Author Note: This is a continuation of How May I Be of Service? Thank you Melina Greenport for suggesting I make more installments to the initial story. 

I left the service house clutching a piece of paper in my hand. It contained the address and time for tomorrow evening. There were no specific instructions other than his words that sizzled through my body. “Tomorrow, you will lick my cock like that wearing your new tail.” My purse held the sex toy. I would arrive at the appointed time and await my instructions.

On time, I rang the doorbell and listened for footsteps, goosebumps covered my arms. What have I gotten myself into? The door opened abruptly and the intriguing man from the night before gazed at me, steadfast. What was my protocol?

“How may I be of service?” The words flew out of me. He smirked.

“Yes, you will do nicely. Come in, please.”

He removed my coat and ushered me into the main room where a fire roared in the fireplace. I followed behind him.

“For tonight, you will follow the same rules as at the service house. You may speak the one phrase. Consider this, a brief training session.”

His eyes had passion behind them and their heat settled between my legs.

“Undress over there and then present me your tail.”

I stripped off my clothes and retrieved the toy from my bag. I walked to him with my hands out holding the tailed, butt plug, “How May I be of Service?”

“Sit it on the tray, next to the lube and stand near the fireplace.”

Following the service house instructions, I spread my legs and bent my elbows and rested my hands on the small of my back, breasts out and chin up. He strolled around me inspecting my posture and my body parts.

“Purple is your color. I shall call you Periwinkle. Your large nipples are ready for training.” He opened a box and fiddled with items. With his back to me, I lusted after his ass and shoulders. He must have been an athlete. I snapped my gaze forward as he turned toward me. Standing there he held long, purple ribbons with weights dangling off them. He raised an eyebrow.

“How may I be of service?”

“Present your nipples.” When I stepped toward him, he looped the ribbons onto my nipples tightly and tied a bow. The weights pulled on me and took my breath away.

“Stand there and enjoy the sensations while I prepare your tail for insertion.”

While he opened the lube and covered the plug end, I gritted my teeth. The sharp, heavy sensations focused on two small parts of my body and made it seem as if I had three clits, all throbbing together. He approached me and without prompting, I uttered my phrase.

“Place your hands on your knees and bend over slowly.” The weights continued to do their job. I had a need. I wanted something filling my pussy because it was hot and contracting, not my ass. The sensation magnified when he flicked the weights with his finger. He alternated that technique on each nipple and then he placed his hand on my lower back pushing it parallel with the floor.

In one fluid motion, two fingers plowed up slowly through my soaked vulva lips and into my asshole. My knees shook. He continued the in and out motion to my ass causing my body to bounce and the weights to jiggle.

“I think you are ready now.” The metal end of the butt plug, warmer tonight, pressed against me. He didn’t rush like the woman last night. In fact, it surprised me when he stroked my wet folds as he inserted the butt plug. Maybe, he received pleasure from my wetness. I did.

“Stand and circle the room flitting your tail but make sure the plug stays in place.”

What an unusual sensation, my nipples ached and my pussy was swollen from desire whereas my ass was full. The feathery tail swished and tickled my rump. By the time I circled the room, he had his pants unzipped and his cock out. He crooked his finger motioning me to him.

“How may I be of service?”

“Lick my cock. Use those cat-like motions from last night.”

Bending over, I licked his erection as he pulled on the weights and I swallowed my moan. I felt like a lamp pull, clicked on and off while the ribbons cut into my skin. It was the perfect pain and pleasure combination.

“You don’t seem focused on your task.” Don’t give up, Kate. To refocus, I just changed the direction of my licking.

“Turn around and start again. Wait; show me your ass first.”

Kate rotated with haste and bent over, wiggling her tail. He grabbed it and held her in place. The pressure in her ass was real. He barely moved the tail but the sensations rippled through her. She dared to take this pleasure, would he know? I should focus on service, and hope for pleasure later.

Behind her, a throat cleared and he dropped his hand from her tail.

“Julianna, please come in. I am in a training session with Periwinkle. You can help me. Come, lick my cock and go down on me. Periwinkle, assume your position by the fire.”

Kate moved as quickly as Julianna did. From the fireplace, she observed a rousing licking session and when Julianna sucked his cock, her mouth watered. The man scrutinized her reaction. His gaze never wavered even when he came. He taunted her with his eyes like he wanted her to experience his pleasure from across the room. She was glad the fire made her skin flush so it hid her desires.

“Periwinkle, you may now kiss the head of my cock.”

Julianna dismissed herself and Kate knelt at his feet.

She considered her actions. Hoping to touch as much skin as possible, she puckered with an open mouth and placed her lips on him. As the kiss ended, she dashed the tip of her tongue on him and returned to her service stance. The kiss was for him but dabbing him with her tongue was for her. Rearranging his pants, he stood and zipped them. He presented himself squarely, face to face.

“How may I be of service?”

He fondled her breasts, nipples, and the weights. He turned her sideways and stroked her tail.

“You are mine and in my training now. I am Orlando and you are my Periwinkle.” He untied the ribbons and the blood rushed in with a stinging sensation. That tail is mine; you will leave it in the room behind that door. Take your clothes and change. Present yourself before you leave.”

Kate nodded and gathered her clothes. She removed the tail, washed the plug, and left it in the sink.

