strong arms around her body, clutching her breasts. Imagining his warmth and heat, she licked her lips.

“Glide across your skin past your hips bones to what we both want.”

She gave her nipples one last rub and headed for new territory. Her fingers rested below her hip bones like ten athletes poised on the start line ready to begin their event. Fear snuck in, and her mind raced. Jason wouldn’t stop here, would he?

“Are you wet?”


“Are you throbbing?”


“You may do as you wish so long as you please me and let me hear you.”

That thought caused a strangled sound to leave her lips. Permission. That’s what she craved earlier tonight. If he had given her permission, this is what she would receive. Her fingers dove into her wet folds and rotated on the concentrated nerve bundle. She bucked against the wooden seat. Each hand worked. One attended her clit the other stroked inside her.

“I love hearing your wet skin. You are working it hard. Are you breaking the furniture? I hear squeaking.”

She replayed the way he lubed up his fingers with her wetness and then introduced them into her ass. Her moans grew loud. She loved the pressure of the butt plug, how he inserted it while attending to her clit. My clit, yes, my clit.

“I know you are close. Your skin must be glowing, and your sex is glistening. Bring it home to me.”

Periwinkle looked up in her reflection to see what he would see. A disheveled and wanton expression stared back at her. She was a creature of pure lust. The weights on the nipple clips bounced around with her movements and pulled on her as she circled the spot that would provide her release.

“Your erratic breathing stirs me deeply. My cock is in my hand. I feel your lips on it.”

The recall of Orlando’s cock with its masculine scent and salty taste roared through her like the fire in his living room. She wanted him. A continuous visual loop of dabbing his cock with her tongue played in her mind. If she had sucked him, this is what she would have experienced, the build-up and the explosion. Using the beat of her hand, she ascended into her orgasm.

“Oh Periwinkle, Kate, your orgasms could stir the masses.”

His voice held her there, splayed out in all directions with the orgasm gyrating through her body. Complete, she sat back in the chair, stretched her back and settled her wrists on her knees enjoying the satisfied view.

“I swear I can smell you from here. You arouse me.”

She picked up the phone, clicked it off speaker.

“Your inspiration delivers, again.”

“Kate, you are in training now.”

“Is this against the rules?”

“Not against the rules, but frowned upon.”

“I understand.”

“Orlando wants clear boundaries.”

“Yes, Jason. Thank you for tonight.”

“I am here for you always, Kate.”

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