This story was created from this week's video prompt on Masturbation Monday. I hit the play button and walked in the kitchen. I heard the entire thing before I saw it. Auditory is powerful. 

Darla yelled down the hall, “I have something to share with you.”

She never called me into her office while she worked.

“Okay,” I said, walking in.

Darla sat at her desk, but her appearance threw me. Where were her sweats? Her breasts spilled from a low-cut blouse while her short skirt highlighted some sexy garters. She wore a handcuff like a bracelet. She leaned forward as I got closer and pressed a button on her computer.

“Darla, what are we doing?”

“Sssshh, Eliot. Sit down and listen.”  

I took the chair in front of her desk. The room filled with a single voice and vibrated all around me.


Labored breathing.

Bursts of groaning with intensity and then whimpering.

Man or woman? I couldn’t be sure, but it elicited a visceral response in me that was electric and pumped my blood to my pelvis.

Darla fidgeted in her chair assessing my response, and then she turned the volume up. Her hard nipples and the sheen on her skin told me she was hot. Damn, Darla knew how to send me into a sex orbit. I re-adjusted my pants that strangled my erection. Holy Hell.

What game was Darla playing? Since I had a view of the back of the computer, I turned my head, straining to understand my only clues, the soundtrack from the computer and her face as she watched the screen. A simple chair wiggle told me Darla was wet. Was she responding to what she saw and heard? Or was she responding to me?

Both ideas weighed on me. Loud guttural sounds filled with desperation, desire, and need, rolled over me. It was someone’s orgasm, and it felt controlled. Why were there no words? I only heard nuanced grunts and groans? As I stared at Darla, it hit me. The person was bound and gagged.

With Darla’s gaze locked on mine, I stood. She spread her legs apart and motioned for me to sit between them. As her thighs hugged my butt, her luscious breasts nestled into my back, and I faced the screen.

“I’m going to unzip your pants,” she whispered.

As she unfastened me, I saw a naked man with his hands cuffed to the seat of an exercise bench. His ankles were cuffed to it at the floor. He was art, taut with lean muscles. His athletic body stretched and bowed up to an impressive hand polishing the hardest erection I had ever seen.

After Darla had unzipped my pants, her warm hand caressed me while I began to integrate the visual actions with his sounds. The handcuffs jingled as Darla’s hand moved up and down on me. She matched the stroking on the video. Oh, yes. Abruptly, Darla stopped stroking me and turned the video off.

“What wait? Don’t stop. You need to finish me, and I have to see what she does?”

“All in good time, baby.” I didn’t realize she had taken the handcuffs off her arm until she clipped them to my wrist. “I have it all set up.”  

She turned and kissed me, patting my cheek. “You get a ball gag, too, baby. I expect some lovely sounds.” 

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“Wait, you’re about to drop it on my toes.”

“I am not. You’re a wimp.”

“This mattress is heavy, Luke,” I said as it slipped from my left hand, and crashed into the bedframe. Luke righted my end of the mattress and somehow got it on the platform. We fell on the bed.

“I remember the last time we moved our place.”

“Me too, Alice. It was fun. What a pack of crazies who helped.”

“It’s a wonder nothing broke.”

I laid flat on the mattress listening to the clatter from the other rooms. Voices boomed, dishes rattled, boxes scraped. “Beer break,” someone yelled. I was drawn back to another time. I remembered the anticipation, the heat, and one hard cock.

“Go lock the door.”


“You heard me, the door.”

“Woman, what has gotten into you?” Luke rolled off the bed, shuffled to the door and secured it.

I took my shirt off. When Luke turned around, he smiled. His gaze could heat up water.

“Is that an invitation?”

“No. It’s a certainty.”

“Everyone will hear.”

“Does it matter? They think you are a horny dog anyway.”

“That title belongs to you, my dear.”

“Ha. Now come over here. Show me what you got.” He unfastened his belt, pushed his jeans down, and stepped out of them. His cock beauty always took my breath away. I was the horny one, and I wanted him.

“It’s hot in here; let me get the window open.” An outdoor breeze, carrying the scent of a Meyer Lemon tree, rolled in over my skin.

“Hurry up; I like a man who doesn’t keep me waiting.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming.”

“That’s what she said.” He laughed and shook his head. “Baby, I love you all hot and bothered, and wanting my kind of hard.”

Someone banged on the door. “Beers are out here, come on, you two.”

“Be there shortly,” I yelled. “You do like to up the ante.”

“Yeah, you know I do. So what do you want, Alice?”

“Fuck me quick and hard.”

I slipped my shorts off, and I drew my flat feet on the mattress. Luke’s weight centered on me, as he settled in between my thighs. He captured a breast in each hand and squeezed. Yes. His hardness between my legs amped me up. It reminded me of the first time we got it on with others around.

