Apr 24

Beyond the Backyard

I was out of town again. Lovely inspirations show up. If you’re reading, EK, you started this.

“Come on over and take a look,” said Hal. He had pulled out the photo album of past meetings for his reunion group. Something was up. Hal wasn’t sharing. Reminiscing was more accurate. When I spotted the picture of him with Janie Matthews, my intuition was confirmed. They looked great together, and it was obvious he had a thing for her. Even though he had my heart, he still carried a flicker of “what if” and I could work with that.

The night of the reunion was a perfect late Spring evening. The sky was clear with a quarter moon and stars observing us. We hosted the event in our lovely and well-maintained tropical backyard garden. Round white tables and chairs dotted the lawn with vases of sunflowers adding the color.

Hal greeted his friends, and I stood by the open bar facilitating the drink service. As I inhaled the heavy gardenia scent hanging in the air, the bartender scooped ice, and it clinked in each glass. I glanced around noticing how everyone enjoyed the ambiance of the setting. From my spot on the patio, I saw Hal and Janie connect with each other. Confirmed by their body language, their initial zing still existed, and their embrace made me hot.

Following the meal and as the after-dinner drinks began, I mingled with the guests watching for my signal. When it occurred, I moved to the backyard behind the lattice divider at the edge of the garage. This corner was invisible to the guests.

Janie had grabbed Hal by the hand and pulled him along the garage wall. My vantage point allowed me perfect sight and sound of the two of them and my excitement rose.

“Don’t you think it’s time for us, Hal?” Janie had positioned them well, and my view and hearing were perfect. She turned them so the sides of their bodies faced me and I could observe their reactions.

“Margaret is the center of my life, Janie.”

“But you’ve thought about us?” Her fingers stroked his shoulders, and he clenched his fists. He’s trying to resist.

“I remember that Key West Trip when we were on the boat together. You drove me crazy in that tiny bikini.”

“You wanted to touch me didn’t you.”

“I did.”

“I wanted that and a lot more, but I was with Bud then.”

He nodded. “And now I’m with Margaret.”

She leaned closer to him. “You smell better than the magnolias.” She nuzzled his neck, but he pulled back and placed his hands on hers like he was about to remove them from his shoulders.

“Wait, Hal, can’t we share one kiss?”

It surprised me when he cupped her face with both hands and moved in tenderly. “The one kiss I’ve wanted a lifetime couldn’t hurt.”

Janie pushed forward sliding her hands up his back and then pulled his body flush against hers. I was in an erotic puddle, so he had to be sporting an erection. When her hands landed on his ass, she squeezed, and Hal groaned. I had to cross my legs to contain the arousal running through me. This show was better than I had hoped. My slippery wetness leaked out of me, and I shoved my hand under my dress and circled my clit.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you too, Hal.”

“Well, we both got what we wanted.”

“Not exactly.” She rubbed her hand across his fly. “This is what I want to kiss. Your cock is so big, Hal.” Janie dropped to her knees.

Was it his disbelief, agony, or excitement I witnessed?

She reached for his belt. I gasped and circled faster on my clit.

“No, no. This can’t happen.”


“Come on Janie. You know why. Margaret.”

“I bet Margaret loves your big cock. Maybe she would share.”

And that was my cue.

Hal laughed. “Well, Margaret isn’t here to ask, Janie.”

I walked up behind Hal. “Oh, but I am, Hal.”

I wrapped my hands around his waist as I pressed my body against his back pushing my hard nipples into him. His heart rate had skyrocketed. I felt it when I moved my hands up his chest.


“Baby, calm down. You’re feeling good, right?” I ran my hand over his cock and squeezed. Hard as steel. “Janie, you worked him up well.”

“Do you think I’ll get to kiss him like I want?”

I ground my pelvis into his ass as I continued to massage his cock. “What do you say, Hal?”

He looked down at Janie and turned his head toward me.

“You set this up?” Lawyers can be slow occasionally, but mine always got there.

“You know I like to watch.” I pushed against his cock. “I took matters into my own hands.”

“You want Janie to kiss my cock?”

“Hal, I hope Janie will do a lot more than kiss it.” His grin matched the moon’s glow.

“Oh, yes.”

“Go for it Janie, just like we discussed.”

Janie unfastened Hal’s belt and then unzipped his pants executing my fantasy. I pushed his pants and boxers to the ground. In the moonlight, Janie’s wet lips shone as she bent forward and kissed the tip of his penis.