Standing in front of him to speak, he interrupted her by placing a finger on her mouth.

“You mostly did well tonight. You used your tongue without permission.” Her heart pounded in her chest. “We will address that next time and you will learn. Our session will be in one month but I’ll be watching you at the service house until then.”

A fierce arousal enveloped her. What would I learn about taking without permission?

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“What’s your audition?” Olivia, the chesty blonde, laid a magazine on the table in front of her. Her lovely cleavage was in direct line of sight of Kylie who crossed her legs to rub her clit.

“I’m trying out to be an extra in a soap commercial, you?”

“I think it’s a porn audition but I’m not sure.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“It was vague, but I figured, no harm in trying out.”

“What do you have to do?”

“No clue.” She looked around the room sizing up the other people wondering who she might audition with. She got nervous considering it. Olivia stood and looked back to Kylie, her eyes pleading. “I’m Olivia by the way. Can I talk to you in the bathroom?”

Kylie rose from her seat. They located the ladies room. “I’m Kylie.”

“Here’s the thing, Kylie. I lost a bet and this porn audition is what I have to do for losing. My friends expect a great story when I get home, preferably with an audition tape for proof.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“Not joking.”

“What’s your plan?”

“I have no idea.”

The stared at each other in the mirror, Olivia’s discomfort was palatable.

“Why don’t I do the audition with you?”

“You mean you and me be sexual?”

“Well, yeah, you are pretty hot I think I know I can pull it off.”

“You’re playing with me.” Olivia shook her head.

“Which part don’t you believe?”

“That I’m pretty hot and you’d have sex with me.”

Kylie cocked her head in disbelief. How could this woman not know she was hot or that other women would find her attractive? Kylie became a woman with a mission. She faced Olivia.

“Be an actress. Give me a seductive look.”


“Do it, a seductive look.” Olivia placed the tip of her thumb in her mouth and flicked her tongue on it. Kylie took one step forward.

“I wish I was your thumb. I’d love to know how it feels going in my mouth.” Olivia wet her lips and Kylie watched her tongue glide across them lips. Olivia’s hard nipples were visible against her shirt.

“What I’d really like is to put my tongue on those lovely erect nipples.” Olivia instantly moved her hands to her breasts, embarrassed. Kylie moved closer, toe to toe with Olivia. “How do you think that would feel?”

A surge of heat pounded in Olivia’s pelvis. “Good, I think.”

“You want to find out?” She nodded.

Kylie stroked her thumbs over Olivia’s aching nipples. A sweet little moan escaped her mouth. Kylie grabbed her hands and walked backward into an empty stall and locked the door. Olivia backed herself against the wall.

“I want to taste you.” Olivia swallowed.

“Your lips first.” Kylie leaned forward with parted lips and waited for Olivia to accept the invitation. It was a light soft touch of a kiss. They tested each other. Kylie allowed Olivia to decide how much she wanted to explore. Kylie loved women; Olivia had to come to that understanding on her own. Their tongues touched and played, teased and nipped. Kylie smiled when Olivia’s hands began caressing her shoulders.

“This is nice.” Kylie slipped her hands under Olivia’s shirt and touched her skin. Goosebumps rippled across her stomach.

“Ooohhh, I was not expecting that response.”

“What was it like?”

“It was like when you’re in an elevator and the floor drops. It has excitement and fear rolled up together.”

“What do you feel when I do this?” She cupped Olivia’s breasts under her shirt and kneaded them enjoying their weight in her hands.

“That makes me throb between my legs. I need to squeeze my thighs together to hold the energy you generated.”

“I like that description but I’d love you to share the energy. What about when I do this?” Kylie lifted Olivia’s shirt up and pulled down the bra cups and her luscious breasts spilled out for the taking, so she took. With a hand on each breast, she rolled her tongue around the areolas and sucked. Olivia pulled Kylie’s head into her chest.

“Oh, my god that feels amazing. Don’t stop. Wait do stop, I want to do that to you.”

Kylie unbuttoned her blouse, demonstrating she wore no bra. Olivia marveled at Kylie. With a clumsy touch, she pinched a nipple and looked for Kylie’s response.

“You can do that anytime. I love my nipples rough-housed.” She pulled and twisted and then she bent down and sucked. She sealed her mouth to the nipple and rolled her tongue around relentlessly. It excited Kylie. Olivia was good at this and then she sucked hard which caused Kylie to whine.

“Did it hurt?”

“Hurt so well.”

They kissed, sucked, and licked. Kylie wanted more.

“If you think this feels good, you aren’t going to believe how good my mouth feels somewhere else.” She dropped to her knees and reached up under Olivia’s skirt and pulled her panties down.

“Step out.” Olivia lifted one foot and then the other. She shoved the panties in her back pocket.

“Spread your legs and tell me how this feels.”

Kylie placed her hands on the back of Olivia’s thighs and scraped her fingernails lightly across her skin. Her knees buckled.

“I feel like I’m about to lose control. My heart is pounding and I’m wet, soaked.”

Kylie inched her fingers up Olivia’s thighs until she was face to face with what she was looking for.

“You’ve got a baby bush. I bet those lips love having hair sitting up on top like it’s in charge.” Olivia laughed. “I can hold you in place with this little bunch.”