“Your body is ready, baby. Your nipples, hmmm. I know you are aching for it.”

“Yes, come on.”

“Tell me what I want to hear first.” He massaged my breasts, pinched my nipples.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Do you want it?” He winked at me. This man knew how to pull it out of me.

“Luke has a magical cock.” His nostrils flared. “Luke’s cock is my king.” He kissed my stomach and drew circles on my skin with his tongue.

“Oh, baby, say it.” He rocked his erection into my wet vulva. I slid my hand between our bodies and rubbed my clit. We knew each other so well. Would they all know I was in a pleasure daze?

“Your cock is my master.”

He gripped my hips, each finger nailed into me. Whistling floated in the window. They are nearby.

“Please, give me your monster cock.” He loved it when I pleaded. The mattress groaned as Luke rammed inside me. I gasped as he captured my lips and I wrapped my legs around his back. The frame rocked against the wall like the bass drum line. The close voices could hear us. They would hear how much I loved it. The rhythm and that thought carried me over the edge. I was shaking when our mouths broke apart, and Luke grunted through his orgasm.

“Damn, Luke. I’m usually the one extra excited.”

He laughed. “Not today.”

He reached over my head to the window sill.

“Thinking about what I was getting made me go at it hard.”

“You knew what you were getting.”

“I know, but I captured it.”

He smirked at me and held up his phone.  “Now I can get it anytime I want.”

“You’re a sneaky rascal. How could you have known this would happen?”

“Baby, you loved it during our first move, I knew you would remember. I can read you like a book. You love an audience.”

“Talk about upping the ante.”

“Pretty good, huh?”

He pressed a button and my words reverberated in the room. “Your cock is my master.” 

Author's Note: I love it when the inspiration for a story comes from friends. You know who you are and what you did! LOL

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I have a surprise for you tonight,” said April, using her flirty voice.

“The sexy kind?” I asked. My face flushed.

“Are you game?”

“If you’re planning, April, always.”

“I’ve been listening to your wants.”

“Uh huh.”

“I already texted you the time and address. Wear a skirt, sans undies.”

“You want me to think about it all day long.”

“Yes, that is my evil plan. And no matter what you consider, Mae, you’ll never guess this one.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.”

“Oh, baby, be ready.”

I read the text, but the location was unfamiliar. April knew I needed more, wanted more.

After work, I headed to the address, following her directions.

I was surprised that it was a club, The Erotic Café. The hostess took me to a table April had reserved.

“You have the seat of honor tonight, ma’am.”

“Thank you.”

“Care for a beverage?”

“House Chardonnay, please.”

“Enjoy your event.”

My event? What had April done and where was she?

Seductive music introduced scantily dressed, exotic women who paraded through the room, moving seductively to the beat. They headed toward a stage. It was Victoria Secret’s runway meets high-end strip club. That’s when I realized all the patrons were women. Arousal was instantaneous. Interest peaked.

A server handed me a note with my wine.

“You are secure. Adjust your skirt, so you are not sitting on fabric. Then enjoy. A.”

I adjusted my skirt as my favorite song began to play.

My automatic wetness reminded me I loved to be licked to this song.

I became aware that something was moving beneath me. A portion of my seat bottom seemed to be opening up. Okay, feel secure.

A warm breath blew on my vulva. I shivered. Then a light touch outlined my lips. Oh, yes. I wanted to sink further in the seat bottom to feel more. I enjoyed the tonguing as other customers enjoyed the performers.

A dancer stopped in front of me. She held her large breasts by my face and teased me. I smelled sex, and my hormones went into overdrive. “Is it good?” she asked.

At that moment, a tongue surged inside my wetness. Licking, twirling, sucking.

Everything swirled and pulsed.

The room.

The music.

The dance.

My sex.

AAAAaaaah. My orgasm shot through me like an electric current. I gripped my chair attempting not to rock too much.  I was in sex heaven.

Afterward, I composed myself and took a sip of crisp wine.

April joined me at the next song.

“April, I—.”

“Hot, isn’t it?” She kissed me, and I tasted myself on her lips.

“What? How?”

“You wanted novelty and public sex. The erotic café caters to every whim. The specialty of the night is Bottomless.” I glanced around the room. “Each woman gets eaten to her favorite song.”

“What a way to start the year.”


Descriptions failed me. “Where’s a menu?  I want to plan an event for you.

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Writing for my three favorite places: Masturbation Monday, Wicked Wednesday and Flash Friday
I continue to follow my heart in writing and this story emerged in two parts. The January prompt of Flash Friday finished the story. I indeed started something. Thank you, Kayla Lords, Marie Rebelle, and FdotLeonora.