“Spread your legs and get centered, Hal. We have plans for you.”

Janie wasted no time. She went all the way down on my husband in one fluid motion. I scraped my nails against his ass. That growl in his throat set me off.

“Don’t you like being naughty with all your friends in the yard?”

“So hot, Margaret.”

“And here’s the woman you wanted, directed by me.” He looked down at Janie and stroked her hair.

“Hal, this has made me wicked hot. I’m dripping with desire. You want to taste?”

I pushed two fingers into my wet center and clamped down on them to fire me up.

“God, I hear you, Margaret. So wet.”

“Her you go, baby.” I held my fingers to Hal’s lips, and his tongue slipped out for a dab. Janie worked his cock with both hands and then went down on him again. I mirrored her motion with my fingers in Hal’s mouth. He sucked on me as she sucked on him.

We were in backyard heaven. Janie on her knees, stroking and sucking. Hal sucked my fingers. He moaned and was getting close. I clasped his ass and pulled my fingers from his mouth.

“You can always have what you want, if you include me, Hal.”

He nodded as he rocked his pelvis meeting Janie’s strokes. “Pull her hair and give me your mouth.”

We were breathing hard. I latched on to his lips, sought his tongue, and sucked. Heat and arousal churned through all of us, and I had never been more turned on. Janie had told me blowjobs were her thing, and she was right. She hummed, and he groaned into my mouth, and I soaked it all up. And like familiar lovers do, I knew Hal was about to come. He released Janie’s hair, turned, and wrapped his arms around me. His orgasm surged as our tongues dueled and Janie finished him off, taking all the fluid he had.

In the distance, the train horn sounded and voices of the guests floated over the air. Touching foreheads, we smiled at each other.

“Let’s help Janie up,” I said. We each stretched out a hand and pulled her up into a three-way embrace.

“Hi, Janie, nice to meet you.”

“And you Margaret.”

“This may not have happened thirty years ago, but it was more than perfect today,” said Hal.

“I’m glad you contacted me, Margaret. What about—,” asked Janie?

“We can discuss more of us later. My husband owes me a backyard thank you fuck.”

Writing for Masturbation Monday. See other smutty hotness there.








Apr 03

Tending the Home Fire

This story is a serial and started with The Calendar Man. This is episode five of the firefighter’s adventure with his yoga-mat mate.

Sometimes I hated my firefighter job when it interfered with my sex life. Tonight, it sure did. I was ready to negotiate with Macy, so I could partake of her kinky hotness, but the alarm fucked that up. As fast as headquarters called me in, they called me off.

Had I lost the moment with her? She had agreed to stay.

When I walked into the house, I found all the lights on. It was quiet, too. Macy wasn’t in the living room. I noticed she had cleaned up the kitchen. She had to be back in my bedroom. My feet marched me through the hall to see.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see Macy nude, face down on my bed, teasing herself with a butt plug. I’m not sure I’d ever had an erection that hard or that fast. With all the blood rushing south, I’m not sure how I talked to her. But I did. I told her to continue, and that I would monitor her efforts, and then I crossed the room to my dresser.

“I like what you are doing and your sounds, Macy.”

With the gusto Macy shared with me, I imagined her teasing my asshole that way.

“What are you doing, Todd?”

“Getting a few toys to add to the mix.”

“I need to hear your plan.”

I understood her need. Control to submission. I knew how to flip my switch. I’m sure Macy did, too. We’d never done it together.

When I stepped around the bed to see her face, I held up a magic wand, a three-clamped chain, and a condom. The sight of those toys sped up her movements. “What do you think?”

“I think you will fuck me after I push this plug inside. Clamp my nipples, not my clit. A wand is my go-to item.”

“Macy, I want to insert the plug.”

What can I say? I’m a slut for watching an ass backing up in my direction. And I wanted hers. With the plug in place, I wanted my cock to rub up against it as I sunk into her.

“Ok, if you hand me the wand.”

“I can’t reach you from the footboard.” I pulled my shirt over my head, toed out of my sneakers, and dropped my sweats. Macy rotated herself to the side of the bed while I turned on the wand. “Scoot down closer.”

When Macy finished positioning herself, I handed her the wand, and she gave me the plug. After I placed it beside the lube, I laid down on the bed beside her. With the nipple clamps in hand, I unhooked the third one.

“You tell me when.” I held the open clamp ready. Her flushed face, pouty lips, and sexy scent consumed me.

