The Glass Emperor-A Kink Crate Original by Dr. J.

Every Wednesday night, Mr. Ashton Blackthorne highlights one of his Wicked Pen Writers, and my turn had arrived to host my first Facebook take-over event in Blackthorne's Dungeon. Using my college classroom ice-breakers, I planned to introduce myself and facilitate fun sexuality games for the evening. But I wanted to have a special event, so I enlisted the help of my friends at Kink Crate.

I met the owners of Kink Crate back in November when they attended a pop-up book event where I was celebrating the release of Forever Tattooed. They shared information about their new business. The excitement for their project was infectious. Since then, we have been in constant contact. We’ve attended sex education functions together and discussed sex-positive business ideas.

So what is Kink Crate? It is an online subscription service for sex products. With a monthly subscription, five to nine naughty items around a particular kinky or sexy theme arrive for you in the privacy of your home. Along with the toys contained in your box is a handbook to help you unlock your personal pleasure and creativity. You may unleash your sexiness with either Kink Crate’s singles or couples subscription option. Their first theme was Cherry Pop, the second was Royal Luxury, and the upcoming theme is Deep in Love.

I knew that Kink Crate was selecting new toys for their future topics and I had an idea. What if they picked one toy they wanted to be named and I presented it to the Dungeon members during my party. Kink Crate agreed and last Wednesday in my party take-over, I showed the picture of the glass dildo they chose. Over the next twenty-four hours, members suggested names. With a total of thirty-one names, Kink Crate went to work to find the one that fit for their new product.

So today, it is my pleasure to share their choice with you. I introduce you to - The Glass Emperor. Isn’t it perfect? Pretty soon it will show up in a subscription box that could come to you.

One enthusiastic person will always know that they named this toy. As promised, Kink Crate is sending it to the participant who created the name. And lastly, I agreed I would create a short story, around The Glass Emperor.

Now you know the backstory of how The Glass Emperor got its name.

Is there a moral to this story?

Yes. Hang out with Kink Crate and me for a sexy, fun time. They provide the sex toys. I provide the naughty words.

Two weeks ago, I found myself sitting in a closet waiting out a 30 minute tornado warning. Real life became my muse. Enjoy.

Desiree bolted up in bed when the weather radio blared the tornado warning. The electricity was out, and lightning flashes provided the only view. Jumping from her bed, she moved frantically to get to safety in the closet. She dove in and pulled the door tight.

Why hadn’t Justin made it home yet?

Her heartbeat throbbed in her ears. Sitting in the dark shaking, she lost all sense of time. Memories flooded her. The storm, her loss, and then Justin’s absence enveloped her. A panic attack was closing in.

She never heard him until the door flew open. He’s here. Water droplets splashed through the air and landed on her bare skin. She smelled Justin above the scent of wet clothes.


His desperate words hit her.

“Oh, Justin.  I’m scared.”

“It’s okay, baby. I’m here.” She reached out toward his voice, and her hand pressed into his drenched coat. Justin dropped to his knees.

“You’re soaked.”

“I’m cold, too.”

“Let me help you get these clothes off.”

“Aaah, my sex kitten is ready.”

“Shut up. You know how inclement weather makes me crazy.”

“I know.”

They fell over each other, in the small, inky space as they both pulled at his clothes attempting to get them off.

“Hmmm. You are all nakedly warm and inviting.”

“How can you think of sex right now?”

“Maybe you should try it.”

The darkness in the closet cloaked them. Justin’s masculine scent merged with the soggy fabric and put Desiree on edge. Fear had pumped her adrenaline, and now it was threaded with lust for him. When her hands met his damp, cold skin, she shivered. His shoulder grazed her nipple, and it stiffened.

Deafening thunder caused her to jump. Desiree’s hand landed on his thigh, next to his hard cock.

“It won’t be like last time, Desiree. Push those thoughts away. We’re safe here.”

Desiree fought the memories of losing the house to a monster tornado. Could she stay encased in the darkness feeling the warmth Justin’s cock provided?

She eased her hand down to his balls and cradled them in her hand. Justin’s satisfied moan made her smile.

“Your man parts are warm.”

“Keep exploring like that, and my whole body will heat up.”

Desiree squeezed his balls. After she had pushed the pile of wet clothes away, she stroked his cock like she had a hundred times before. Even through the darkness, Desiree visualized his response. She leaned over and captured the head of his cock between her lips. His ass rose off the floor.

“Dez… yes. Roll over. Let me hear you, do yourself. Make it loud.”

Moving on her side, Desiree lapped at Justin’s hard cock. Sucking him soothed and pacified her. She drew love lines up and down her wet lips with her index finger. Desiree rubbed her outer lips between her thumb and forefinger grazing her clit. She concentrated on enjoying Justin’s hardness.

“I hear you, Dez. You’re so wet. Aaaaah your mouth, tongue. That’s it, baby.”

The storm intensified, and so did Desiree. She matched the storm’s pace on herself and Justin. Tree branches cracked and scraped across the roof. Hail pellets pummeled the windows. Her heart rate soared. This soundtrack sent her to a terrifying edge.

A thunder clap shook the house, and her mouth popped off Justin’s erection. At that moment, the noise made her task apparent. Change the meaning of this storm.

 “I have to be closer, Justin. We have to fuck. This tornado will not defeat me.”

“Forget sex kitten. You’re a lion.”

She straddled his lap, lined up his cock and seated him all the way inside her.

“Auuggghh, Dez.

The house walls shook as much as she did. The howling wind surrounded them.

“Fuck me, Justin.” Beating the wailing beast was her goal.

Justin wrapped his arms around her and drove her body up and down on his cock. Desiree ground her clit on Justin’s pubic bone with every stroke. It wasn’t enough. She couldn’t let the storm win.

“Justin, finger my asshole.”

“What? For real?”

“Yes, do it, baby.”

Justin’s hand dropped down her back, and he cupped her ass squeezing her cheek as she continued to ride him. He slid his finger down her crack and pressed against her hole.

She sunk her teeth into his neck and had lift-off.

She soared on the orgasm, floating over the roar of the freight train storm.

No debris hit her, this time.

No wind ripped her apart.

Justin growled in her ear as his finger danced on her asshole.

She rose above the storm.

Pleasure burst through her body.

Her mind echoed the chant, “I win, I win, I win.”

Spent, Desiree slipped into sleep. They lay entwined on the closet floor. These warm bodies had lived life on their terms.

When Desiree awoke, sunlight streamed under the door. A wet, musky, sex-scent hung in the air. Justin stirred, and she faced him, smiling.

“Thanks for last night.”

“You’re welcome, Dez.”

“I hope your unit was okay with you coming to me.”

“They understood. We’re in one piece, that’s what matters. How do you feel?”

“Pretty good. I didn’t have a panic attack, the house is standing, and we had hot sex.”

Justin chuckled.

“Does that good mood mean I don’t have to wait for a tornado to play with your ass again?”

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