“What do you need to hold me in place for?”

“For this.” Her left hand grasped the hair as her mouth and tongue landed in the wet zone. Olivia automatically slammed her legs together.

“Oh, oh, oh. That feels amazing.” She attempted to relax her legs as Kylie’s talented tongue licked her pussy. She shook her tongue back and forth just to see Olivia dance on her tiptoes. Dance she did. Kylie loved that response. With a tight grasp on her pubic hair, she sucked on Olivia’s clit and added a finger into her channel. Olivia began bending her knees up and down, attempting to moderate the pleasure. As her orgasm spread through her body, she tightened her legs again around Kylie’s head and rocked with the motion. She grabbed the wall to steady herself as the orgasm settled into a slower, less raucous mode. Kylie kissed the little bush and looked up.

“How was that?”

“A+ bathroom orgasm.”

“Well, we got you ready for the porn audition.”

“That we did.”

A booming voice bellowed through the air. “Cut. Excellent. Ladies that was a job well done. It’s a wrap.”

“You are such a camera hog,” said Olivia as she pulled her skirt down.

“Me, you’re the one slamming your legs around my head,” said Kylie.

“Yeah, but you kept making me talk about everything.”

“I was improvising.”

“When we get home I’m going to do some improvising on you.”

“Maybe we can play out what happens next in the movie.”

“We can, but I’m in charge of this script.” She tweaked Kylie’s nipple. “All our clothes will be off and my hands all up in your cunt. No talking for you.”

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Once my finger pressed the button, there was no looking back. The instructions left no room for error.  I could only speak one phrase, “How May I Be of Service?” This was a training event with rules clearly defined in both directions. I hoped to learn much.

After the trainees undressed, a ribbon was tied around our necks. If a guest wanted to see us again, they would ask by the ribbon color. If so inclined, they might snip a piece of ribbon for a remembrance. Purple, my color was purple.

Lined across the back wall, our naked bodies waited. Guests would approach, tell us what they wanted, and we provided it. This would repeat all night until the party ended. Guests gave us tasks to assist in our training.

My night began when a tall, luscious woman approached me.

“How may I be of service?”

“I need a tray for my drink; your back will do nicely. Come along.”

Moving to a group already talking together, she pushed me into the middle of the circle.

“Lean over, hands on your knees, flat back. Everyone, here’s our drink table.”

“Nicely poised,” said the man to her left.

“I think she needs to wag her tail,” said the shorter woman to the right.

Then she placed her hand under my chin raising my eye contact and lifted her eyebrows, intently.

“How may I be of service?”

“We want your tail wagging. Oh, here comes the sex toy tray. We will insert a plug with… yes, this tail.” She reached over and picked out one. Squirting lube on it, she then pressed firmly against the resistance of my asshole. I puckered instantly from the icy lube but I relaxed into it. These people don’t mess around. They fawned over my butt, making me giddy except for one gorgeous man who observed my facial expressions, he made me wary.  His eyes haunted me and the erection in his pants intrigued me. I wanted to service him.

Blocking my view, the smaller woman stepped in front of me.

“How may I be of service?”

“Suck my tits while we stroke and pull on your tail. Don’t spill the drinks.”

The intriguing man stepped to the side and observed my mouth. My pointy tongue circled the woman’s hard, pebbled nipples. I imagined the tip of his penis, yum. I used my teeth sucking the nipple between them, working pressure. I knew it was one of my better techniques. The woman gasped and I moaned when they jiggled the tail.

The intense man stepped into my view.

“How may I be of service?

“Stroke from underneath her breast to the nipple, leisurely.”

I flattened my tongue and with cat-like prowess, I moved up her roundness to the tip and sucked.  I heard a metal sound at my neck. He cut my ribbon.

His warm breath whispered, “Tomorrow, you will lick my cock like that sporting your new tail.”

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Life inspires stories. As a therapist, I love to consider group connections and why people are together and why paths cross. However, today in writer mode, life information gets used in a different way, it becomes sparks that transform into a story.

This weekend I met a dynamic group of eleven women dining at a local restaurant. They were visitors to the island, friends from uni, sorority sisters, on a long awaited beach weekend, traveling in from all over.

With Wicked Wednesday’s prompt rolling around in my mind, I had to decide, which person of me, the women would meet. I shared my real identity by content, the sex therapist now an erotic writer. But in the name, Dr. J., they met my writing persona.  It was the perfect blend.

I wanted them to know our interaction of energy did spark and a story emerged. Here you go ladies, this one’s for you and you have the picture to prove it!

Pen Me a Fantasy

by Dr. J.

It was an all-girls weekend, talk trash, talk men, and talk sex. All married except one, this beach weekend recaptured fun and youth. It was sanctioned Las Vegas style, “What happens on the island, stays on the island.”

After a festive and lively meal, they continued to their planned events including a designated pub crawl with a limo service at their beck and call.


Lily awoke to a set of mumbling words as a hot tongue massaged her clit. She moaned while Charlie sucked.

“I missed you.” He gave her a long, delightful lick.


“You’re so responsive.” He spread her labia. She felt freed and relaxed.

“Don’t stop, babe.”

His scruffy beard lightly teased her skin between her legs while his lips and tongue tempted her clit and vulva. She was in heat, the need tapping her all over. She couldn’t get enough. Sex with him was never this edgy or exciting.