“Kiss me first, and when I nip you, clamp me.”

Clear directions.

I wanted to taste her. When our lips met, the tingle that transpired rocketed through my body. She shifted on the bed and applied the wand to her clit. Our tongues tangled, licking and tasting. She kissed my bottom lip, and when I received the nip, I affixed clamp number one. The fire coming from her mouth consumed me as she sucked on my tongue. Within seconds, bite number two arrived, and I clamped her other nipple. She broke the kiss with heavy panting.

“Todd, you fire me up. Get on with the plan.”

I slid off the bed, applied more lube to the plug while her moans and the wand’s vibrations filled the room. As I kneeled between her legs, I reveled in her dripping slit and shiny asshole. I placed the tip of the steel plug against her easing into the pressure. She used the vibrator as a musical instrument, creating a beat, and she pushed her butt against the plug to the rhythm. Breathy coos drove me to the brink.

“Macy, you are a wonder. Your tone body wants this plug. Are you ready?”

“Give it to me, Todd.”

With her next push back, I pushed forward and held steady until her muscle relaxed. The plug slipped in, and a red-jeweled circle decorated her asshole. I massaged her cheeks as she applied more pressure to her clit with the wand.

“Todd, this fuck will feel so good. Condom.”

I opened the condom, rolled it on and using her hips, pulled her to the edge of the bed. I thought it would be her bobbing ass that pushed me over the edge. But it wasn’t. I took off when I pushed my cock into her wet hole and rode her. The vibrations cut through me while the steel massaged my cock. Her walls gripped me like a Chinese finger trap, and I exploded. She shouted my name over and over as she came. I ground into her with all I had and collapsed on her back flattening her to the bed.

My ragged breathing filled the air. I almost missed Macy’s word.


“Yes, ma’am.”

Wasted, yes, I was. And in the best way. I rolled to my side and stroked Macy’s shoulder and kissed her neck. As I observed her relaxed face, she reached for my hand and squeezed it.

“Will we ever have a proper and detailed negotiation?”

She smiled. “Only if we are someplace where sex is off limits. Now, kiss me.”

Writing for Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday. There are many sexy stories to read! What’s stopping you?

Mar 27

Heading into the Fire

This story began with The Calendar Man. This is episode four of the firefighter’s adventure with his yoga-mat mate.

Todd and I were about to negotiate what we would do next when his fire call alarm surprised us. I thought he had the weekend off. Todd grunted, rolled off the bed and called the station dispatch, which brought an end to our kinky games.

“Macy, I didn’t mean for things to end like this.” He jumped into a pair of sweats and pulled a shirt on.

“I understand. How long will you be, Todd?”

“When they want more backup, time is a big unknown.”

Todd moved around the room gathering his keys and phone. As he reached the door, he looked back at me. Todd’s gaze stirred me up as it did during his stage performance. After the erotic number he finished dancing for me, it seemed we were on the same kinky page.

“I have to go. Can you stay?”

Did I want to stay? It had been a while since I’ve had such an open, naughty connection.

“Maybe I will.”

“Don’t tease me if you don’t mean it, not after what we shared.”

Had the fire call and our sex activities primed him? Intensity dripped off him like melting wax from a hot candle.

“Okay. I’ll stay.”

“Make yourself at home. I have no secrets here. Look for anything you need. I’ll be back later, Macy.”

After Todd left, I threw on my button-down shirt over my leather strappings and went to the kitchen to clean up after our meal and put the food away. The aroma reminded me how talented Todd was as a chef. The fresh scent of the cut strawberries still lingered. They made my mouth water, so did thinking about Todd.

I sauntered around his living room. His space had that moved in look, sparse but neat. Picture frames on the floor leaned against the walls, awaiting their time to be hung.

I picked up the rest of my sex toy offerings from the couch and headed toward the bedroom. As I entered the room, I ran my fingers along the bedframe picturing what I’d just done with Todd. An unusual sensation washed over me. I was comfortable here.

Identity comfortable. Exploration comfortable.

This place felt right. Todd felt right. That rarely happened.

I sat on the bed and grabbed the butt plug and lube. The smooth, dense metal resonated in my hands as if sending me a vibratory note. I had bought this for Todd, but now I wanted it for me. I wanted to discover what it was like to feel him with the plug inside me. As I stripped off the shirt, I considered my trussed-up leather. When I dominated others, I wore this, but not for self-play. My need was for skin and steel alone. While I unfastened my leather buckles, I pictured Todd laying on the bed following every movement I made. Did he understand his gazes caressed me?