Do people have public sex? It is a common fantasy. Tell me how you like my take on it.
The booming music moved me. Packed with the band’s crowd of fans, I danced to the beat. The surrounding bodies pressed against me and made us feel like one. 

I was horny.

As I shifted with the vibrations, I surveyed the room. I wet my lips and my heart skipped a beat as my tongue slid over them. I felt hyper-sexual tonight. Everything and everyone turned me on.

Beside me, there was a redhead with luscious breasts. Hard nipples peeked through her sheer halter top. I imagined untying it, and nuzzling my face into the soft mounds, running my tongue on those nipples, and then dropping to my knees to smell her crotch. She saw me watching her and moved closer.

Seductive and genuine in her movements, she took my hands and danced with me. Pulling me close, she rubbed her breasts over mine. Her nipples raking across me were better than I imagined. She surprised me when her fingers settled to the sides of each breast and squeezed. I throbbed.

The blaring music matched my desire, loud and riveting. With our bodies up close and touching, she leaned in as if to speak in my ear. Her scent was lavender. She nipped my earlobe and traced her tongue around its edge. My panties were soaked. When she twirled me, I landed in his arms.

“This is how I like you,” he groaned in my ear, “wanted by others.” He walked his fingers down to my ass, and then pulled me to him, grinding me into his erection. “She wants you back.”

His looping, spinning motion added to my excitement and anticipation. As the redhead captured me, she dragged her body completely down mine, and I hummed. I was in sex heaven and then she cradled my face and kissed me. Plump, soft lips touched mine and fanned a smoldering fire inside me. I drew back to see the intent on her face. With my mouth open, inviting her tongue in, I kissed her back. Accepting the invitation, she sucked my tongue, as she wrapped her arms around me. Lust tasted good.

A strong hand on my shoulder broke the connection and hauled me away. With one turn, I was smashed up against a hard body.

“I can only take so much,” he said.

We moved to the music. His leg slipped between my legs and with every beat he pressed into my vulva. Short skirts are magical. I brought my hands up over my head and swayed with the music while humping his leg.

When the musical intensity increased, more people spilled onto the floor. Her warm natural body eased into the back of me. She enticed me. My skin vibrated.

“I want to fuck you here, now,” he said. “She wants to help.”

“Oh, yes.” The anticipation was killing me.

Packed in the middle of the dance floor, we were as invisible as we were seen. My man nodded and turned me facing her.

“He’s going to fuck you,” she yelled in my ear. I nodded.

“Ever done it here before?” I shook my head. Excitement and anxiety raced through me.

She mouthed, “You’ll love it,” as his rough pants rubbed up against my bare ass. His hands fiddled with his zipper. As a hot and hard erection nestled between my ass cheeks, he clutched my ass. I could barely breathe. She searched my face as her hands roamed my body. The crowd pressed tighter around us. Her scent encased us. The pulse of the room played to my bones. Her body connected to mine. His cock sliding through my wet lips lit up my desire. Her tongue in my mouth, sweeter than any dessert had me craving more. He tilted my ass up for the right angle, and then he plunged inside me. The three of us were locked together pulsing to the music’s beat. With a bold move, I slipped my hand under her skirt and between her legs.

I slid my fingers into her wetness.

I circled her clit as if it was my own.

The three of us bounced up and down in time with the music. I screamed with the crowd, as the orgasm consumed me.

The pace of the next song changed, and I blinked back into my body. I focused on the flashing lights glancing off the walls. It was as if they sent the message to the world of my orgasm. I spun around within the crowd.

My sex crazed partners had evaporated.

Bringing both hands to my face, I took a deep breath. I tingled. Proof.

I threw up my hands, laughing, dancing, and wiggling.

I did it. My unanticipated dance moves opened a sexy door. I wondered what my next public sex adventure would be?

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“Darn, it’s cold outside.” The front door slammed and the wind whipped under my skirt and assaulted my warm flesh.

“Who brings Florida clothes for a northern winter trip?”

“You didn’t turn the heat on in the truck, did you?”

“Nope. I wanted the visit down memory lane to be authentic.”

“What a load.”

“You realize this is an anniversary, Joy?”

“Twenty years.” I nudged him with my elbow. “Think we’re flexible enough to do this?”

“Are you kidding? When you told me you were coming to visit, and wanted to ride in the truck, all I could think about was what I wanted to do with you. I’ve been exercising.”

I chuckled. “I remember our first time. You were bigger than I ever imagined. Length and width.”

“Still am.”

Bubba opened the truck door and I climbed in. It was cold as he drove to our high school make-out spot. I snuggled up next to him. This truck had been our get away, our place of sexual discovery. I was transported back in time. He parked and I shivered from the temperature and the excitement.