“You can go to the island anytime if you come back revved up, like this.”

He lapped at her pussy and she squirmed. His tongue activated total body pleasure cells. Her muscles tightened and her toes curled. He spread her thighs for better access and stretched his arms up past her stomach to cup her breasts.

“This tan line highlights your assets. You were teasing all the men wearing this bikini.” God, he was being talkative. Focus, Lil.

“You enjoy knowing that men looked.”

“Damn straight. They can look all day, only I touch.”

His hand snaked back to her pussy and two, wet fingers glided through her vulva and then inside. She arched off the bed. Her pearl pulsed in his mouth while his fingers expertly milked her g-spot.

“You like this.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Roll over.”

When she did, he grabbed her thighs and pulled her back on her knees. With Lily’s head down and her ass up, Charlie had total access. This was not her favorite position, but today was a new day. She wiggled her butt at him.

“You letting me play?”

“What’s your pleasure?”

“I want to lick you completely and then fuck the living daylights out of you.”

“Do it.”

His finger traced the tan lines of her ass, claiming it for himself. At this angle and position, his beard, like sandpaper, intensified every sensation on her skin. It was earthy and raw. He licked up her slit and past it, wiggling his tongue on her asshole. Holy hell. He’d never done that before and she never expected it to feel so good. Her pussy dripped. He licked until she pleaded.

“I can’t take it anymore, give me your cock.” He pulled her onto his erection. It was what she needed, male thickness filling her up. His hands dug into her hip bones as he drew her to him. Each time his erection surged forward, his pounding pace quickened. His balls slapped her skin sounding the wetness she had created. It was all she needed to reach her orgasm. Her channel clamped down on him like a vice and her rhythmic contractions took him over the edge. 

They collapsed on the bed in a heap. She lay there in a sex haze wondering what she had done on the island and repeating the phrase, “When lips circle your clit, you will explode.”

Lily needed to compare notes with her sorority sisters and attempt to piece together what might have caused this. They had a skype session planned.

“We drank too much, I think,” said Lily.

“Well, we did the pub crawl.”

“Didn’t we all get Pirate’s Punch at the Palace Saloon?”
“Yes, I paid for that.”

“I picked up drinks at The Turtle. But the bill wasn’t that high.”

“What do you remember?”

“We danced.”

“With cute guys at the bar.”

“Which bar?”

“Which guys?”

Lil decided to ask.

“Has sex been different since you all came home?”

“Well, I didn’t want to be the one to bring it up, but mine has been really hot, especially oral sex.”

“Yeah, me, too.” After a thorough discussion, the conclusion among them was sex after the trip rocked. What had happened?

On one cell phone, there was a picture of all eleven of them, lined up in a traditional sorority style pic with the author, Dr. J. in the middle. It was the only tangible piece of evidence from the weekend. The picture was taken after a conversation with Dr. J. Was it a chance meeting? Maybe, maybe not. Lily decided to investigate. After the skype session, she checked her computer’s browser history. Sure enough, she identified Dr. J.’s website there.


Lily brought up the website and read Dr. J.’s info. She was intrigued by a specialty service, Pen Me a Fantasy. As a paid service, Dr. J. would write a fantasy based on you as a character after a conversation or an unknowing collaboration. She would observe your group interactions. Afterward, she would introduce herself.  Based on the dialogue, she would craft an erotic story as a memento of the trip. Lily confirmed in her mind that’s what happened. Charlie knew the restaurant plans for that night, he must have arranged it.

She mulled it over for several days and then approached Charlie. He was watching TV when Lily walked in the room. She held out her cell phone to him.

“Check out this picture of us from the trip.”

He barely glanced at the picture. “Nice. Having fun I see.”

“We were.”

“I’m glad. That’s what I wanted.”

Charlie didn’t bite. They had wanted a trip to remember and Charlie helped make that happen. Lily kept quiet, not tipping her hand, yet.

Lil’s phone alerted her to a text message. “Our story is up on Dr. J.’s website.”

Lily went to the computer, opened the website and read the story.

She repeated the phrase, “When lips circle your clit, you will explode.” It resonated with her body. She was getting wet, just thinking about it.

What additional services had Charlie paid for? Trance-work? Hypnosis?

“Charlie, meet me in the bedroom, please.”

“What’s up?”

“You, I hope. I need to do a little experiment.”

“I like bedroom experiments.” Lily slipped out of her shorts and panties. She lay down on the bed and propped her feet on the edge.

Charlie dropped to his knees, placed his hands on her thighs and watched her watch him. “What’s the phrase?”

“You know, don’t you?”

“Yep, I figured it out.”

“Are you mad?”

“Not exactly, sex has been really good.”

“I thought the sex therapy-erotica angle was interesting.”

“Did all the guys, know?”

“We planned it together.” Lily shook her head laughing. “Don’t tell our secret, ok.”

“You’ll get payback for this. I’ll be thinking about your upcoming trip.” Charlie massaged her thighs.

“But for now, put your magic phrase to action.”

“When lips circle your clit, you will explode.”