After I undressed, I centered myself on the bed with my plug and lube beside me. What would Todd think of me using his space without him?

But he was here, his presence anyway. It was clear when I rolled face down. I smelled him on the sheets. As I moved my body over the bed linens, I spread Todd’s essence all over me. I was like a dog who rubbed herself on the ground in something inviting. It spurred me on. I squirted a handful of lube in my hand and smeared in on my asshole and then onto the plug. Hiking my ass up in the air I struck a downward dog yoga pose. Then I dropped to my knees and spread my legs so I could center the plug. I teased myself with the tip, dipping it inside, wondering how he would tease me with it? I inhaled a deep breath and sucked in his strong scent through my nose. Had I manufactured him in the room?

“That ass looks great in yoga class, but here it is a sight to behold.”

Caught in the act, I froze in place. When I turned my head, I met blazing eyes and a tented pair of sweatpants.

“What happened with the fire?”

“They called me off. Had enough volunteers.” He squatted beside the bed level with my face. “Maybe they knew I had a fire here that needed tending.”

“It is hot.” I licked my lips and pressed the butt plug up and down my butt crack.

“I’m not sure I want to douse these flames, fanning them would be so much better.”

“Well Mr. Firefighter, let’s discuss the protocol for working this blaze.” I pushed the tip of the plug inside me and moaned. His mouth puckered and he blew out air.

“My first assessment is that your equipment looks to be state-of-the-art, but I’m interested in your application processes.” He bit his lip before he continued speaking. “I’ll focus on monitoring your efforts, and then we’ll discuss protocol.”

“Hmmm. Monitoring, huh? Todd, do you need any special gear, so you don’t get burned?”

He laughed. “I’m a fire professional. I have all the skills, knowledge, and equipment for your fire. Now, continue so I can monitor.”

Continue on with Tending the Home Fire.

Writing for Masturbation Monday. Hop over to the website and check out this week’s prompt and all the lovely smutty stories.

Mar 26

Grit and Persist: Backstage in a Writer’s Life

Most folks never know what goes on behind the life’s curtain of a writer. Here are events that have happened in my life over the last two weeks.

Writers by the Sea-My Local FWA Chapter

For our March meeting, I shared the stage with Mark Ezra Stokes as we presented The Author’s Digital Footprint. We had collaborated on the topics we would address with the main idea of how writers can get readers to their books.

I started my part of the presentation holding a clipboard asking the audience to sign up for my newsletter. I explained that if they signed up, I would send them my entire hyper-linked presentation of The Author’s Digital Footprint. It worked, and my exercise served two purposes. 1- It showed the audience how easy it was to collect emails, and 2- I got emails. Everyone signed up and has received my handout. A true, win-win.

I discussed basic website and social media necessities. Focusing on the author’s strength of a signal to Google was a significant topic. Balancing the input from an author website/blog along with social media accounts and an Amazon page helps one be seen on Google. My talk emphasized the importance of having an author newsletter and using Google Analytics. I touted the works of Rachel Thompson of Bad Redhead Media and Jane Friedman.

Here is your peek behind my curtain. After my blog about the Amelia Island Book Festival, Fangirling in Fernandina, I had to deal with a root canal. It threw my March schedule off as I had a rare complication and am just now getting back to normal. That meant I created the Writers by the Sea workshop and delivered it all while handling the root canal fallout! Life goes on for the full-time writer.

My Writing Workshop – Pen Ten

Did you know I am a lifelong learner? I love to study, and that includes writing. My writing workshop occurs twice a month, and one meeting coincided with the aftermath of the root canal. Luckily, I had prepared my homework the week before the root canal. I was nervous sharing my writing with the group. It was a scene from my work in progress, In Deep. But with a little beta-read from my Sisters in Smut, Mischa Eliot, Oleander Plume, and Wicked Pens Colleague Angora Shade, I was ready. Never underestimate the power and support of your tribe.

Nick Tanek- Your Kinky Friends

I’ll be doing a video chat with Nick Tanek the first of April. You may remember that I have been on his blog twice. First with The Healing Power of Kink. and second, Our BDSM Erotica Author Friends. Nick has now expanded his repertoire to include an audio/video component. When we worked to set up a time, I told him we had to wait until my left jaw was back to normal.

See how that root canal was central in my life. But I’ll keep you posted here and on social media for when it’s available. So, stay tuned.