“Bubba, your truck, this place, they hold great memories.”

“I know. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

“I didn’t know if you would give me the time of day.”

“Really, why?” He put his arm around the back of the bench seat and tugged on a strand of hair.

“I treated you like dirt, left without saying good bye, and haven’t really stayed in touch.”

“Hey, everyone knew you weren’t meant to stay.” It was nice to hear him confirm it. “Your momma keeps me posted on the adventures of your life.”

“You make it seem glamorous.”

“Well, compared to hunting, fishing, and field work, it is.”

I laughed. “I couldn’t get away fast enough.”

“Anybody who knew you could see your exit coming a mile away.”

“Bubba, there were things I treasured here with you.”

“I’m listening.”

“You and I had a lot of firsts.”


Bubba rested his calloused hand on my bare thigh, touching familiar territory. The warmth seared me like the first time he touched me. I had to tell him.

“Bubba, you were the first and still the best oral sex, I have ever received.”

“Well, I’m glad that you appreciate my talents. Maybe I’ve improved with age.”

“Is that possible?” I turned and lay down on the seat. I dropped my knees out to the sides as I shifted the material of my skirt.

“Lordy, girl. You are all fancy now, hairless. You aren’t trying to give me a heart attack, are you?”

I shook my head. Bubba pushed me back towards the door as he slid those rough hands under my bare ass and pulled me to his mouth. The past and the present toyed with me and both were hot as hell. Bubba pressed his thumbs into that space by my tendon, which only he knew. Hovering over me, he blew softly on my sex before he dipped his tongue in.

“Hmmm. You still taste like peaches, Joy.”

I wiggled. “You are the only guy to ever say that.”

“You drip like a ripe peach, too.”

“Are you going to keep describing or get back to tasting?”

“Impatient as always, I see.”

Bubba traced my sex with his tongue and pulled my clit between his lips. His tongue danced on it. I wanted to levitate, but his hands kept me where he wanted me.

“You’ve got some new moves, I see.”

“You inspire me.” Bubba used his thumb on my clit, as he tongue drew down into my center. He pushed it, in and out, teasing me of things to come. “Do you still trust me, Joy?”

“You may be the only man I trust.”

“I’m going to make you feel good.”

I am wetter than the first night we tried this. How is this possible twenty years later?

“Let me see your breasts.”

As I pushed up my shirt and unfastened the front clasp of my bra, I felt him spreading my wetness further down my perineum and over my asshole. What exactly did he have planned?


“It’s all good, Joy. I thought we’d share another first together. Let me see you pinch your nipples.”

I clasped each breast in my hands and rolled my nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

“You still do that with such conviction.”

“My nipples are as sensitive as ever.”

“I was counting on that, don’t stop.”

As I lay there working my hands, Bubba kissed my bare skin and then sucked my flesh into his mouth. While his mouth and tongue explored, his thumb went on an adventure inside my wetness. I could feel the lubrication running out of me. He used his forefinger to spread it up and down my rosette. I clawed my nipples as he sucked me and pushed his thumb in and out of me. My panting filled the truck cab.

“Bubba, you’ve got me there. I’m coming.”

His effort intensified like a Florida hurricane. As the orgasm opened me wide, he inserted a finger into my asshole while he pressed his thumb into my vagina. Filled full in two places and with his mouth working my clit, my orgasm could have shattered the windshield. Sheer pleasure. Bubba had done it again. How could I have left this?

I looked up into that handsome face covered in my juices, smiling at me.

“You never disappoint, Joy.”

“What do you want, Bubba?”

“I want you on your knees holding on to the gun rack.”

He tugged his jeans down and that long and wide erection emerged from his pants. I knelt on the bench seat facing the gun rack. My nipples were hard and cold.

“You going to hold on tight?”

“I am.”

He wrapped one arm around my body and squeezed a breast. I gasped. It was like I had buttons on my body that only Bubba knew how to trigger. Pushed up behind me, his erection rocked into the wetness.

“We have chemistry.”


“We were always so good together.”

“Come on. Give it to me, Bubba.”

“I love it when you think you are ordering me around.” He squeezed my ass and shoved his cock in me. He drilled me like it was the first and only time. “Oh, yes, you know the spot. Don’t stop.”

I pushed back as much as he pressed forward and the pace quickened. Brash and hard, we fucked. When that orgasm crashed through me, I held on to the rack. My breasts rode the seam on the back of the seat as I stared at the deer decal.

The irony wasn’t lost on me. I was looking back at the best sex of my life while hanging on to a gun rack, like a deer in the headlights and hoping like crazy I’d get to do it again.

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