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She walked in wearing a black cocktail dress, sleek and modern, the ensemble of an artist. I had served enough at these events to know who was who. Dressed in a crisp, white blouse and my black, short skirt, I wore the costume of a worker. All night long, I watched her interact with the patrons. Both men and women fawned over her. This woman was gracious to all of them. Circulating with my tray of drinks near her, I heard her accented voice.

Pardon, may I sample a beverage? I am parched.” She took a glass, brought it to her lips and once her tongue peeked out, I melted. I was hot for this woman. I’m sure my eyes lit up. She looked at me and smiled, then continued talking with the group.

With four more hours remaining in the event, I took my fifteen-minute break. My favorite space was an alcove because it muffled the sounds of the gallery and few people knew of my hide-out. I snuck a beverage out with me. The draped material shifted after me and I learned I was not alone. I sat my drink down quickly. From the shadows emerged the foreign, hot artist in the sleek, black dress.

“Hello. I followed you here hoping we could steal a few moments alone.” She stepped in front of me. The curve of her breasts swelled full in the v-line neck of the outfit. I felt like a school girl leaning over to see what I could see. Oh, please catch me.

“You may do more than look, I know I’d like to.” She smiled and then touched my lips with her thumb. Instinctively, my tongue pushed forward like I saw hers tasting the drink. As soon as I felt her thumb tip, I licked gently. Tasting her skin was all that mattered. She rewarded me by pushing her thumb into my mouth, across my gums, and then she smeared my own wetness on my lips. That motion tore me up. My lower lips wetness caused my panties to bunch and I needed some relief. I sucked on her thumb like my mouth could summon magic from a genie’s bottle.

Stepping closer, her fragrance called to me. It was aromatic and exotic. Her breasts pushed into mine. I placed both hands on her collar bones and my thumbs stroked there while she continued to explore my mouth with her thumb. Moving closer with her raspy breathing, I observed her breasts as they heaved up and down. She was turned on. I flattened my hands and let my fingers edge down her chest and dip into the material holding her breasts. In one motion, I pulled the dress down to each side. No bra. Perfect naked tits materialized. She pulled her thumb from my mouth and circled both her erect nipples.

“I’m yours.”

With both my hands, I held her breasts and my mouth dove in. I couldn’t get enough contact with her soft, supple, and responsive skin. She acted fast, a factor of either time or interest, I didn’t care. Her fingers tickled my legs and my skirt traveled up my thighs. Following the gap, between my thighs, her hands wandered north to my wet panties. While I sucked her nipples, she massaged my vulva lips through fabric. Light touches on the outside, turned to heated and intense touches on the inside. She alternated working my clit, my vulva lips, and the minute she pressed fingers inside me, I broke the contact of her nipples and sought out her mouth. Divine it was, filled with warmth and a taste of champagne. Connection, I wanted all points of connection. I wanted in her panties, too. As she relocated one hand to palm my ass, the invitation was received. I mimicked the maneuver. With a nimble move like flicking a garter off stockings, I was past her panties to her tender and hot flesh. We were deep inside each other, our tongues sucking and nipping while our fingers rubbed and stroked. I could have floated in that space all night but the urgency of orgasm took over. Our strokes intensified; our kisses blended us into one. Once the orgasm hit, we wrapped one arm tightly around the other, standing in the dark, shaking violently and drinking in the muffles of our pleasure. After our hands left our pussies, we wrapped each other in a full embrace. Our scents mingled and the darkness etched our sense of pleasure on its black, inky velvet. I nuzzled her neck and gave her a small kiss. I stepped back and rearranged her delectable breasts into her clothing, kissing each swell and smoothing the fabric. Likewise, she straightened my skirt and smiled.

“This was my first time doing that at the gallery.”

Oui, this was my first time in this gallery.”

We giggled.

“I’ll have pleasant memories for all future work.”

“That’s why I wanted to share my sexual energy with you.” I cocked my head, puzzled.

“No one should have negative memories in an art gallery. It is full of life and creative energy. Now you too, have that.”

“What did you get?”

“You graciously allowed me to paint on another life canvas.”

“Yes, I like that.”

We share a kiss then she headed back to the gallery through the shadows. I found my drink and finished my break smiling at my new gallery memories.



Clipped by Dr. J.


Ellen had left the new nipple clips in the bowl on the kitchen bar. These looked more like jewelry with fancy metal balls hanging off the end, definitely not her clothespins. Roger would see them because they always drank beer standing there after golf. Her fantasy was in his hands now and she wondered what he would do. Should I go in the kitchen or wait? The answer was settled when she heard Roger’s voice.

“Hey, Ellen, I’m here with Stan.”

When she arrived in the room, each of them locked their gaze on her.

“Stan thinks you left your hair clips here.” He nodded toward the container and raised an eyebrow.

Ellen had told Roger she wanted to fuck Stan while he watched. She had no idea what conversation they had before she entered the room. Roger perceived her dilemma.

“Stan, those aren’t hair clips. They are nipple clips.”

Stan’s athletic body immediately responded. He sported a grin from ear to ear along with the bulge in his pants which had Ellen wondering about his size.

“You want to see what they look like on her, don’t you?”

“Hell, yeah, if you’re offering.”

 Her husband surprised her. “Roger, are you sure about this?”

“Yeah, babe. I think this could be fun. You see Stan, Ellen has a fantasy about being with you and me watching. What do you think?”