Radish Fiction

My next story on Radish Fiction should be up in the next two weeks. I don’t think I’ve had a story capture or take hold of me the way this one has. It’s called Destination Bordello. In Episode one on Radish, I explain in depth how the story came to be.

For now, I’ll share this. In 1988 I was in Fort Smith, Arkansas and dined in a unique restaurant. Initially, the building had housed a bordello, and it is the only bordello listed on the National Register of Historic Places. My muse collected and saved my thoughts and feelings as I experienced the period environment. Now I can incorporate them into this new story. This sexy bordello adventure occurred before I knew I would write.

What’s my takeaway?

Whether handling an obstacle like a root canal or creating a new story from a historical event, use your grit and persist.

You might be surprised at where it leads.

Mar 20

Kinky Boots on Fuchsia Sheets

The lovely boots for this prompt came from sub-Bee. Check out more here.

Damon’s request stunned me. Why did the room have to be frigid? I hated to be cold, but he liked to challenge me to work through it.

First, I had to replace the sheets on the bed with the ones he asked me to use, the damn fuchsia ones. I smoothed them in my hands as I walked to the bed. At least the satin finish soothed my mind, but it provided no clue to his plan.

Second, he wanted me naked on the sheets wearing those kinky boots with the temperature in arctic ranges.

My me time started as I put on saxophone jazz and lit incense. That’s what I did before Damon arrived, I created a sexy time routine.

Today, I dragged the wooden chair to the full-length mirror. After I dug out the kinky boots from the back of the closet, I deposited them by the chair. As I moved to the music, I stripped my clothes as I headed to the bedside table to retrieve my new toy. Little Joy, I called her.

When I whipped my bra off, I cupped my breasts. Slow and relaxed, I moved my fingers over my skin. I swayed. Hard nipples. Soft curves. Wet crotch.

With my clothes off, I sat on the edge of the chair. I stared at the boots. I studied the leather with the little diamond fishnet cutouts and the crisscrossed leather straps through eyelets.

These boots were his love, not mine, but I wanted to do this for him.

I picked up Little Joy and switched her on. My perfect rumble started. I spread my legs open and pressed her against the right side of my clit and watched myself in the mirror. While the boots laid on the floor, I rubbed my feet across them soaking up the sensations I expected he felt. I allowed them to ride with Little Joy and me. The music played, and my feet danced on the leather, and my pussy leaked. It was Damon’s doing. Flushed and determined, I pressed on for my orgasm while I observed my reflection in the mirror.

What did he see?

The pink sheets back-lit my skin. I held up a boot noting the dark contrast as I pushed the pulsating head of Little Joy against me. I looked like a sensual siren preparing for her man. A beauty even to my eyes. Erotic.

At that moment, I wanted to wear the boots. I stopped Little Joy, having edged myself, to my point of no return.

Between my heavy breaths, I secured my feet in the boots and then up my thighs. I stood in front of the mirror. I admired the boot heels, my ankles, and I laced the crisscross strips from my foot up past my knees, twice.

Maintaining a side view, I picked up Little Joy and restarted my self-love. As I rocked on the heels going for the orgasm, I attempted to see myself through his eyes. I wanted to come, but I wanted an explosive orgasm with him more. I stopped myself, again.

I climbed on the bed, placed Little Joy beside me and laid face-down on the damn fuchsia sheets. The music, the scent, and my mind never stopped. I rubbed my nipples against the sheets and pushed my pelvis into the mattress and marking the sheets with my scent. The bed became my lover. I hunched on it, over and over, until I stopped with my ass up in the air, wiggling.

My body knew the signs so well. When I realized the air in the room dropped to icebox temperature, I froze in that position.


“You primed the erotic pump?”

“I did.”

“Did you orgasm?”

“No. I waited for you.”

His hands landed on my ankles, and he slid his hands beyond my leathered calves and thighs to my ass cheeks. His hands made my temperature rise. As if my pelvic bones were handles, he reached around clutching them and dragged my ass toward him at the end of the bed. My nipples and face rode across the satin sheets. The friction warmed.

“Ah, you used Little Joy. Show me what you did.”

I started the vibration and placed Little Joy beside my clit. I replayed what I had done, how I saw myself, how he was seeing me now. Pink and black, lines and curves. I dripped and throbbed and waited for him as he continued holding my hips for his view.

“Your color is changing, love. You match the sheets.”

I bit my lip. “Uh-huh.”

“You’re getting twitchy and close.”


“How many times did you edge?”

“Technically, two.”

His breath tickled my skin before he licked my dripping seam. I was almost there, so close.

“We’re making it three. Turn Joy off and roll over.”

What? No.

I wanted my orgasm, my reward. I hovered there struggling to decide. I ached to release. Continue or stop? Damon always rewarded me. He took care of me. I knew he did, so I turned her off following his directions.

“Good girl.”

When he released my hips, I turned and laid on my back.

Seeing was believing, right? I blinked twice.

There Damon stood, naked, erect and smiling, beside his identical twin brother who was hard and grinning. My ultimate fantasy.

“Three for three, baby.” They each fisted their cock. “The kinky boots get you what you want every time. Now, which one of us do you think licked you?”

This story was written for this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt. There are many hot, smutty stories. Go see.

Mar 12

Fangirling in Fernandina

It has been one month since I posted a blog.

There has been a lot happening in my life. In the first two weeks of February, I prepared for my guests who visited the last two weeks of February. My focus for the first two weeks of March was dedicated to my root canal. I will gloss right over that and move on to my discussion.

The Amelia Island Book Festival

February marked the 17th Annual Amelia Island Book Festival. Adriana Trigiani was the keynote speaker for the Kick-Off Luncheon. David Baldacci introduced her as “his Italian sister,” and the fireworks began.

What can I say about the presentation? Inspiring. Humorous. Timely.

What were my favorite takeaways?

  1. Women purchase 73% of books yet only 2% of movies produced by women.
  2. Own your all-female family history, yours, your mom’s, and your grandmothers.
  3. Stop with the divide and conquer of women. On all fronts.
  4. “Handy is the new sexy.”
  5. Take credit for your accomplishments.

I attended presentations by Steve Berry, Jennifer Armentrout, and Lee Child, of Jack Reacher fame.

I showcased Best Women’s Erotica and Big Book of Submission books in my hands at the local authors’ segment. Thanks for the picture Andrea Patten. As my fellow authors were pitching their work in the middle school library, I remained cognizant of my location, audience, and my neighborhood. My focus stayed on my local status as an Executive Board Member of our local writing group, Writers By The Sea an arm of the Florida Writers Association. But I said my writing was hot and spicy.

Taking in the book festival with my local author buddies and editors is a treat. Thanks to Andrea Patten, Nancy Blanton, Darryl Bollinger, and Heather Whitaker for making it extra fun. Meeting and spending time with Adriana Trigiani, Jennifer Armentrout, Steve Berry and Liz Berry-cofounder of 1001 Dark Nights was surreal and moving.

Attending book festivals, even if it is not in your genre, is an awe-inspiring event. It motivates on so many levels. Our Amelia Island Book Festival focuses on literacy, and the funds raised go to buying a book for every child in our county. On the Festival Friday, authors of the books that the media specialists selected, go into the classrooms where their books landed. The children get a program along with a question-and-answer session with the author. David Baldacci talked with two high school classes. He mentioned that if he inspired one child, he did his job.

The students take part, too. The middle and high school students can write to prompt for competition and inclusion in the published works. I watched them receive their awards, and the students’ excitement moved me.

Podcast Surprise

Kayla Lords made my week when she told me I would be the second read on the new Masturbation Monday Podcast. The story she chose has been one of the most read on my website. Rein Me In. Kayla supports and helps with all aspects of our smutty writing. I am proud she is in my tribe. I’m honored she selected me to be read by the magnificent John Brownstone on this new podcast. The inaugural story is by my lovely Sister in Smut, Mischa Eliot. Take a listen to her story. It’s called Bound.

See you for the next blog. It’ll probably be hot and spicy!

Feb 09

Dr. J.’s Collaborations

I enjoy week’s where I collaborate with other writers.

This week I had three such adventures.
First, Nick Tanek asked me to suggest authors who would answer questions about BDSM erotica. I looked to my Sister in Smut, Mischa Eliot, and my Wicked Pens Colleague, Nia Farrell for their specific thoughts. What I appreciate about Nick’s perspective is that he works in a supportive community. That is an essential theme for my fellow authors and me. We work to build each other up. Check out what got covered in Nick’s blog this week.

Our BDSM Erotica Author Friends by Nicolas Tanek

Second, I picked the Top Three entries for Wicked Wednesday this week. The theme was Rainbow. Go read the 21 posts I read and see what your choices are. Mine will be up tomorrow on their website.