His words brought Ellen a new reality and her hard nipples crammed into the lace of her bra. Every sex cell in her body was on high alert, anticipating and hoping for a yes response.

“Roger, being with Ellen would be a dream come true.”

Ellen considered Roger’s words to his friend and they changed her fantasy. “Suppose I wanted you to participate?”

“With you or with Stan?”

“Both, maybe.”

“Let’s see how it goes.”

“I’m for any part,” said Ellen. “The toys and lube are in the bedroom why don’t we go back.”

“Nipple clips on first. Stan, you can do the honors.”

Ellen whipped off her tank top and her large breasts were showcased in a sheer coral bra. Her dark areolas and hard nipples ached for the clips. Roger came around her and unfastened her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders. He palmed both her breasts serving them up for fantasy man to affix the clips. He kissed Ellen’s neck and whispered in her ear. “I know this was your choice, but I want you…us, to have a good time with this.” She turned her head and kissed him. The idea that he cradled her from the back, as a hunk of a man faced her, poised to enjoy her body, thrilled Ellen. Her panties were soaked and her shorts probably had a wet spot.

“Stan, give them each a good pinch and those clips will grab on.” Stan fumbled a little but slid the tightening bar and the clips attached sturdily to her nipples. The weights tugged on her and made her feel needy. Grabbing Stan’s hand, she walked backwards to the bedroom pulling him. While the weights dangled and swayed, she saw desire burning in Roger’s face, over Stan’s shoulder. What a turn on.

“What would you like, Stan?”

“Ellen, I’m in your fantasy. Lead away.” She glanced over to Roger.

“Both of you go sit on the bed.” She opened the bedside drawer and took out a bottle of lube.  She dropped it next to the men and then wiggled out of her shorts and panties.

“Clothes off.”

After stripping, Ellen was treated to the view of two hard cocks. She wanted both.

“Sit beside each other, please.”

“Ellen, attend to both of our cocks.” He changed his mind, yes.

Her body hummed, Roger not only joined in, he directed. She gave him a big lick and rubbed her breasts on his erection. The more she administered to Roger the harder Stan got. She knelt at Stan’s feet. She ran her thumbnails up his thighs awaiting his reaction. His penis bobbed twice announcing she was in control. She watched Roger as she licked Stan. He gritted his teeth as if she had her mouth on him instead. He loved her tongue and lips on him. She gave great head and that caused him to speak.

“I want you in my lap while you suck him.” The idea of skin to skin contact with Roger while she devoured Stan got her going. She rose to her knees and Roger got under her and settled her on his lap. He kneaded her breasts and pulled on the clips as she took Stan’s erection in her mouth. Stan’s appreciative vocals filled the room and turned Ellen on. She sucked harder when she felt Roger’s steel rod rubbing her back. It was divine but she wanted more. Popping her mouth off the cock she considered her choices.

“Roger, I’m a dirty girl. How about you lube up and fuck me while I get Stan off.”

“Hell, yes,” said Stan. “Could my day get any better?”

Roger considered her request. She couldn’t decide what he was thinking. Was he changing his mind?

“I’ll lube up, but I’m going to fuck you in the ass. Hop up there with Stan.”

Miss Dirty turned into Miss Naughty and Wicked by asking for it with Stan, but her man took her to the limits. Stan tugged on the nipple clips and refocused her on reality.

“I love these. I will use them well while Roger fucks you.”

Roger lubed his massive erection. “I’m ready, Ellen, service my man Stan with your dirty little mouth.” If his words were teeth they sank into her skin and caused her pussy to throb. Settling onto the mattress she knelt in front of Stan. He had his hands on her breasts and rubbed his face on them. True to his word, he started tweaking the clips. In that moment, she became a dirty slut and she loved it.

As she bent over Stan’s penis, Roger’s hands opened up her ass cheeks. She licked Stan’s penis from top to bottom and then Roger stroked her ass crack the same way. She bobbed slightly on Stan’s penis and Roger prodded her hole using the same pace. Ellen liked this game. Whatever she did to Stan, Roger imitated it on her. Stan realized this and he added movements to her breasts in the same way. She might explode. Her entire body pulsated and ached. Her mouth, her nipples, her clit, her pussy, and her ass were on sexual fire. She opened her mouth and went down as far as she could on Stan and then held him there. He twisted her nipples and held tight as Roger inserted his finger in her ass. These points of connection lit her up. As her mouth came up Stan’s erection, Roger’s engorged penis readied for her and Ellen began piston-like movements on his cock. All motions worked simultaneously. When she went down on Stan, Roger’s cock took her ass and Stan yanked on her nipples clips. She was being used so well and it was better than she hoped. The men’s pleasurable sounds turned her on; Stan’s grunts as his orgasm hit combined with Roger’s groans. All Ellen could do was hum on Stan’s cock as she soaked up the pleasures each provided her.

When she came, she fell forward on Stan’s body and Roger toppled on her. Sandwiched between hard bodies, she inhaled the intoxicating scent of maleness, a testosterone mix with her own sex scent. The weight of Roger’s body grounded her into their sex play. She sighed. Another fantasy made real.

“Damn, Ellen, you are fun. Joan and I would sure love the opportunity to add to this mix.”