Wicked Wednesday Prompt #297: Rainbow.

Last, exciting things happening on my home front. My sisters in smut, Mischa Eliot, and Oleander Plume are working up a LIVE meet. We began creating plans for them to come to sunny Florida to distract them from large amounts of snow. When this event occurs, I hope time stands still so I can savor every moment. We are considering the numerous pictures we could organize to document our time together. The other exciting part is who else nearby may join us.


Jan 30

Fire Dance

Those leather bindings got my brain going with this week’s picture on Masturbation Monday. I shared them with Macy and Todd. Here is their episode three. Start from the beginning with The Calendar Man.

Who the hell was this woman?

I undressed, heeding Macy’s words.

“Todd, where’s your bedroom?”

I nodded toward the hall. She gathered her bag and some of her items.

“Be ready, when I call you.”

Ready. Ready for what?

“I figure the further away I am from you, means you can get the cock rings on. Both of them. And then, I’m binding your balls.”

Like that idea didn’t make me hard. I stared into the kitchen to defocus and soften my stiff dick. It took a few minutes, but with enough lube, I got the silicone and the metal ring on my cock.

“Walk this way, big boy.”

The minute I heard her commanding voice, I got hard, again. I strutted down the hall like I was going into a fire. I would take what she had to give me and leave it all there.

Holy hell. Macy had changed clothes. I could never see her in her yoga outfit after this view. Leather straps pulled and twisted around her breasts, down her middle and strapped around her legs. I’d seen no one trussed up this way before.

“Nice antique metal bed frame, Todd. This bell-shaped footboard will make a great prop. You’ll look good with it as your backdrop for dancing.”


“Yeah, a little fire dance. Can’t you feel it in your balls? Ah, you can’t. I haven’t bound them yet.” She walked around me and swatted my ass with her crop. “Are you ready?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Safe word?”


“You have done this before. Well, that is a tasty treat. Papaya it is. Now rest your arms on top that tall footboard and hold tight.” The cold metal bit into my skin the way I knew her work with that crop would.

“Yes, ma’am.”

She nailed me with her gaze and smiled. “I’m not that strict. Call me M.”

“Yes, M.”

“Have you experienced a crop before?”

“Yes, M.”

“You like the pain for pleasure don’t you, Todd?”

“Yes, M.”

“Good, I will get started.” She dragged the head of the crop down my skin.  It skimmed along seducing me, and pleasure emerged on her face. M. flicked her wrist and struck my nipple.  I relished the sting on my skin and the satisfaction on her face.

“The spice you were looking for, Todd?”

“Yes, M.”

“If it’s more than you can take, Papaya it is.”

“Yes, M.”

“Let’s get this fire dance going.”

She bent down and twisted the silicone band binding my balls, and I rose on my toes. The resulting tightness was familiar and precisely what I had hoped. This was how I experienced my chest when I raced into a fire. But from my crotch, it would expand throughout my body easily. Would she allow me the release to feel it spread?

“I’ll make it good, Todd.” She must have read my mind.

She swatted me in the perfect places on my body and then stroked my cock and strangled balls. My pulse got larger and louder.

“Hold off as long as you can, Todd. We want a big finish.”

As I clutched the bed frame, my feet danced moving back and forth responding to her snaps. My chest was as tight as my boys below. M. had established a rhythm, just like in yoga class. I dropped into it and followed her lead. I wailed and grunted. I tasted my searing heat and smelled fiery arousal in the room. When I thought I couldn’t dance to it anymore, she cleared her throat.

“I’ve wanted my mouth on you ever since your stage performance. Let me have it, Todd.” With one last swat, I erupted. M rewarded me with her hot mouth and warm tongue taking my fire. She tongued the metal ring, pumping and pulling my cock until I was spent. I slumped against the bedframe. She pressed her body against mine, grating her leather against my skin imprinting me with one last gesture.

“Let’s get on the bed? I need to see my work. I love marks.”

“I want the rings off, too.”

After I plopped on the bed, M sat on my thighs and gently removed the cock rings. She planted a kiss on my cock.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d go for this Todd. All those days watching you in yoga got me riled up.”

“If I’d known this was a possibility, I’d have been more direct.”

“I don’t know.”

“Yeah, I didn’t pick up on these vibes.”

Macy chuckled. “I might not have planned this, if not for your stage dance. I’ve enjoyed how all the dancing parts played out.”

“Now you know I like to play with fire. If you are considering a more permanent dance partner, M., I’m your guy.”

“We could set up a practice schedule and go over our favorite steps.”

“Name the time and place, and I’m there.”

“You’re on, Todd.”

“But M, for now, you had some other items we could play with.” I waggled my brow.  “And if you want my fire gear, I have some games for you to play too.”

Read the next installment: Heading into the Fire.


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Jan 26

Five Takeaways from my Sexuality Week

My 2018 has started out on a roll. Here at the end of the week, I have several new things going on and I wanted to share.

Check out the author, Nicholas Tanek‘s work. He and I are Twitter friends. I made a contribution to his blog.


I’ve changed my Facebook group to Dr. J.’s Pleasure Platform. Please join us!



I will be hosting a LIVE event there next Tuesday. Check it out.










The lovely Oleander Plume reviewed Best Women’s Erotica of the Year Volume 3. You can read her glowing words on her blog.

And lastly, I have a teaser trailer for Forever Tattooed. I hope you enjoy it. Click here to purchase the book. bit.ly/ForeverTattooed


Jan 24

My Pleasure Platform

Last Saturday night, I took part in a wild interview for Consensually Speaking with Gio. My Sisters in Smut, Mischa Eliot, Oleander Plume shined. And at the end, we all made parting comments. I said, “I have a pleasure platform, and I’m going to use it.”

Did I issue an imperative for myself?

What did I mean?

How did that fit for us erotica writers? It caused me to reflect on the picture below. I created it several months ago. This idea must have been sitting in my subconscious, but I hadn’t considered it this way.

Pleasure Platform Defined

At posting time, this will be my 101st blog post. Given that, I’m excited that I’m addressing this concept. So, what is my pleasure platform? Let me break it down into parts.

As defined by dictionary.com, it is this:

Pleasure: enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one’s liking; gratification; delight

Platform: a body of principles on which a person or group takes a stand in appealing to the public.

As discussed on the show, we all come to our expressions of sexuality based on our life experiences, family values, and education. Those things have shaped how we each express our pleasure platforms. I appreciate that Gio supports our trio and sees we have something special going on. In fact, during our interview, we celebrated our joint Pleasure Platforms in the style we use and with a lot of laughter. You’ll hear it when the show airs on February 12.

Pleasure Platform Collaboration

The Sisters in Smut work daily in collaborating on pleasure. First, given we all write erotica, we concentrate on the experience of pleasure through the written word, for us as writers along with our readers. That is a common thread. We provide each other feedback on our erotica, what’s hot, what’s not. Whether in our Twitter DM’s, text messages or emails, we are sharing our stuff.

Personal Pleasure Platform.

Second, this platform is us, the trio, the heart of the Sisters in Smut. We enjoy each other, how we communicate, interact, and converse.  A giant ball of light sweetness defines our Sisters in Smut energy. Picture a giant rainbow cotton candy minus the aching teeth.

We connect every day.

We play cheerleader, best friend, wise counsel and crazy life distracter when needed.

We anchor each other from our own lives, too.

From three different places in the States, we send gifts and trinkets to each other. Colored bands for jewelry or hair, beautiful stone necklaces, autographed books with touching words of love and support. When the three of us share our items, we share our energy and passion.

In a real Pleasure Platform, this positive energy is essential. We build each other up as strong women and as strong writers. We each work to be fearless. We experience each other’s goodness. We each support accepting our likes, naming what we want, and creating boundaries.

Say, yes.

Say, no.

Grow a solid-self through your sexuality. That’s what each of us has done, and on our life’s mission, somehow, we found each other. I’m not sure how, but we did. And now we are full steam ahead.

Transforming My Pleasure Platform.

Historically, I provided a pleasure platform through one-on-one therapy or classroom education. I take my sexuality education training seriously, and I draw on it while I hone a new form, erotic romance or erotica focused on pleasure. Today it is about creating a place where you, the reader, can experience pleasure through stories.

Through this original work, I’ve made new friends, of readers, and authors. Community. That is what I have here and you can, too. I hope you’ll drop in regularly and see what I offer. I hope you feel the permission to be in this sexual space.

Mainly, I hope that here and everywhere you can “delight” in the principles of “positive sexuality” which help you find and love yourself in your everyday life, while you go forward to create your Pleasure Platform

Check out my playmates: Mischa, Oleander, and Gio.

And more specifically:

Mischa Eliot’s Pleasure Platform

Oleander Plume’s Pleasure Platform


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