Roger rubbed her back and nuzzled her hair. “It’s up to you, baby, but I’m game. How would you like to clip another set of nipples for your pleasure?”

“You know I love choices. Round two?”

“We don’t have enough time.” I walked across the marble floor admiring the hotel bathroom. The drips from my wet hair tickled my skin. I placed my towel on the edge of the tub. “Everyone is waiting for us in the ballroom.”

“Let them wait. This is our time,” said Richard.

He stepped behind me, his erection settled between my butt cheeks as his arms came around me and his big hands cradled my breasts.

“What do I have to do to convince you?” His thumbs circled my areolas and when he got the hard nipple response he was going for, he rocked his stiffness against me. Damn, this man knows my body? I felt his chest begin to slide down the back of me. No, no, no, no time. I was being taken hostage by that wonderful tongue of his.

I think my body was built for sex games with him. His tongue and lips settled on the base of my spine. How can his touches be light and airy while hot and demanding?

“Spread your legs, Bethany.” He knew how to excite. Sex and the creative process were intricately linked to him. The creative energy possessed him in two ways and he never kept it pent up. It had to flow and in this moment, it flowed through his thumbs which had worked their way under each cheek. I loved the pressure. His hot mouth kissed down my crack, his tongue delving in along the way. My skin was on fire and even with the dampness from my wet hair on my back, I sizzled.

As his brilliant tongue found my wet center, I threw my head back. Richard grabbed my hair and pulled it taunt. I felt like a bow being readied for the arrow. Holding me in place, his tongue flicked back and forth across on my vulva then he found my clit.

“Say, yes, Bethany.”

I teetered in that spot, vibrating.  I was tight, and every sensation running through me was delicious. “Richard, there is not enough time.” He sucked on my lips and clit until my knees buckled.

“We have time, this is for us. Let’s sit on the edge of the tub.” I nodded my head as I enjoyed the pressure on my scalp and the tingles in my sex.

He released my hair and I pushed my towel out of the way and balanced my ass on the tub edge. He stabilized himself with one foot in the tub and one foot out of the tub. His face held an earnest look.

“Do you believe in magic?” I laughed at his question.

“Trick question, the song?” He glared at me. “I don’t know. Do, you?”

“I believe that when our pleasure comes together we make magic.”

I chuckled. “We are not doing a business deal here.”

“No, other things are near and dear to my heart.” His hand inched up my leg, kneading and testing my readiness. When those fingers found their way to my vulva, I gasped and he took his cock in the other hand. “Let me show you how important. I want to remind you how we got here, tonight.”

His thumb stroked my clit while his hand stroked his cock. I stared at his erection, a true work of art. As I expanded that thought in my mind, he eased his fingers inside me. The steady pace was an invitation with both hands, one in me, one on him.

“Bethany, be with me.” His face beamed with wonder and gratitude. This was always about us. Taking each other to new heights and coming back more connected than before. That’s what we did.

“Relax into it. Take it.”

Richard was right sex, now, had to be part of tonight.  It’s how we worked. Tonight we needed each other. No matter what happened, there would always be this, sex our way, whatever that was at the moment had culminated in tonight events.

Dismissing the outside world, I focused on the now. Richard had taken the stress of the event and made it into something desirable. He pounded his gorgeous cock. His face morphed from his working intensity into an ecstasy of pleasure. Then he showered that pleasurable intensity in me through his fingers. Our energy was circular. I stroked his leg after every push. It was as if it I punctuated his sentence, signaling him I received the message. We were two that made something larger than ourselves. His nearing orgasm swept me up and then we crashed into our body sensations together.

In the cavernous bathroom, my squeaky ass on the tub tile echoed and mingled with his grunts and groans when his orgasm hit. He allowed all the energy to gather and then it flew out of him. He poured pleasure into me and took pleasure from me. I imploded into light. The color was all I saw. I floated.

Blown apart again, satiated and blissfully full, I looked at him. While he basked in a tranquil haze, I glowed. Our hands squeezed each other’s leg.

“Okay, Richard. It is time to dress for the evening event.”


Walking the red carpet, they were greeted by the host talking into a television camera.

“I’m here with co-writing and directing team of Mr. Richard Toms and Ms. Bethany Williams. They are finalists for the Best New Film Award for their feature film, Notified.  I’m sure for every nominee’s it’s an exciting yet stressful night.” She paused and situated us in front of the camera. “Ms. Williams, you look radiant and Mr. Williams, so relaxed and self-assured. How do you manage that on such an important night?”

They looked at each other and smiled.

“The usual, we are low key but we essentially celebrate how we got here,” said Richard.

“We know how to embody those elements and we make it happen.”

“I think you are a shoe-in for the award. Good luck tonight.”

“Thank you.”

Stepping off the red carpet they headed to their seats.

“Mission accomplished,” said Bethany.

“Wait, we need to discuss our next film idea.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Our success backstory…you know the road to ‘radiant and self-assured’.”

“That means the theme is sex as the creative energy for work.”

“Absolutely, if we win tonight promise me you’ll consider it.”

“Does my consideration come with a magnificent tongue lashing?”

“Yes, but I have other body parts that want to play.”

“I’ll see how good your tongue does to start but first, let’s win the award.” 

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I inhaled his scent from my spot. Space was thick with people lining the subway car, sticky and stuffy, but I recognized his aroma. This was my favorite part of the day, the moment that I spent in his orbit, a mere tiny planet of me circling my sun. He read the news on his iPad. Did he know it was me that stepped into his space and with my mind caressed him? Both my hands grabbed his ass and massaged. I undressed him and redressed him. I touched him everywhere. I think the tight space, with people pressing against me, accelerated my passion and ultimate horniness. Today, I created the opportunity; I slipped my business card into his pocket as I exited the car.

Nothing about my day went as planned. I was harried, disheveled, and grumpy. Work days like today tested my faith in humanity. In the evening, I stepped on the train and found standing space in the corner. I needed to be home. Bending down, I situated my belongings alongside the wall as a pair of men’s dress shoes, encroached into my personal space. When my nose and my brain decided to work together they signaled me. Straightening up, we were face to face.

“Thank you for giving me your name, Alexa. I’m Robert.”

“Hello.” It’s him. I couldn’t seem to get out any more words. Dazed, shocked and excited my heart rate increased.

“Your card implied interest, maybe an invitation or even, permission. Yes?”

“Yes.” Gasping and inarticulate my language as a higher brain function had left me. My baser desires overwhelmed me.

“The train will be packed tonight and I want you.”

“Oh, yes.” I filtered through everything I had memorized about this man, Robert. His scent, his posture, his intent, his presence, it all impacted me and tonight we would interact in the place where it all happened.

I loved that I had on a dress with a long coat. He wore an overcoat over his suit. We could be cloaked in an adventure, wrapped in our own cocoon. He motioned for me to move further into the corner.

“Surprised you, didn’t I?” His eyes reflected the burning desire I felt.


“I know you look at me in the mornings. Now you know, I observe you in the afternoons. Unzip my pants.”

My hands were shaking as I began the task. More people piled in the car and pushed him closer to me. Having him so near was better than anything I had imagined. I would touch his most private skin first, surrounded by everyone. Oh, my. His tall body stood like a pillar shielding my view of people on the commuter.

“I’ve thought about us doing this, me touching you,” said Alexa.

“My fantasies of you start here, and I craved to act on them on this very spot.” He moved closer as my hand reached inside his pants. The head of his erection stuck out of his boxers. I lightly touched his silky skin with my thumb and feeling the pre-cum on my tip, I popped my thumb in my mouth. His musky scent filled the air around us. I was giddy and light headed. The culmination of my efforts to create an opportunity stood in front of me. His skin flushed and he observed me longingly.

“Do I taste good?” My starry eyes and grin answered that question. “I think I want a taste.” He inched my dress up the front of my legs and rubbed over my thong. With the ease of a familiar lover, he slipped his finger around the panties crotch and stroked my vulva lips. No doubt he would have something to taste, I was manufacturing my essence like a perfume company. But his fingers had plans. He leisurely stroked my folds, teasing my clit while his rock-hard erection pushed into my stomach.

“Forget tasting, I want to fuck you.” Thank God for the flimsy fabric of my dress. He and I were surrounded by layers of material. The train stopped and the movements of passengers exiting hid us and he changed our positions. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Covered by his overcoat my back was anchored against the wall. As expected, the train car was packed because this was the busiest station. I imagined we looked like a couple in a lover’s embrace, not a couple poised to fuck.

“This is so hot.” My breathy words landed on his neck. My stiff nipples ached and sent the sex signal throughout my body. I couldn’t have been more ready.

“Yes, it is.” He nuzzled my hair and face and then his lips found mine. We connected with searing heat dancing through our tongues and lips. As I felt his hand move down his pants to reposition his cock, I pulled my thong over so he had room. His erection rubbed my center causing electricity to pulse through me. The vibration of the wheels on the tracks added to the stimulation. I was ecstatic. My sex was alive. The urgency of his kiss registered but I broke my mouth away to look at his face so I knew it wasn’t my mind’s fantasy. In that pause, he lifted me onto his erection and it became real. Filled with him, I clutched tighter. I pushed up and down, me minimally moving, him holding still. The look on his face nearly brought me to tears. Ravenous lust and desire flew off him and he kissed me again aiming all that intensity at me. He stood so steady that when his orgasm hit, all his muscles seized up and his full body became a wall, my wall that I climbed. Our kiss swallowed our mating sounds. The train held our symbiotic nature, him, me and all the people around us. We remained in our tight embrace, rocking and bouncing on the tracks, until the next stop.

He set me down as the passengers began to move. I rearranged my dress and crossed my legs. He tucked his penis back into his pants and zipped up. We both buttoned our coats.

Plastered, side by side, across the wall, a gentle hand engulfed mine. Robert’s fingers were warm. We stroked our thumbs across each other’s hand. My body hummed with pleasurable sensations while the train swaying continued.

“We should do this again?” Robert winked.

“Well, you do know where to find me.”

“What do you want for dinner, tonight?”

“You zapped all my energy for cooking, so I guess it’s take out.”

“For the record, this was my favorite role play.”

Alexa squeezed Robert’s hand. “You say that now. Just wait, I choose next time.”

Author's Note. I think the idea of being "on the train" arrived after reading Molly Moore's poem, "Naughty Girl." Click the highlighted text in my story for your enjoyment. Be sure to listen to her lovely voice and accent reading it to you.

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